Cannabis Support Meeting in Hilo on First Friday

Hawaii Patients Union

The Hawaii Patients Union will be holding its regular Hawaii Island monthly meeting on Friday November 2nd at 5:30pm. The meeting will be at the Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo. More details are emerging on the Hawaii Patients Union website. “Discussion on the latest research, changes in the law, pending legislation for patient rights and […]

Scheduling Cannabis in Hawaii Gets a Helping Hand

Legislators request Cannabis Rescheduling information from public department of safety

Many patients are aware the Federal Government claim Cannabis has medicinal benefits as exhibited in their patents on various constituents of Cannabis. Many more do not know that law enforcement in the State of Hawaii have also scheduled Cannabis as “Schedule 1”. Schedule 1 drugs must have “the highest degree of danger” of all drugs. […]

CDC confirms vitamin E acetate as ‘very strong culprit’

CDC Back at home office after Hawaii Vacation

Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Products According to Leafly who seemed to be the first to break the story about Vitamin E’s role revealed, CDC doctor Anne Schuchat said Friday that it has identified a “very strong culprit” hiding inside illicit market THC vaporizer cartridges. Investigators located vitamin […]

Cannabis Medicine for Pets and Livestock with guest Dr Gary Richter

Animals play a significant role in our lives and they are family to many people. When we learn we can reduce suffering in humans using cannabis medicine, it makes sense that we would consider using cannabis to help our animals too. But there is scant research on using cannabis with animals and since they don’t speak, we have to be extraordinarily cautious. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with Dr. Gary Richter about using cannabis with household pets and livestock in ways that serve them best. For more about Dr Gary Richter:
For more cannabis interviews, videos and giveaways check out

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman


Celebrate Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman “My job is to determine if people are charged and how to spend my resources,” Freeman said. “Spending resources on these cases is just wrong.” Someone caught with a small amount of marijuana in Hennepin County will no longer be prosecuted, County Attorney Mike Freeman said Thursday. Similar actions […]

February Hawaii Patient Union Meeting is First Friday

Hawaii Patients Union Meets on the First Friday Every Month

Public Invited-Free to all members. Friday February 1st, 5:30-7:30pm (Always First Friday) Agenda  Introductions / Announcements Legislative Discussion Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference Update Hawaii Patient Union QnA Open Cannabis Discussion till pau Venue Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo Directions 117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720 Time 5:30pm-7:30pm Cost Free to Members Suggested donation for non-members, $5-$10 (no one is turned […]

January Hawaii Patient Union Meeting is First Friday

Public Invited-Free to all members. Friday January 4th, 5:30-7:30pm (Always First Friday) Agenda  Introductions / Announcements Special Guests Upcoming Events QnA with Special Guests Hawaii Patient Union QnA Open Cannabis Discussion till pau Venue Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo Directions 117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720 Time 5:30pm-7:30pm Cost Free to Members Suggested donation for non-members, $5-$10 (no one is […]

Mold Resistant Strains

Most Resistant Strains provides valuable information to growers dealing with mold problems in their crops. Visit the Mold Resistant Strains website to see a list of seed strains that grow well outdoors for us on the Big Island. On the blog we examine the causes of mold/mildew outbreaks on cannabis and offer our tips as solutions. Contact:Jared CoxMold Resistant […]

Hawaiian Ethos Dispensary Events

Hawaiian Ethos Cannabis Dispensary Event

Cannabis is Medicine HILO—12/10/18 @ 5-7P, HAWAI‘I INNOVATION CENTERRSVP KONA—12/11/18 @ 5-7P, THE HAWAIIAN ETHOS KONA DISPENSARYRSVP Join Hawaiian Ethos Medical Advisor Stacey Marie Kerr MD for a presentation on using cannabis as medicine. Q&A + talk story to follow. Kona event will also include a dispensary tour (no products available yet).OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, […]

HUB International

HUB International

HUB International Limited is an insurance brokerage providing an array of property, casualty, risk management, life and health, employee benefits, investment, and wealth management products and services across North America. Contact: HUB International Phone: 877-974-7800 Address: 3636 American River Dr #200, Sacramento, CA 95864 To get in contact with a HUB broker please go to:

Healthy Hawaii Guide

Considerations for a Patient-Friendly Government This annual guide aims to help voters and elected officials reduce harm to patients while improving our Cannabis economy.  More than 25,000 licensed patients in Hawaii are affected by restrictions on Cannabis medicine. Nationally, 70% of voters oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized medical or recreational […]

Vaporizing Cannabis with Help from King Pen Vapes

Learning How Vaping Can Be Better Than Smoking  It’s safe to say more people haven’t consumed cannabis than those that have. It’s not unfamiliar to hear someone saying cannabis can’t help you. Those are usually the people who have not tried it. Well just like they say, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” Even […]

Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Could Pass Pennsylvania Legislation

The market for medical marijuana has been a hot topic for potential business owners for several years now. The shift in legalization – or talk of such a shift – has prompted many to consider the opportunities in the marketplace. However, in more than half of the United States, marijuana for medical use is still […]

Legalization of Marijuana Could Happen in these 12 States in 2018

Legalization of Marijuana Could Happen in these 12 States in 2018 Moving the legal needle on marijuana use for both recreational and medicinal use has been an ongoing battle for several states hoping for change. Over the last several years, however, introductions of legalization and decriminalization bills have given some pro-marijuana advocates optimism for the […]

Top 10 Reasons Support for Marijuana Legalization is Growing

Top 10 Reasons Support for Marijuana Legalization is Growing Marijuana use has been a widely debated topic for several decades for a variety of reasons. Some conservative lawmakers firmly believe that the drug has negative consequences on society, while more liberal advocates point to the research purporting the drug’s health and economic benefits. Although there are […]

Top 7 Reasons Why Legal Cannabis Can Bolster National Health – Sponsored

By Anna Wilcox For the last 80 years, cannabis has been identified as Public Enemy Number 1, said to promote lude behavior, encourage violence, and drive people into states of rage. Fortunately, these social and political arguments have yet to be backed by any real science. The cannabis plant has been a part of human history […]

Cannabis Talk with Ethan Nebelkopf

Hawaii marijuana dispensary

You Are Invited!  We hope you’ll join us for a very special meeting of the Hawaii Patients Union.  Cannabis Talk Story on Hawaii IslandFriday. May 25th 5pm – 7pm Hawaii Innovation Center in Hilo117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720Map + Directions This month the Hawaii Patient Union will have a special guest host, author Ethan […]

First FDA-approved study of cannabis for PTSD in veterans underway

Cannabis research

In a symposium on the issues and controversies surrounding marijuana, internist and telemedicine physician Sue Sisley, MD, discussed the design and aim of her FDA-approved phase 2 study of cannabis for PTSD in U.S. military veterans. Sisley, who was terminated from the University of Arizona after becoming the principle investigator on the cannabis study, said she was […]

Biodynamic Cultivation with Compost – Colum Riley – Malibu Compost

Learn basic and advanced composting. Shango Los’ latest video. If you’re not familiar with Shango’s Shaping Fire Podcast, be sure to check it out for more expert recordings. These are “must watch/listen” recordings for anyone interested in being a great grower and or Cannabis entrepreneur. Shangos YouTube Channel

Department of Justice Coward, Jeff Sessions Faces Becoming Unpopular, Backs Down

Department of Justice Cowards

In a new poll being promoted by Norml, Ninety-three percent of voters support the medical use of marijuana, as authorized by a doctor. From Quinnipiac:  This widespread support is in line with the results of prior Cannabis polls. Voters oppose the enforcement of federal laws against marijuana in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana […]

Cannabis News from All Around the World

Cannabis News from All Around the World

Forbes magazine published a report that states that the Brightfield Group expects the marijuana market worldwide to be worth almost $8 billion by the end of 2017. The report further projects that the marijuana market is expected to exceed $31 billion by 2021. Today marijuana is more than just weed. It has grown to include a […]

Trump Support for States’ Rights to Legalize Cannabis

Trump backs states rights to legalize Cannabis

Mahalo LA Times for the update.  The latest from Washington » “Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the president that the Department of Justice’s rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado’s legal marijuana industry,” Gardner said, referring to the Obama-era policy, named after former Deputy Atty. Gen. James M. Cole, who issued […]

4:20 All Day

4:20 All Day

You Are Invited!  We hope you’ll join us for a not-so-regular monthly meeting of the Hawaii Patients Union.  Friday. April 20th 10am – 4:20pm Hawaii Innovation Center in Hilo117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720 Cannabis brings us together again to celebrate Cannabis health and wellness with our community. On 4/20 we rally our families and […]

Legalization of Cannabis in Hawaii – It’s Legal Now (With a License)

Hawaii State Capitol Building

Clarification for licensed patients, Hawaii has accepted the medical use of Cannabis. There is no conflict with federal law or preemption as is the case with pesticides, for example. Scheduling and decriminalization are irrelevant for licensed patients. Here’s some language to consider for folks interested in obtaining a license to grow (please grow):   […]

Drug Imports Dropping Rapidly – Taxpayers Want a Refund

Drug Imports Dropping Rapidly - Taxpayers Want a Refund

Illegal Cannabis Imports Dropping Rapidly If Hawaii voters had access to information about increases or decreases in drug trafficking surely we would not allow their taxes to be increased for a drug war with less financial needs. While legal states are seeing less opioid deaths and less black market activity, Hawaii’s governor, Lt. Gov, law […]

Discount on Wahine Grown Mobile Trimming Services

We’re offering a 10% discount on all our services. We want to share what we know about Cannabis with as many patients as possible. So please take advantage of our offer. Hawaii Patient Union members may combine this discount with member benefits at the patients union.

OM Natural Products

OM Natural Products

Hawaiian grown and produced coconut and avocado oil. Contact: Al-Qawi Majidah OM Natural Products P. O. Box 1296, Hilo

Irie Hawaii Smoke Shop

Irie Hawaii Smoke Shop

Irie Hawaii Smoke Shops with 5 locations on The Big Island in Hilo, Kailua-Kona, & Pahoa. Offering a complete line of smoking and vaping hardware and accessories, with first class customer service with Aloha. We are a Hawaiian owned and operated family business. Contact: Mariner Revell Irie Hawaii Smoke Shops 140 Kinoole St. Hilo HI […]

Federal Legislation Update – Vote Friday on Cannabis Eradication Spending

Update: Done Deal, details. Original Story: Not a done deal. The vote will be Friday. Medical marijuana patients and businesses that follow state laws could continue to be protected from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the federal drug agents that work for him under a provision contained in new must-pass legislation revealed on Wednesday. If […]

Washington State Businesses Will Need New License Endorsement to Produce Cannabis-infused Edibles

OLYMPIA — As of April 1, statutory authority to regulate the makers of marijuana edibles will be added to the administrative responsibilities of the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), a move that will require these businesses to apply for a special endorsement on their business licenses. Ultimate regulatory authority for marijuana operations remains with the Washington State […]

Hawaii Medical Cannabis Patient Numbers Up 33% in 2017

Hawaii Cannabis Patient Numbers

Month-over-month growth averaged 2%, consistent with data from previous years. The strongest growth, 4.2%, occurred in May 2017. Total registered patients surpassed 20,000 in January 2018 – well ahead of early estimates by Marijuana Business Daily. That’s healthy growth for a market where MMJ has been legal since 2000. Thanks to Dr. Clifton Otto’s petition […]

Washington State Traceability and Updated Reporting

from the Washington LCB… Current Stats from Leaf Data Systems The below statistics cover activity in Leaf Data Systems for the time period between February 1, 2018 and March 11, 2018. Workarounds within Leaf Last week we sent an email that included a link to a table with known workaround solutions for workflow issues. This information will […]

Hawaii Cannabis Dispensaries – Cure Oahu Blessing and Opening

Cure Oahu Cannabis Dispensary in Hawaii

Another medical Cannabis dispensary opens in Hawaii on Oahu Island. According to KITV news, a blessing was held earlier today at 10:30 a.m. “The 24-hundred square food facility will offer locally grown medical-grade cannabis products to customers with 329 cards. The company says the Department of Health will conduct a final inspection this week then […]

AEOS Labs Cannabis Testing Laboratory is Third to Open in Hawaii

AEOS Labs - Cannabis Testing

Aeos Labs operated by Clinical Labs of Hawaii has opened. Aeos Labs, Inc has received permission to open from the state and has received the The Emerald Test® badge by Emerald Scientific for its Potency, Microbial, and Heavy Metals testing. We had the opportunity to speak with Benjamin Mead of Aeos Labs regarding transparency in test results, certifications for […]

Cannabis Batik Clothing

Cannabis Batik Clothing

Contact: Jim Costello Cannabis Batik Clothing Keaau 982-5368 Cannabis Batik Clothing……island style……..Men’s and Ladies

Chic Eco Catering

Chic Eco

Event planning with local creatives who offer a unique labor pool to streamline special occasions. In addition to specialty chefs, bartenders and servers — we provide designers, personal shoppers, stylists, nannies, entertainers — or just about any professional on Hawaiian islands sought. Contact: Delia Montgomery Chic Eco Catering 14-601 Lehua Cir 8087471639

What is the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment?

What is the Rohrabacher-Farr Blumenauer Amendment?

The Rohrabacher–Farr amendment (also known as the Rohrabacher–Blumenauer amendment) is legislation prohibiting the Justice Department from spending funds to interfere with the implementation of state medical cannabis laws. Rohrabacher-Blumenauer is pretty plain and clear: no DOJ funds can be used to block the implementation of medical cannabis reforms in states where it has been legalized, […]

Spring Equinox Cannabis Event – CannGrow 2018 – Mahalo!

Cannabis Spring

Mahalo for Attending the The Spring Equinox Event on Tuesday March 20th 2018. This month we’re celebrating Cannabis Spring, a flowering of consciousness and Cannabis. Join your community as once again come together to share and expand our Cannabis Consciousness. From developing your materials list and greenhouse needs to operating a legal cooperative in Hawaii, […]

Volunteer Positions Open

Data Researcher, Cannabis Industry (Virtual Remote) Hawaii Cannabis Org acquires and maintains up-to-date data on marijuana dispensaries and policymakers. Hawaii Cannabis helps journalists, regulators, researchers, business people, and investors understand and confidently operate in the evolving Hawaii Cannabis marketplace. Cannabis industry stakeholders use the database to easily access and make sense of the industry so […]

Your Invitation to Cannlove

Cannlove Event in Hilo on Feb. 15th 2018

Love is Complete, Cannabis is complete. Event passed… You’re Invited to a special evening of Cannabis business conversation for lovers of the Cannabis plant. Presentations will be given on Cannabis business branding, design, legal and legislative issues followed by a discussion on starting and growing your own Cannabis business in Hawaii. We’re creating a special intimate […]

Cannabis Consumer Capsule Consumption Option

What’s Your preferred consumption method? Do you have special precautions you have to follow to avoid additional side-effects? Can Cannabis capsules reduce side-effects? Not all patients can or prefer to consume Cannabis the same way. Smoking, vaping, edibles and a needle injection of the marijuanas through the eyeball aren’t great options for many. Cannabis oil medicating massages […]


Hawaii Cannabis Business Listing Image Placeholder

I am a Master Grower with 28 years experience. I have been a Caregiver for 12  years as well. Contact: Kevin 420instructor Pawaii Place 8087852631

Who Will Be the First State to Fix Insurance for Cannabis Medicine?

State departments of health couldn’t fix health insurance for patients who rely on Cannabis medicine. Legislators didn’t pass laws.  Jeff Sessions. Local judiciaries may start filling gaps in coverage with court rulings. Have any similar cases been brought before courts in Hawaii? Meanwhile in New Jersey… Dr. John Gordon at wrote about a case last […]

Could Hawaii Legislators Help Protect Legal Cannabis Businesses and Collectives

In Massachusetts, lawmakers are moving to protect it’s state’s tax revenue from the sale of Cannabis. As Jeff Sessions threatens the viability of small and large businesses in the medical Cannabis economy, some lawmakers are taking a stand. MPP’s Will Luzier, a leader of the Yes on 4 campaign, helped to conceive the bill. “I think […]

Daniel Morii Still Bringing People Together

For more than 40 years Daniel Morii documented sustainability efforts and the Cannabis movement. His works reveal many storylines across Hawaii and in his own neighborhood. Daniel Morii was also successful in business. He and a small group of friends created a commune in the heart of Haight-Ashbury. Unbeknownst to many, that small group of hippies […]

Critical: Protect Lawful Medical Cannabis Programs

Federal: Protect Lawful State Medical Marijuana Programs Update 2 (1-20-2018). The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment has expired due to the shutdown of the federal government. Right now Jeff Sessions may be asking Doug Chin for a list of licensed patients engaged in federally-illegal crimes. A letter sent to Governor Ige seeking help for patients received a bizarre […]

Jeff Sessions Federal Fear Reduces Patient Treatments

Jeff Sessions

Update 11/08/20 Jeffery Session reign of terror is nearly over. His successor is a former college football player. He could directly benefit from Cannabis use and has likely heard professional football players stories of their Cannabis use for medical conditions caused by football. He’s also made some Cannabis-friendlier statements. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has […]

Garden Prodigy

Our company was founded in 2016 with a commitment to recognize the balance between plant science and biodynamic principles to create wild-crafted nutrient emancipating products while keeping our focus on methods with the most sustainable approach in mind. Since 2003, we have been researching plant bioacoustics, plant neurobiology, soil microbiology, quantum physics and biodynamic agriculture. […]

Hawaii Adds ALS to MMJ Program; Rejects Anxiety Disorders | Ganjapreneur

Dr. Clifton Otto

We’re all super grateful for another contribution from Dr. Clifton Otto. This time it’s ALS disease. Mahalo for your work at getting this debilitating disease approved for healthcare. Amazing that only a few days ago an ALS patient would have been put in jail for trying Cannabis. Here’s the letter from Dr. Otto: Read […]

Hawaii Hemp Program Delayed by Noncompliant Jamaican Seed

Hawaii Cannabis Strains

Hawaii’s industrial hemp cultivation program has suffered a setback after seeds imported from Jamaica arrived lateand failed a basic inspection. According to HTH, “” Source: Hawaii Hemp Program Delayed by Noncompliant Jamaican Seed | Ganjapreneur On July 2, 2017 the Hawaii Tribune Herald reported, “ When it arrives, the hemp seed will be distributed to three […]



CANNALOGIC is a software development company that offers Seed to sale cannabis, Seed to sale cultivation, Seed to sale retail and Seed to sale POS. Contact: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1.855.707.6777

Canna Solar

Canna Solar

Canna Solar is a solar company created specifically for the needs of cannabis growers. We offer complete turn key energy saving solutions centered around energy efficiency in growing operations supplemented with solar electricity. As a grower you know that some of your highest operating costs are due to electricity consumption for lighting, cooling, heating & […]

Grade Aloha

Grade Aloha, LLC

We are a lifestyle brand that advocates the benefits of Medical Marijuana. We hope to start the conversation in a positive light through modern designs and education. Contact: Brandon Mose Grade Aloha, LLC 1779 Bertram St. +1 808 800 7722

Uncle Herbs Farm

Uncle Herb's Farm

Uncle Herbs Farm Micro Farms for rent Contact: Alia Onaga 59-019 Huelo St. 808 308 7745

Hilo Side Distributing

Hilo Side dist.

Cbd Oils Hawaiian Chocolate W/ Cbd Hawaiian Coffee Hawaiian Vanilla For more information visit: Hilosidedistributing.Com Contact: Ethan L Swift 892 Komomala Drive 8087566076 Instagram@Hiloside Facebook.Com/Hilosidedistributing

California Cannabis Regulation Released

LICENSING AUTHORITIES RELEASE EMERGENCY MEDICINAL AND ADULT-USE CANNABIS REGULATIONS SACRAMENTO – California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities announced today that proposed emergency licensing regulations for commercial medicinal and adult-use cannabis have been posted online and are available to the public for review. View the pdf: California Cannabis Regulation Released. The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of […]

Halloween Trick or Treat – Police Threats

Government Jacking Up Medicine Prices

Police have introduced a new fear in recent years. The threat of Cannabis candy. The trend will likely continue until law enforcement gets the training they need to function around medicine that does no harm. No one is eating edibles accidentally from trick or treating. Yet, the fear mongering can be pervasive. The money being […]

Rosin Shine Hawaii

Rosin Shine Hawaii

Rosin Shine Hawaii supports the right and ability of the people to grow and process plant based medicine. Our 20 Ton Lava Rosin Press will get your rosin flowing. Visit for more information. Contact Judy Shapley Rosin Shine Hawaii P.O Box 605 808-747-3948

Hawaii Licenses 2nd Testing Lab | Ganjapreneur

Pharmlabs Cannabis Testing Lab Hawaii

Hawaii’s second medical cannabis testing lab has been licensed and can begin testing products immediately, according to a KITV report. Hawaii’s second medical cannabis testing lab has been licensed and can begin testing products immediately, according to a KITV report. Pharmlab Hawaii is expected to test products for dispensaries on Maui; Steep Hill Hawaii, located in Oahu, was approved […]

Hawaii – MPP

Hawaii Cannabis Forest Grow

Updates on marijuana policy in Hawaii from the Marijuana Policy Project. In August, the first two dispensaries in Hawaii began serving patients. Now four dispensaries are operational. The program’s most recent delays were partly due to a lack of authorized testing facilities. In October, the state authorized a second testing laboratory, which will help make […]

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Startup Cannabis Business Development – Values and Goals

Medical Cannabis

(Ed. note – The following article is a first-hand account of the progress of the development of Garden First, a cannabis startup beginning their operations with a 6,000 square foot indoor production facility in central Oregon. Every quarter an article will be published focusing on a specific topic, ranging from banking issues to cultivation tips […]

Indiegogo Is Kicking ‘Risky’ Cannabis Companies Off Its Fundraising Platform

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

The young entrepreneurs behind iRollie used a common crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, to raise funds through pre-sale for their new OG2 Roll and Stash Phone Case. Indiegogo abruptly removed their campaign a few days after the platform pre-approved their launch and iRollie had begun collecting funds. Their campaign is now live on their own website and they’re unable […]

Patented Pot: A Multimillion-Dollar Battle Looms

Encouraged by the opening of legal markets in the various medical and recreational states, the cannabis industry has seen a surge of intellectual-property activity over the past 15 years. Nearly 400 patents have been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with keywords like “cannabis,” “marijuana,” “CBD” and “THC.” Thus far, the patents […]

The State-of-the Art Path to Success: Curio Wellness

Michael Bronfein, CEO, Curio Wellness After a long licensing process, Curio Wellness (CW), a vertically integrated, medical cannabis company, was awarded its final license on August 14th. The company hopes to be part of the force that drives a medicinal cannabis ecosystem that results in Maryland becoming a national leader in research, development and commercialization of […]

How to Create Amazing Content For the Cannabis Industry

Medical Cannabis

I think we are all writers in this world, especially a social media content driven world, but more than that, I think that there’s a lot of fun that can come with cannabis content writing. You can certainly learn a lot about yourself and your customers – there’s a lot of thinking that goes into […]

Congressman O’Rourke Introduces Amendment To End Arbitrary License Suspensions

Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) with Representatives Amash (R-MI), Jeffries (D-NY), Nadler (D-NY) have introduced an amendment to the appropriations bill that the House is expected to take up next month. The amendment would eliminate the funding for enforcement of Section 159 of title 23, which reduces highway funding for states if they did not automatically […]

How to Find Your Perfect Pot Job

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

While the minimum wage debate rages on across America, there is a growing trend of marijuana-based job opportunities and advertisements for them. Everything from bud pickers, to grow room rentals, to clinics seeking qualified medical marijuana doctors and receptionists, are being offered on your local Craiglslist and elsewhere. Employment opportunities in marijuana’s private sector are […]

Netflix Hops Into Cannabis Selling Promotional Strains Based on Their Shows

Medical Cannabis

After almost two decades, Netflix has decided to dive into the marijuana industry by selling a few of its own strains of weed. According to Variety, the streaming giant is gearing up to offer a number of boutique marijuana strains in West Hollywood, California. These various strains of weed are marketed toward enhancing the experience of […]

Kono Naturals

Kono Naturals

Kono Naturals is a collection of organic, sustainable Cannabidiol (CBD) products carefully designed to offer a safe and natural alternative to managing pain, mental health and promoting general wellness. Our products, extracted from 100% Hemp plants and are independently tested two times to ensure the integrity of oil, potency, and confirm the absence of chemicals […]

Protect Your Cannabis Business From Getting Burned By “Friendship Credit”

Medical Cannabis

In our article, published by CBE in July (“Five Signs Your Cannabis Customer Needs to be Placed With A Collection Agency”), we mentioned that many companies servicing the cannabis market are now extending what we call “friendship credit” – in other words, allowing customers whom they know well, and have been dealing with on a […]

How to Use Customer Loyalty Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Medical Cannabis

The growth of the marijuana industry is of the likes of cable television in the 90’s and broadband internet in the 2000’s. We are at the helm of a business market that is on par to grow at astronomical proportions.   The state of Colorado alone has seen a 30 million dollar monthly revenue increase […]

American Legion Resolves In Support Of Expanding Veterans’ Access to Medicinal Cannabis

The American Legion, the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, has adopted a resolution calling on federal officials to expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana. The resolution, passed yesterday at the Legion’s annual convention, urges the “United States government to permit VA medical providers to be able to discuss with veterans the use of marijuana […]

This Santa Ana Dispensary Wants to Change the Way You Buy Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

There’s a new joint in town. MedMen, one of the largest marijuana retailers in the country, opened its newest medical marijuana dispensary last month in Santa Ana, making its 3,000 square feet of retail space one of the largest dispensaries in the county. The cannibis firm offers around 1,000 products, including concentrates, flour, edibles, canine/feline […]

Russian Bankers Migrating to Higher, Greener Pastures

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

Dust off your history books and have a look at how and why bankers from our former Cold War nemesis and current election-hacking paradise have decided to come in from the cold and join the warmth of the green rush. Two Moscow bankers were in the right place at the right time for many years, […]

Looking to Invest in Cannabis? Here Are Two Canadian Companies to Consider

Medical Cannabis

The budding marijuana industry in Canada is set to explode, according to a number of key industry players banking on a wave of increased consumption from groups that have otherwise steered clear of the green commodity. With only a few large cannabis producers jockeying for position in a bid to control the largest piece of […]

Hawaii Department of Health Medical Cannabis Update – Vol. I, No. 5 August 2017

Monthly Hawaii Patients Union Meetups

Maintaining a Strong Relationship with Your Doctor With two medical cannabis dispensaries now open, and more anticipated to open in the near future, Hawaii’s registered patients must carefully weigh information on potency and efficacy of medical cannabis products. Obtaining accurate information and knowing who to turn to for answers may be a challenge for patients. […]

WA NORML: 2017 State of the Session Report

WASHINGTON STATE: For the first time Washington NORML had a regular lobbyist in Olympia this year. The truth is NORML has almost always been staffed by volunteer activists. That’s what I was, at a NORML chapter in Missouri, interning for NORML’s national office in Washington DC, and later as head of NORML’s Thurston County chapter. The reward […]

Latina Woman Among Los Angeles’ First Licensed Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

Priscilla Vilchis, CEO of Cali Premium Produce, is the only Latina woman on the list of the 13 pre-approved applicants, helping to bridge the barrier between multi-million dollar companies and people trying to enter the cannabis industry. Her hometown of Lynwood—population nearly 70,000—kick-started the momentum by being among the first within Los Angeles County to […]

How to Get In on the Ground Floor of Cannabis Investing

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

Photo by Justin Cannabis.  The future of the legal cannabis industry is looking bright, and new investment opportunities are appearing daily. Twenty-nine states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, Canada will make recreational use legal in July 2018 and many other countries are following suit. Against this exciting backdrop, InvestorsHub—the world’s most significant retail […]

An Inside Look at Snoop Dogg’s Pot-Focused VC Firm

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

Photo by Javier Hasse.  This article was originally published on Benzinga, and adapted exclusively for HIGH TIMES. Back in May, while chatting with Andy Williams, co-star of MSNBC’s The Pot Barons of Colorado and founder and CEO of Medicine Man Denver, Medicine Man Technologies and several other companies, Benzinga asked which were the largest challenges entrepreneurs […]

Gorilla Glue Co. Is Suing the Makers of GG#4 Strain

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

The well-known strain of marijuana called “Gorilla Glue” is being dragged to court because the brand bares the same name as a popular adhesive company, reports It was recently revealed that the Ohio-based Gorilla Glue Co. has filed a lawsuit against GG Strains, the producer of a highly potent, hybrid pot strain known as […]

Several factors led to Hawaii’s flawed medical marijuana launch – Marijuana Business Daily

Medical Cannabis

By Bart Schaneman When Hawaii’s two operational medical marijuana dispensaries were forced to close just days after opening, a laboratory bottleneck was blamed for a supply disruption. But participants in the fledgling MMJ program said the state’s only functioning lab isn’t at fault.Instead, they pointed to a number of other factors for their problems, including: […]

Hawaii Dispensary Cannabis Shortages

Maui News and Hawaii News Now are reporting that Maui Grown Therapies closed Saturday and company officials say it will change its hours while it awaits action from the Department of Health’s State Labs Division. Maui’s first state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary to open for business will be closed Monday and Tuesday and will change its […]

Nevada Pot Emergency Shows The Real Size Of America’s Demand For Cannabis

Photo by Javier Hasse.  This article was originally published on Benzinga, and adapted exclusively for HIGH TIMES. Nevada started selling cannabis for adult use just a few of weeks ago. Just a few days into legalization, dispensaries were already running low on (or even out of) product. Almost every major media outlet in the U.S. has […]