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Purpose: Establish the Hawaii cannabis law and authority, regulate cultivation, manufacture, sale, and personal adult use of cannabis, establish taxes, and legalize possession of certain amounts for adults over 21 from January 1, 2026​​.

  • Scope: Covers medical cannabis, adult-use cannabis, and hemp, with different regulations for each category​​​​.

Definitions and Terms

  • Adequate Supply: Defined as four ounces of cannabis at any given time, including a combination of cannabis flower and products​​.
  • Cannabis Cultivator: A person licensed to cultivate cannabis​​.
  • Cannabis Plant: Defined as the Cannabis genus plant in various growth stages, excluding germinated seeds, cuttings, or clones without observable roots and leaves​​.
  • Cannabis Processor: Person licensed to process cannabis​​.
  • Craft Cannabis Dispensary: Licensed operation for craft cannabis​​.
  • Edible Cannabis Product: A cannabis product intended for oral human consumption​​.
  • Medical Use: Involves acquisition, possession, cultivation, use, or transportation of cannabis for alleviating symptoms of a medical condition​​.
  • Plant Canopy: Refers to the area dedicated to live plant production, excluding storage and office spaces​​.

Licensing and Regulation

  • Licensing Procedure: Includes randomized lottery selection and background checks​​.
  • Fees and Qualifications: Schedule of fees relative to business volume, qualifications for licensure, and promotion of participation from disadvantaged communities​​.
  • Training and Insurance: Requirement for employee training and liability insurance coverage or security against liabilities​​.
  • Health and Safety Standards: In consultation with the health and agriculture departments, covering cultivation, processing, distribution, and dispensing​​.
  • Labeling and Environmental Standards: Requirements for packaging labeling, energy, and environmental standards​​.

Operational Guidelines

  • Premises Standards: Guidelines on construction, arrangement, and operation of licensed premises​​.
  • Product Restrictions: Prohibitions on synthetic or artificially derived cannabinoids in cannabis products​​.

Special Focus on Agriculture

  • Agricultural Emphasis: Policies to promote participation by farmers and agricultural businesses, with a focus on small farms, diversified agriculture, and indigenous practices​​.

Other Key Provisions

  • Separation of Medical and Recreational Cannabis: Virtual separation of medical cannabis from other cannabis in dispensaries and processing facilities​​.
  • Prevention of Underage Access: Policies to prevent sale or transfer of cannabis to persons under 21 years of age​​.

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