Hawaii Cannabis logo
CannLove 2021 logo in pink, red and white.

You’re invited!
Come share what you love about Cannabis. 

This unique event will feature your stories, poems, songs and ideas related to love of Cannabis.

By focusing on love we are bringing people together online for a fun virtual event. Leave behind all challenges, all insecurities and fear and open your heart and mind to creativity, inspiration and hope.

Bring your stories of empathy, compassion and hope. Bring your hopes and dreams of love for the plant.

Why: We believe Cannabis love, is just cause for celebration and sharing. So we bring people together to experience a deeper connection to Cannabis. By creating a safe space for sharing intimate stories we hope to help others understand our own connectedness to the land and people we cherish.

Who: Everyone. This is an inclusive event. Everyone is invited.

What: CannLove is an annual event. CannLove 2021 is our first virtual CannLove event held on Zoom.

When: Sunday, February 14th at 7pm Hawaii time.

Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85373183972 

How: Join with any browser connected to the internet. Install Zoom and test your setup. Click the event link at the date and time above to join the event.