Clarification for licensed patients, Hawaii has accepted the medical use of Cannabis. There is no conflict with federal law or preemption as is the case with pesticides, for example. Scheduling and decriminalization are irrelevant for licensed patients.

Here’s some language to consider for folks interested in obtaining a license to grow (please grow):
Although it is “illegal” to grow without a license. “Legal” does not mean free or legal. It means the government will simply restrict and tax medicine -known is so-called “legal” states as tax and reg laws. Hawaii licensed patients can grow more right now “legally” than licensed patients in other states without a more expensive growing license. Legalization in Hawaii is currently being designed for the perceived monopoly. It’s TOTALLY unclear how “legalization” would affect licensed patients. Currently efforts are underway to legalize while taking away a patient’s right to grow.
Relevant for licensed and unlicensed consumers are US Racketeering laws:
Seeds are readily available from at least a hundred seed sellers on Hawaii Island. If you’re unable to grow for any reason, contact the Hawaii Cannabis Organization to be matched up with a caregiver that will grow for you or create a space on their land for you to grow. Good luck out there. The end of prohibition is near. Stay safe, compliant, active and loud when it comes to voicing and fighting (non-violent) for your rights to what you put in your bodies.

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