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FSO is Full Spectrum Oil, meaning it’s supposed to be made from the whole plant. A full spectrum of Cannabinoids should be present in the product.
RSO is Rick Simpson Oil which is also make from the whole plant. The Rick Simpson formula uses a petroleum-based hydrocarbon (Naphtha) to extract the medicine. It’s old school and naphtha is unhealthy. However, Rick Simpson has helped many many people heal before we started using other oils and solvent-less extraction methods to achieve a Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO).

FECO or Full Extract Cannabis Oil may not be whole plant medicine. Whole plant medicine contains all of a certain plant’s Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, Stereoisomers and other molecular constituents. This does not mean the specific combination of Cannabinoids needed by a patient to treat specific symptoms of disease are present in the product. It could be missing CBC or CBDV for example. More research is critically needed.

We use coconut oil because it works well for the patients we serve. Other oils like Olive oil may be more appropriate and should be considered. Here’s a page with a table of vegetable oils and their ingredients. Like Cannabis oil, Coconut oil is antibacterial. So it’s good for abrasions and cuts and cooking and has plenty medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs are relevant in lymphatic health.

Comparison of Coconut Oil and Olive Oil:

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