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Aeos Labs operated by Clinical Labs of Hawaii has opened. Aeos Labs, Inc has received permission to open from the state and has received the The Emerald Test® badge by Emerald Scientific for its Potency, Microbial, and Heavy Metals testing.

We had the opportunity to speak with Benjamin Mead of Aeos Labs regarding transparency in test results, certifications for testing labs and dispelling many of the myths surrounding Cannabis testing,

According to the state, Steep Hill Hawaii (Oahu) was the first to receive certification in July, while Pharmlabs Hawaii LLC (Maui) received their certification in October. Aeos Labs (Clinical Labs Hawaii) is the state’s third Medical Cannabis Testing laboratory.

In an interview with Honolulu Star Advertiser, Wanda Chang, DOH Environmental Health Analytic Services Branch chief, said in a news release, “The certification of Aeos Labs provides more options for dispensaries to receive accurate and valid testing of medical cannabis,” and continued,  “This is a critical step in providing safe medical cannabis products for registered patients.”

Aeos Labs will provide the following Cannabis testing services.

Clinical Labs of Hawaii and Pan Pacific Pathologists were founded in 1971, by Dr. Moon S. Park. Upon completion of his pathology training at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Park brought his vision of providing quality laboratory testing to the healthcare providers and patients of Hawaii into a reality by opening his first laboratory in Hilo. Today, Clinical Labs of Hawaii has over 850 employees and 50+ locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The focus and vision have remained the same, quality patient care with best in class technology and service.