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Learning How Vaping Can Be Better Than Smoking 

It’s safe to say more people haven’t consumed cannabis than those that have. It’s not unfamiliar to hear someone saying cannabis can’t help you. Those are usually the people who have not tried it. Well just like they say, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” Even some who have tried it can bad-mouth marijuana because they didn’t try it right. Medical cannabis is a medicine. Just like any other prescription medicine in your vanity cabinet, marijuana needs to be used correctly. Learning how to dose your cannabis is very important and this can be the factor that helps you.

It can help relieve symptoms of different ailments and diseases. For example, it can help cancer patients who just go through chemo to eat more. Some strains of cannabis can help with epilepsy and seizures. Glaucoma is one of the biggest reasons people go blind. Some strains can lower eye pressure, helping patients with glaucoma.


Vaporizers are an effective alternative tool used for smoking. Vape pens are used for vaping dry herbs like cannabis or Eucalyptus, vaporizing concentrates or even oils like eliquids with nicotine. The difference between vaping and smoking is that smoking uses a lighter or really high heat. Vaporizers usually go up to 428ºF or 500ºF.

Although they’re not new, these devices have recently gotten a bigger name because of their efficiency and discreetness. They’re not one size fits all either. Some are more affordable while other vapes range in the $100. Some are portable while others can only be used at home. They’re great for smokers who want a different sensation with their materials. There is a big difference in taste and flavor since you’re not burning any material you’re inhaling.

What are Vaporizers for?

Vaporizers are used for heating your material into vapor rather than smoke. The active ingredient gets heated up just enough to turn into vapor. Having a convection heating vape is going to have more of an impact on this. Making sure your herbs don’t touch the coil will keep you from turning it into smoke. Vapor is usually very thin and dissipates quickly.

Some smokers turned into vapers to get a better experience. Smoking can definitely irritate your throat or lungs. Long term use is also definitely not good. You can have a buildup of tar in your lungs from prolonged smoking. Smoking your material turns into char whereas vaping just heats it up until it’s slightly discolored. If you’re vaping, you can use your Already Vaped Bud (AVB) to make edibles.

Other smokers have turned to vaping to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes have helped millions of people around the world put down nasty cigarettes. Cigarettes kill almost half a million people a year. With better technology, more people are turning to ecigs. Even opiate addicts who try to quit using marijuana have been known to use ecigs with marijuana oil.

First Time Cannabis Users Rather Vape

Many people who smoke marijuana for the first time say it’s very extreme. Although some people decide to try it again, many people cut off after the first time because they experienced what they didn’t expect. This can happen to many people depending on the setting, their mood, environment and more. One way to make sure your experience goes smooth is to use a vape. Many vapers who have tried vaping and smoking, say vaping is much better because of its slow onset. The reason is because it gives off a different effect that is much more mellow. Smoking can be almost immediate but powerful. It’s also hard to dose your hit. You can accidentally hit it too hard.

Vaping is much different. Being able to dose your hit of vapor is very effective. The first way you can dose it is to simply turn the temperature to a lower heat. The higher the temperature, the more it will act like smoking. Trial and error is good when it comes to different temperatures because all herbs will work different. Some cannabis strains are denser while others are moister or dry.

Another way you can dose it is by taking smaller hits. It’s easy to do this on a vape because the vapor itself is formed very slowly. You can take much smaller hits at a time. A lighter just burns like a forest fire. If you’re not paying attention you can get too much smoke.

Why’s it Better to Vape Than Smoke?

Smoking didn’t always have a bad reputation. Matter of fact, doctors in the mid-1900s were endorsing smoking to the point that each doctor had a different brand of cigarettes to advertise. Some benefits people have realized when they switched over to vaping are reduced resting heart rate, improved sense of taste, improved energy, less coughing and more.

Another reason people stop smoking and switch to vaping is the financial aspect. Smoking is like a money pit that you keep throwing money into, with nothing to show for but bad lungs. Vaporizers come in all different prices. Finding a quality vaporizer that lasts long can save you a ton of money. The best part is they usually come with warranty. Some vapes have 5 years, 10 years or lifetime warranty. This helps your money stretch longer if you’re looking for something on a budget.

Since smoking had gotten a bad name in the last couple decades, vaping is a great way to enjoy your herbs or oils while being discreet. Many vape pens now are as discreet as you can get. Some even come in the form of an inhaler or a mug to hide their true nature. Smoking is very obnoxious and most people can’t stand cigarettes like they did decades ago.

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