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Hawaii Police Department Brochure – Marijuana Is Not Medicine

HPD CIA misinformation techniques applied in schools. The goal of these misinformation was to intentionally stigmatize school children in Hawaii. The Hawaii police department passed these color brochures out in schools they visited. What are they feeding your kids now? When was the last time you were invited to a D.A.R.E. event at your kid’s […]

Virtual 420 LIVE

Cannabis Sativa in the morning Sun, reaching up and praying. Photo depicts strength and growth. Rooty greens and brilliant greens. The back drop is a native ohia forest.

If you missed the casual discussion, interviews and Big Island Grown dispensary tour, check out the video highlight reel. We cut a 4 hour event down to about 2 hours. Mike Ruggles – Tips for winning in court and mayoral bidLizzy Knight – Virtual Colorado NOCO / Earthweek EventJames Simpliciano – HFUU Maui UpdateDr. Daniel […]

Makahiki Harvest Metrics | Questions to Ask Yourself

Cannabis Sativa in the morning Sun, reaching up and praying. Photo depicts strength and growth. Rooty greens and brilliant greens. The back drop is a native ohia forest.

MJ Freeway – If you have outdoor plants, you know the importance of the fall harvest, Croptober. As a cannabis business operator, performing well can make or break your year. Since you’re done harvesting, read this short blog on what to pay attention to when evaluating your Croptober. Then, take the quiz to see how your Croptober […]

CDC confirms vitamin E acetate as ‘very strong culprit’

CDC Back at home office after Hawaii Vacation

Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Products According to Leafly who seemed to be the first to break the story about Vitamin E’s role revealed, CDC doctor Anne Schuchat said Friday that it has identified a “very strong culprit” hiding inside illicit market THC vaporizer cartridges. Investigators located vitamin […]

Cannabis Medicine for Pets and Livestock with guest Dr Gary Richter

Animals play a significant role in our lives and they are family to many people. When we learn we can reduce suffering in humans using cannabis medicine, it makes sense that we would consider using cannabis to help our animals too. But there is scant research on using cannabis with animals and since they don’t speak, we have to be extraordinarily cautious. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with Dr. Gary Richter about using cannabis with household pets and livestock in ways that serve them best. For more about Dr Gary Richter: https://www.drgaryrichter.com/
For more cannabis interviews, videos and giveaways check out https://www.ShapingFire.com

Healthy Hawaii Guide

Considerations for a Patient-Friendly Government This annual guide aims to help voters and elected officials reduce harm to patients while improving our Cannabis economy.  More than 25,000 licensed patients in Hawaii are affected by restrictions on Cannabis medicine. Nationally, 70% of voters oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized medical or recreational […]

Vaporizing Cannabis with Help from King Pen Vapes

Learning How Vaping Can Be Better Than Smoking  It’s safe to say more people haven’t consumed cannabis than those that have. It’s not unfamiliar to hear someone saying cannabis can’t help you. Those are usually the people who have not tried it. Well just like they say, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” Even […]

Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Could Pass Pennsylvania Legislation

The market for medical marijuana has been a hot topic for potential business owners for several years now. The shift in legalization – or talk of such a shift – has prompted many to consider the opportunities in the marketplace. However, in more than half of the United States, marijuana for medical use is still […]

Legalization of Marijuana Could Happen in these 12 States in 2018

Legalization of Marijuana Could Happen in these 12 States in 2018 Moving the legal needle on marijuana use for both recreational and medicinal use has been an ongoing battle for several states hoping for change. Over the last several years, however, introductions of legalization and decriminalization bills have given some pro-marijuana advocates optimism for the […]

Top 10 Reasons Support for Marijuana Legalization is Growing

Top 10 Reasons Support for Marijuana Legalization is Growing Marijuana use has been a widely debated topic for several decades for a variety of reasons. Some conservative lawmakers firmly believe that the drug has negative consequences on society, while more liberal advocates point to the research purporting the drug’s health and economic benefits. Although there are […]

Cannabis Talk with Ethan Nebelkopf

Hawaii marijuana dispensary

You Are Invited!  We hope you’ll join us for a very special meeting of the Hawaii Patients Union.  Cannabis Talk Story on Hawaii IslandFriday. May 25th 5pm – 7pm Hawaii Innovation Center in Hilo117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720Map + Directions This month the Hawaii Patient Union will have a special guest host, author Ethan […]

Trump Support for States’ Rights to Legalize Cannabis

Trump backs states rights to legalize Cannabis

Mahalo LA Times for the update.  The latest from Washington » “Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the president that the Department of Justice’s rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado’s legal marijuana industry,” Gardner said, referring to the Obama-era policy, named after former Deputy Atty. Gen. James M. Cole, who issued […]

4:20 All Day

4:20 All Day

You Are Invited!  We hope you’ll join us for a not-so-regular monthly meeting of the Hawaii Patients Union.  Friday. April 20th 10am – 4:20pm Hawaii Innovation Center in Hilo 117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720 Cannabis brings us together again to celebrate Cannabis health and wellness with our community. On 4/20 we rally our families […]

Drug Imports Dropping Rapidly – Taxpayers Want a Refund

Drug Imports Dropping Rapidly - Taxpayers Want a Refund

Illegal Cannabis Imports Dropping Rapidly If Hawaii voters had access to information about increases or decreases in drug trafficking surely we would not allow their taxes to be increased for a drug war with less financial needs. While legal states are seeing less opioid deaths and less black market activity, Hawaii’s governor, Lt. Gov, law […]

Federal Legislation Update – Vote Friday on Cannabis Eradication Spending

Update: Done Deal, details. Original Story: Not a done deal. The vote will be Friday. Medical marijuana patients and businesses that follow state laws could continue to be protected from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the federal drug agents that work for him under a provision contained in new must-pass legislation revealed on Wednesday. If […]

Daniel Morii Still Bringing People Together

For more than 40 years Daniel Morii documented sustainability efforts and the Cannabis movement. His works reveal many storylines across Hawaii and in his own neighborhood. Daniel Morii was also successful in business. He and a small group of friends created a commune in the heart of Haight-Ashbury. Unbeknownst to many, that small group of hippies […]

Hawaii Cannabis Business Meeting 4/20 at 5pm in Hilo

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Event passed… On 4/20/2017 We held a business meeting in Hilo.  Thursday in Hilo. Bring your ideas and questions. If you’ve got a Cannabis product or service you’d like to promote, bring it! This was an informal meeting designed to help spur more conversation about Cannabis business. We helped small business owners get involved in […]

Medical Cannabis Program Update Hawaii Department of Health

“Ensuring Hawaii’s registered patients have access to safe medical marijuana products through an efficient system of responsible, licensed dispensaries.” -Hawaii DOH Inside today’s update the Department of Health states their position on Medical Marijuana Legislative Bills “About 45 medical marijuana bills have been introduced in this legislative session, but Governor David Ige and the Hawaii State […]

Report: America’s Marijuana Industry Headed for $24 billion by 2025

The latest gaze into the crystal ball puts the U.S. marijuana industry north of $24 billion by 2025. New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research and analytics firm, gave The Cannabist a first look at its 2017 annual report, which aims to track the long-term potential for the industry. The report acknowledges external factors such […]

Federal Marijuana Policy – “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act”

An Epic Bill Introduction by Congressman Rohrabacher from California for the newly introduced “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act” (also see 2015 version) Visit Mr. Rohrabacher’s website for more links and articles to Cannabis legislation. From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office FEDERAL MARIJUANA POLICY The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker’s announced […]

Cannabis Legislation 2017: We’re Tracking All Legalization Bills

Most state legislatures reconvene in early January, and by February they’re in full swing, moving some bills forward and killing others in committee. This year 27 state legislatures are considering bills pertaining to cannabis in some form. (Well, okay: 26. Mississippi had two medical marijuana bills, but they’re already dead.) Some states are pushing full […]

Charitable cannabis companies find giving back isn’t as easy as you’d think

Published: Feb 3, 2017, 6:59 am • Updated: Feb 3, 2017, 7:02 am By Joe Vaccarelli, The Denver Post Tim Cullen ran into an unexpected obstacle recently when he decided it was time his cannabis business should start donating money to nonprofit organizations. “I have been shocked at how few places will take our money,” said […]

Adult-Use Bills Introduced in Hawaii

Big changes could be made in Hawaii this session as two adult-use bills have been introduced in both legislative houses, according to a Honolulu Civil Beat report. However, they will likely face opposition from Democratic Gov. David Ige who wants to hold off on any Cannabis-related legislation until the state’s medical marijuana program is off […]

Correction: Hawaii State DID NOT Introduce a Bill to Legalize Genetically Modified Cannabis

Hawaii State Capitol Building

Correction: An amendment in section 2 states in part, “provided that medical marijuana dispensary activities pursuant to chapter 329D shall not be considered an eligible business activity for the purposes of this chapter.” Dispensaries can not produce genetically-engineered medical products and be considered an “Eligible business activity”. Senate Bill 780 Introduced by Senators Mike Gabbard, Will Espero, […]

Hawaii Cannabis Legislation – Local News Article Looks Deeper into Introduced Bills

Hawaii Cannabis

A post in today’s West Hawaii Today newspaper outlines some of the ideas behind recent Cannabis legislation introduced at the State legislature. According to the report, “State Sen. Russell Ruderman, D-Puna, is among several lawmakers this year proposing measures to legalize the drug for residents over age 21. One of Ruderman’s bills would allow counties […]

Cannabis Dispensary Leaders Excited for State to Become Cannabis Destination

Hawaiian Ethos, one of the first companies selected to operate Cannabis dispensaries on Hawaii Island, wants to open stores in Hilo and Kona — locations it says are close to the majority of island patients and will provide easy access to cruise ship ports once law allows Cannabis dispensaries to service out-of-state cardholders. A new report […]

Survey Shows Two-Thirds of Police Are in Favor of Medical or Recreational Marijuana

A new survey of thousands of police officers from departments around the U.S. suggests that the majority don’t agree with the federal government’s stance on marijuana. Marijuana is still a Schedule I substance under federal law, meaning it’s categorized as one of the most dangerous drugs, with a high potential for abuse and no medicinal […]

How to Save a Pet’s life with Cannabis? – The Short Answer

Sad Doggy

Question: How to Save a Pet’s life with Cannabis? Answer: Get a license for yourself, assess the needs of your pet, properly dose, make adjustments and don’t tell anyone. The same laws and regulations that apply to human use, apply to pet use. Possessing Cannabis without a license can land you in jail. So get a license. […]

Hawaiʻi’s Cannabis Goals for 2017 – Legislative Updates

Hawaii Cannabis

Originally published Jan. 2nd, 2017 We know we can do better. If 10% of the licensed Cannabis patients in Hawaii engaged in direct action, we could save lives in 2017. How many Cannabis-preventable deaths occurred in 2016? How many will occur in 2017? There is no legal way to grow Cannabis in Hawaii. The mere act […]

Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Expo 2016 Gratitude

2016 Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Expo

The Hawaii Cannabis Organization would like to thank all the attendees of this 4th event in Hilo to support Cannabis patients and caregivers in Hawaii. Your purchase of advance tickets provided the necessary funding for printing flyers and getting the message out about the event. Thanks for helping others become aware of the event. Mahalo nui […]

Hawaiʻi State Cannabis Program – Caution 2016

Hawaii Cannabis

On HawaiiCannabis.org we educate and raise awareness. Without education and a certain awareness of the facts, patients in Hawaii are susceptible to rules, laws, regulations and separation from medicine and personal freedom. A few facts could help you avoid arrest. Thousands of Hawaii Cannabis prisoners are in jail now for minor errors in compliance. The state has […]

Hawai’i Cannabis Awareness Expo 2016

Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Expo

Mahalo for Being You. We couldn’t fit all the gratitude on one page so we create a special mahalo page. Please check it out and give thanks for all the attendees, patients, caregivers, sponsors, presenters, volunteers, vendors, artists and other local businesses who made this event successful. Visit the Hawaii Cannabis Gratitude page. Educational Conference Classes […]

Hawai’i Cannabis Awareness Expo Vendors

Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Expo

Jingle Bells. Cannabis patients and caregivers require many unique products and services. December, the perfect time to attract the attention of gift buyers. You bring the best products. We have a place for your right in front of the patients and caregivers that need specialty products and services. Cost $100 The cost is negotiable and […]

NFL’s Top Advocate For Medical Marijuana Takes On Maryland Regulators

Until he was released from the Baltimore Ravens earlier this year, Eugene Monroe was the NFL’s foremost advocate for allowing players to use medical marijuana. Now he’s embroiled in a new pot dispute as a partner in a company suing Maryland regulators for rejecting its application to grow the drug. Monroe and other officials with […]

Legal Marijuana and Its Diversity Issue

America’s legal marijuana industry has a huge diversity problem—and it couldn’t be more ironic. The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that less than 1% of the market to grow legal weed is owned or operated by people of color, a startling statistic considering millions of African-American and Hispanic men have been sent to prison for selling […]

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Funniest Tonight Show Cannabis Segments

The genial, goofy, and often gyrating Jimmy Fallon has hosted The Tonight Show since 2014, and during his tenure he’s had quite a few cannabis gems sprinkled into monologues, celebrity interviews, and sketches. Here’s a roundup of some of his most giggle-worthy segments to-date. Jimmy Weighs the Pros and Cons of Washington, D.C. Decriminalizing Cannabis [embedded […]

Want to Get High and Go to a Sex Shop? Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts

Today’s mail bag query comes from “Scared in Seattle,” who writes: I just moved to a new city and I’m living on my own for the first time. I want to buy myself a vibrator but I don’t know much about them. I’ve heard there are actual stores in my area that sell them, but […]

Why We Wish Beyoncé Would Be More Vocally Pro-Cannabis

Her daughter has a strain named after her. Her husband used it to boost his creative process and finish “Izzo.” Her sister has been quite vocal about her admiration of it, and even has an ode to the pretty green leaf in her 2008 song featuring Lil’ Wayne, “Champagne Chronik Nightcap.” But how much of a […]

America Can Learn A Lot From Portugal’s Drug Policy

Since 1996, when California voters approved the medical use of marijuana, most of the high-profile political progress that has been made towards legalizing marijuana has been made in the United States. And starting with Colorado and Washington, all of the full legalization experiments have been homegrown. But that does not mean we should not be […]

What’s the Significance of the Lion and Cannabis in Rastafarian Culture?

Cannabis Lion Rastafari

As both symbol and beast, the lion has proven to be a source of fascination for man, woman, and child. The timeless awe in which human culture holds this animal can perhaps best be seen in the Ardèche Valley of Southern France. Here, within the Chauvet Cave, are walls which reveal how Paleolithic man lived […]

Painting New Memories with Buds and Brushes

Medical Marijuana Research

Over the weekend patients in Tucson, Arizona gathered to make history in the state. They converged on the 420 Social Club from as far away as Phoenix to participate in the first cannabis friendly art therapy class, they came to celebrate being normal. Granted, the couple who drove down from Phoenix did so because they are personal friends […]

Study: Medical Marijuana Laws Linked To Less Prescription Drug Use, Medicare Spending

The enactment of statewide medicinal cannabis laws is associated with a quantifiable decline in the use of traditional prescription drugs, according to data published in the July edition of the scientific journal Health Affairs. Investigators at the University of Georgia assessed the relationship between medical marijuana legalization laws and physicians’ prescribing patterns in 17 states […]

Plan the Best 4/20 Ever This Year with Leafly’s Events Calendar

Not sure what your 4/20 plans are this year? We can help with that! Check out Leafly’s new Events Calendar to find a 4/20 celebration near you. Featuring festivals, rallies, conferences, comedy shows, and other cultural events, you can hunt for the perfect gathering in your state or country.

Browse Leafly’s Events Calendar

We’ve got a ton of events you can browse through, but here are a few highlights coming up:

The Leafly Comedy Tour’s Chicago Stop (April 20 in Chicago, IL)

Showcasing headliner Chris D’Elia and featuring Ron Funches and opening act Brandon Wardell, this free (yes, free!) comedy show in Chicago is sure to be a memorable way to celebrate 4/20. Be sure to RSVP and arrive early to guarantee entry!

Leafly Comedy Tour Chicago Event Details

A Night of Higher Entertainment (April 20 in Seattle, WA)

Join Leafly and author/performer David Schmader as he reads from and signs his new book, “Weed: The User’s Guide.” His reading will be followed by the mind-blowing video collage art of Collide-O-Scope. It’s bound to be an entertainingly trippy experience!

A Night of Higher Entertainment Event Details

World Cannabis Week (April 14 – 24 in Denver, CO)

World Cannabis Week events in Denver, Colorado

Described as the “SXSW of Cannabis,” World Cannabis Week in Denver, Colorado brings industry experts and tastemakers together to partake in a VIP experience of premier 420 entertainment. Enjoy concerts at Red Rocks, exclusive parties, the 420 Rally, The BIG Industry Trade Show, and much more.

World Cannabis Week Event Details

Lowest Law Enforcement Priority in Hawaii County

“The citizens of the County of Hawaii have passed an initiative to make Cannabis offenses the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority, where the Cannabis is intended for adult personal use, and request that the federal and state branches of government remove criminal penalties for the cultivation, possession and use of Cannabis for adult personal use; the […]

Hawaii County Medical Marijuana Task Force Hearings on Big Island

Cannabis Flower in Puna Hawaii

On September 10th, 2014 the State of Hawaii Medical Marijuana Task Force met in Hawaii County. Part One [cannabis_youtube_advanced url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hOFWE-NG7o&feature=youtu.be” playlist=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” theme=”light” https=”yes”] Part Two [cannabis_youtube_advanced url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahqe4ApmY8o&feature=youtu.be” playlist=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” theme=”light” https=”yes”] Supplemental – Must Watch – Featuring Mike Ruggles and other members of the Alternative Pain Management Club. […]