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Her daughter has a strain named after her. Her husband used it to boost his creative process and finish “Izzo.” Her sister has been quite vocal about her admiration of it, and even has an ode to the pretty green leaf in her 2008 song featuring Lil’ Wayne, “Champagne Chronik Nightcap.” But how much of a cannabis enthusiast is Queen Bey herself?

While Beyoncé’s never publicly mentioned anything about her personal relationship with cannabis or stance on the legalization movement, a photo that had everyone wondering if Beyoncé consumed cannabis came from her and Solange’s trip to Jamaica in 2013.

In the snapshot, the Emmy-nominated singer rocks a pair of distressed denim shorts and a tank-top adorned with Jamaica’s flag. Beyoncé holds a bottle of the Jamaican lager Red Stripe in her right hand, but it’s what she has in her other hand that has some people giving Bey the side-eye.

While Beyoncé has never explicitly responded to the controversy surrounding the photo, it’s left us wondering what would happen if she were to come out publicly in support of cannabis legalization. She’s a massively successful, hard-working adult with talent, drive, and ambition; she’s practically runs the world with her catalog of songs and epic performances. Showing the masses that you can occasionally consume cannabis while having a successful career would contribute greatly to bucking the lazy stoner stereotype.

Would a pro-cannabis pledge hurt Queen Bey’s career? I can’t imagine it would — we all know how friendly Rihanna is with cannabis and it hasn’t held her career back, so a well-spoken endorsement of legalization from Beyoncé, perhaps touching on the high incarceration rates for nonviolent drug offenders and the disproportionate number of arrests for African Americans, could bring a new audience to the issue.

Obviously, Mrs. Carter’s relationship with cannabis is her own business. But we can’t help but hold out hope that, like College Humor said, she’ll one day be vocal about “something we actually love.”

College Humor’s “Stoner” Parody of Beyoncé’s “Countdown”:

Beyoncé’s “Countdown” (original version):

Do you think a pro-cannabis Beyoncé would be a poor career move, or would it be a non-issue?