Question: How to Save a Pet’s life with Cannabis?

Answer: Get a license for yourself, assess the needs of your pet, properly dose, make adjustments and don’t tell anyone.

The same laws and regulations that apply to human use, apply to pet use. Possessing Cannabis without a license can land you in jail. So get a license. Basically anything with a spine has an Endocannabinoid system.Without cannabinoids, pets can also suffer from a malnourished Endocannabinoid system.

“All mammals have a biological and neurological system specifically tasked to receive and process nutritional cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, nausea, mood, memory, and inflammation.” –

According to, “Dr. Robert Silver remembers the first time he seriously considered the health benefits of giving pot to pets.”

“First we tried standard pharmaceutical pain relievers, NSAIDS, which helped a little, but not enough,”says Dr. Silver. “So we tried glucosamine, a joint lubricant, but that still wasn’t quite enough. So we decided to try a course of acupuncture, three to six treatments, but Jojo just wasn’t responding.”

The next time Dr. Silver saw Jojo, it seemed like a different animal. No more limping. No more lethargy. Just a happy, healthy dog. Dr. Silver was ready to congratulate himself on the effectiveness of the acupuncture when Jojo’s owner mentioned the cookie.

Jojo’s owners, like millions of other Coloradans, had edible cannabis products in the house, legally purchased from a local medical marijuana dispensary. Desperate to alleviate their dog’s pain, Jojo’s owners gave him a nibble of a cookie infused with cannabis oil.

“And Jojo did well,” says Dr. Silver, “better than all the other stinkin’ stuff that I had done. So I started looking into it.”

When Dr. Silver dove into the research on medical marijuana — which he had previously dismissed as “a bunch of B.S., an excuse for people to get high”—  was study after peer-reviewed study concluding that the active molecules in marijuana, called cannabinoids, can effectively relieve pain, lower anxiety, stimulate bone growth and stop seizures, to name just a few benefits. Although no clinical trials have been done on using cannabis to treat health problems in cats or dogs, many pet owners believe it has done their ailing animals some good.

More research is emerging but it appears “man’s best friend” needs to live in a state where Cannabis is legal.

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