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“The citizens of the County of Hawaii have passed an initiative to make Cannabis offenses the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority, where the Cannabis is intended for adult personal use, and request that the federal and state branches of government remove criminal penalties for the cultivation, possession and use of Cannabis for adult personal use; the citizens also request that Cannabis policies here within the county of Hawaii be dealt with from our local law enforcement only.”

Read the ordinance:

“They took my medical marijuana without any reason because I was in total compliance and they did the same to Brad and three other medical marijuana caregivers and then it never made it to a police locker — there was never any police report filed and now the police are claiming they weren’t even here,” Ruggles say. Watch the video.

Read a legal opinion on Hawaii County’s Ordinance for Low Priority Enforcement of Pot Preempted by State Law.

The Hawaii Supreme Court agreed to consider an appeal of a lower court’s rejection of a lawsuit over the Hawaii County ballot initiative making personal use of marijuana the “lowest law enforcement priority.”

The debate/answers regarding the lowest law enforcement ordinace starts at around 1:35

The voters of Hawaii Island had their ordinance preempted by state law in a later ruling. Compliance checks with lists of patients are in full effect as of July 25th, 2016.