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CDC confirms vitamin E acetate as ‘very strong culprit’

CDC Back at home office after Hawaii Vacation

Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Products According to Leafly who seemed to be the first to break the story about Vitamin E’s role revealed, CDC doctor Anne Schuchat said Friday that it has identified a “very strong culprit” hiding inside illicit market THC vaporizer cartridges. Investigators located vitamin […]

Official Hawaii Cannabis Safety Awareness

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln A common cannabis theme appears before us, “safety”. A popular myth is that regulatory safety requirements placed on dispensaries have made distributing, consuming or possessing […]

Healthy Hawaii Guide

Considerations for a Patient-Friendly Government This annual guide aims to help voters and elected officials reduce harm to patients while improving our Cannabis economy.  More than 25,000 licensed patients in Hawaii are affected by restrictions on Cannabis medicine. Nationally, 70% of voters oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized medical or recreational […]

AEOS Labs Cannabis Testing Laboratory is Third to Open in Hawaii

AEOS Labs - Cannabis Testing

Aeos Labs operated by Clinical Labs of Hawaii has opened. Aeos Labs, Inc has received permission to open from the state and has received the The Emerald Test® badge by Emerald Scientific for its Potency, Microbial, and Heavy Metals testing. We had the opportunity to speak with Benjamin Mead of Aeos Labs regarding transparency in test results, certifications for […]

Halloween Trick or Treat – Police Threats

Government Jacking Up Medicine Prices

Police have introduced a new fear in recent years. The threat of Cannabis candy. The trend will likely continue until law enforcement gets the training they need to function around medicine that does no harm. No one is eating edibles accidentally from trick or treating. Yet, the fear mongering can be pervasive. The money being […]

Microdosing Weed: From Medical-Use Only to a Lifestyle Supplement

Cannabis is going from medical-use only to a lifestyle supplement as more states go recreational. In both pioneering states like Colorado, and new adult-use states like California, there’s a new trend emerging: Microdosing Weed.  Products like Root of it All‘s cannabis-infused essential oils, and low-dose Kiva Confections are prime examples of companies making cannabis-infused products […]

First Look at a State’s Quality Assurance Medical Marijuana Testing Lab

A look at one of three of the state’s quality assurance labs that will test marijuana for medical use. Steep Hill Hawaii will test marijuana for dispensaries across the islands. Chemists will use machines to test for potency,  pesticides, heavy metals, and mold. This comes as the state health department approved three of the eight […]

How to Save a Pet’s life with Cannabis? – The Short Answer

Sad Doggy

Question: How to Save a Pet’s life with Cannabis? Answer: Get a license for yourself, assess the needs of your pet, properly dose, make adjustments and don’t tell anyone. The same laws and regulations that apply to human use, apply to pet use. Possessing Cannabis without a license can land you in jail. So get a license. […]

Doctors Say Parenting And Pot Smoking Don’t Mix

Cannabis Flower in Puna Hawaii

With more states legalizing recreational marijuana, parents are facing the question of whether they should smoke pot around their children. “I have never smoked and would never smoke around my child,” says one mother who lives in San Francisco. California is one of eight states that allows recreational marijuana use for adults 21 and older. […]

Hawaiʻi State Cannabis Program – Caution 2016

Hawaii Cannabis

On HawaiiCannabis.org we educate and raise awareness. Without education and a certain awareness of the facts, patients in Hawaii are susceptible to rules, laws, regulations and separation from medicine and personal freedom. A few facts could help you avoid arrest. Thousands of Hawaii Cannabis prisoners are in jail now for minor errors in compliance. The state has […]

5 Experts Weigh in on Cannabis Concentrates and How to Use Them

This article is sponsored by Firefly, a San Francisco-based technology company that specializes in the research, design, and manufacturing of vaporizer hardware. Cannabis concentrates aren’t going anywhere. This segment of the market – which includes waxes, shatters, hash oils, rosins, tinctures, and more – is expanding at lightning speed, and may give us the most compelling vision […]

CBD Oil Is Shaking Up The Medical Cannabis Industry

Corinne Malanca credits CBD oil with saving her father’s life. Five years ago, Stan Rutner underwent chemotherapy for Stage 4 lung cancer. After treatment, an inoperable brain tumor was found and he fell sick with pneumonia caused by his radiation treatments. Thinking Rutner only had weeks to live, Malanca turned to the internet for answers. […]

Advocates urge state to speed up medical marijuana card processing

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The state’s Medical Marijuana Registry office only has a handful of workers, and they’re responsible for keeping up with the growing demand for medical marijuana cards. The small staff processes and verifies approximately 1,200 applications a month. Once patients get a card, they’re allowed to legally obtain medical marijuana. “Every single app that […]

How to Save a Life: Recognize an Overdose

August 31, 2016– By Stefanie Jones Whether or not you’re someone who uses alcohol or other drugs, undoubtedly you will be around people who do at some point. And being able to recognize when something’s gone wrong is the first step toward being able to take action – and possibly save a life. That’s why […]

Association Between Lifetime Marijuana Use and Cognitive Function in Middle Age: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study.

 IMPORTANCE: Marijuana use is increasingly common in the United States. It is unclear whether it has long-term effects on memory and other domains of cognitive function. OBJECTIVE: To study the association between cumulative lifetime exposure to marijuana use and cognitive performance in middle age. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: We used data from the Coronary Artery […]

Cannabis Education and Awareness

Cannabis Event in Hilo, Hawaii NOTE: This Event has passed. Visit Events page for the latest announcements on upcoming events. Subscribe to Stay Informed ——————————————– June 3rd Doors Open 5pm Starts 5:30pm Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo   Patient and Caregiver Question and Answer Session with the Presenters Seating Limited $7 tickets in advance – buy […]

Reducing the Health Risks of Smoking Cannabis

“All drugs pose risks. Whether medicinal or recreational, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, whether legal or illicit, every drug produces undesirable side effects. Cannabis in itself may pose few risks, but inhaling its vape or its smoke can compromise your health. Smoke is the archetypal smoking gun. You might try fooling yourself, but no ploy of smoke and mirrors […]

Lab Science and Standards: Myths Facts and Creating a Unified Consensus

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

Key questions related to Hawaii’s Controlled Substances Act (329) and Chapter 11-850 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules with respect to required laboratory testing: Is Patient, product and public safety achieved through laboratory testing? Will the testing laws developed by legislators, law enforcement and the Hawaii Department of Health Approved Testing Laboratories detect everything in Cannabis from licensed dispensaries. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Consuming Medical Cannabis

There are practical limits unique to each person for consuming medical Cannabis. Each consumption method requires a different dosage for your unique condition. Please keep in mind that Medical Cannabis is “Medical-Grade” meaning, it’s not for everyone. If you’re going to use the self-titrating method, remember, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing the dose is […]

Dosing Guidelines from Mayo Clinic

Medical Marijuana Research

Cannabis has unique interactions with each individual including various side-effects. So please use and dosing recommendations you find a guide only. Until Cannabis research is allowed at the Federal level, self-titration is the best method for determining the correct dosage for your cannabis-treatable disease or other debilitating health condition. — from Mayo Clinic: Marijuana (Cannabis […]

Cannabis Safety

Cannabis safety starts with you. Properly label and store in a safe place away from pets and children! Ingesting cannabis: Ingesting cannabis has many benefits over smoking it, the most important of which is the bypass of dangerous chemicals entering the respiratory system. Carcinogens and tars are largely left behind in the preparation for eating […]

‘Marijuana Can Be Helpful,’ Admits Surgeon General on CBS News

[su_video url=”http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/new-surgeon-general-dr-vivek-murthy-measles-vaccine-is-safe-and-effective/” poster=”https://hawaiicannabis.org/wp-content/uploads/hawaii-medical-marijuana-beliefs.jpg.pagespeed.ce.4w9uw1YR1L.jpg”] Time to reschedule. Did you know marijuana is classified federally as a schedule 1 drug. This comes with minimum mandatory sentencing that currently puts medical marijuana patients in prison with heroin traffickers, rapists murderers etc. Drugs / Substances listed in DEA Schedule I include: Heroin (diacetylmorphine) LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) Marijuana (cannabis, […]

Prescription Drug Warning – zohydro

Zohydro FDA Approved

We know many of the new “legal” drugs we see advertised on television include some pretty major side-effects. Anal Bleeding for example is apparently acceptable. Prescription drugs are now the number one killer in preventable deaths according to Sanjay Gupta (see video below from CNN). “In the midst of a severe drug epidemic fueled by […]