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Police have introduced a new fear in recent years. The threat of Cannabis candy. The trend will likely continue until law enforcement gets the training they need to function around medicine that does no harm. No one is eating edibles accidentally from trick or treating. Yet, the fear mongering can be pervasive.

The money being spent on these unfounded claims would likely trouble the average taxpayer.

So let the training begin;

Warning of Marijuana Halloween Candy Derided as Scare Tactic

Police pass out the candy in 4th annual Operation Safe Halloween observance (photos)

Law enforcement continues to push unfounded Halloween marijuana candy claims

Police warn parents about candies that may get children high this Halloween

Marijuana candy: Pa. state police warn Halloween trick-or-treaters of possible danger

Menominee Tribe sets up candy disposal sites after meth discovery

Some of the news outlets aren’t even writing stories, just republishing headlines and recycling old, threatening video clips;


Hawaii News Now are just republishing the same stories from 2014:

Kauai police warn about pot-laced Halloween candy


The real threat is the increased cost of medicine to patients. Hawaii State government seems to think the costs of their protectionist schemes should be passed down to patients.

Here’s what to do with left-over Halloween candy:

Mother Knows Best:
How to Turn Leftover Halloween Candy into Cannabis Edibles