Cannabis Safety is a big deal for patients. From immuno-deficiencies and child dosing to allergic reactions, many types of patients need to know that Cannabis purchased in a dispensary is of the highest quality. Because things go wrong;

State issues massive recall of pesticide-tainted marijuana

Health Canada to Spot Check Medical Marijuana After Tainted Pot Recall
Article by Elizabeth Chiu, CBC News

We know the term “pharmacy” but we’re just learning what a “medical dispensary” will mean. Every legal state has had quality issues with the medicine produced in dispensaries.

It would seem even more important in states that consider Medical Cannabis a Schedule 1 drug, like Hawaii. We also know that when states legalize Cannabis a safety-recall procedure is required for public safety.

Nearly two years after the first legal retail sales of marijuana in Washington State, the state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) finally took action to protect the rights of consumers by strengthening its ability to issue [Cannabis] product recalls when there is a risk to health and safety. – Beyond Pesticides.

What happens when tainted Cannabis is sold at a dispensary in Hawaii?
There’s no mention of safety recalls in the dispensary laws, regulations, and rules. So we’ve reached out to the state department of health for an answer via email. We’ll update this post with their response.

If you’re aware of a dispensary with a safety-recall procedure, let us know!