Canada: Feds Closer To New Policy On Medical Pot For Vets

Ottawa – The Trudeau government is getting closer to having a new policy on medicinal marijuana for our veterans, who take the drug to treat conditions like PTSD. The veterans affairs department has been reviewing the issue of medical pot after concerns were raised earlier this year that the department is compensating vets for up […]

Arkansas Lawmakers Weigh Launch Delay, Taxes For Medical Marijuana

Little Rock – Arkansas lawmakers are considering delaying the launch of the first medical marijuana program in the Bible Belt as well as an effort to impose taxes on the drug, as they work on legislation for next year’s session spelling out how pot would be made available to patients. The ideas are among several […]

Leader Of Maryland's Black Lawmakers Outraged By Medical Marijuana Plan

The leader of the General Assembly’s black caucus was outraged Friday that medical marijuana regulators plan to choose companies to dispense the drug while the state’s selection process is mired in controversy. Black lawmakers felt they already had grounds for a civil rights fight because firms owned by African-Americans did not win any of the […]

Pot Business Hazy Over Impacts From Legalized Medical Marijuana In Florida

While over 70 percent of Florida voters approved constitutional Amendment 2 on Nov. 8 to legalize medicinal marijuana, the economic impact of the measure will remain hazy for at least months if not years The modification to the state’s constitution officially doesn’t take hold until Jan. 3. But there are already six marijuana cultivation operations […]

PR: Ponce Educates Hundreds Of Patients About Medicinal Cannabis

Ponce – Hundreds of patients arrived Saturday to Ponce’s Medical School, motivated to use medicinal cannabis to sooth pain and lessen conditions that affect their quality of life. Patients, generally older than 50, and with ailments that cause chronic pain, were evaluated and oriented by certified doctors as part of an initiative from TuMedicina (Your […]

MI: Residential Marijuana Ordinance Needs More Work, Officials Say

Lansing – A proposed residential medical marijuana ordinance needs further review and could be changed several times, based how City Council’s Committee on Public Safety meeting went Thursday afternoon at City Hall. Representatives from the city, Lansing Board of Water & Light, the medical marijuana community and neighborhood groups all appeared to leave the meeting […]

MA: For the Second Time, Eastie Supports Marijuana

In the statewide ballot question in 2012 East Boston voters supported passing the medical marijuana question 60 percent to 40 percent. Last Tuesday was more of the same as Eastie voters again supported a statewide ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The Question 4 ballot measure, which passed statewide, was supported here 56 […]

AR: Medical Marijuana – Problems And Questions For Law Enforcment

With the passage of Issue 6 during the November election, medical marijuana is coming to Arkansas. What the process for cultivating, dispensing and prescribing will look like is still to be determined. What is clear is that at least some law enforcement officials see potential problems coming with medical marijuana. Mountain Home Police Chief Carry […]

Pets On Pot – Owners Say Medical Marijuana Works On Furry Friends

Florida is now one of many states where medical marijuana is allowed for people, but what about pets? Some say pot-based products are working wonders for their ailing furry friends. “It’s my friend’s dog that I’m taking care of and he has trouble going up the stairs,” Yesikka Vivancos said. Vivancos says the solution for […]

NV: Medical Marijuana Program Approved

This is a historic time for equal rights of Native Americans and for the Ely Shoshone Tribe. Even with a valid Nevada State medical marijuana card, Native Americans could still be prosecuted for medical or recreational marijuana and had no clear safe path to the same medicine non-tribal members have. On Nov 1, The Ely […]

Preliminary Licenses To Dispense Medical Marijuana In MD Will Be Announced In Dec.

More than a year after they applied for one of about 100 licenses to dispense medical marijuana, the winners will be formally announced on Dec. 9. The Maryland Cannabis Commission announced late Thursday that winning applications, as ranked by the panel’s double-blind process, will be selected at a 10 a.m. meeting in Howard County on […]

MA: Medical Marijuana Facility Out For North Attleboro, Dispensary Still On Table

North Attleboro – A medical marijuana facility looking to set up shop in town will no longer pursue plans for a cultivation facility – but a dispensary is not out of the cards, just yet. Selectmen said Thursday the medical marijuana company Hope Heal Health has moved forward with a cultivation facility in Fall River, […]

Medical Marijuana Advocates Up In Arms Over Jeff Sessions

The head of a medical marijuana advocacy group is criticizing President-elect Donald Trump’s pick of Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General. Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, said in an email Friday that the Republican Sessions “has criticized the morality of cannabis users and has stated that cannabis is more harmful than […]

Most Canadians Support Shoppers’ Bid To Sell Medical Marijuana

Fresh on the heels of Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw Companies Ltd. making a formal bid to dispense medical marijuana, most Canadians are giving the move a thumbs up. Last month the drugstore chain confirmed it had applied to Health Canada to become a licensed producer of the drug – but only for the purpose […]

Santa Claus Of North Pole, AK Says “No Coal In Stockings” For Medical Marijuana Users

North Pole, Alaska – Communities across Alaska have been struggling with the state’s recreational marijuana program, and some are voting to ban sales of legalized marijuana. One of those is North Pole, Alaska. Voters approved Proposition 7, which bans the sale of marijuana within city limits. But legal cannabis has a surprising advocate there. Santa […]

MI: Ferndale Holds Off On New Medical Marijuana Facilities, Waits On New State Law

Ferndale has temporarily stopped accepting applications for medical marijuana facilities while officials sort out what kind of ordinances they will have to draft in response to new state laws that go into effect next month. “I hope this doesn’t look like we are backing away from our commitment to have safe and legal medical marijuana […]

Post-Pot Failure, A New Ballot Plan Emerges For Medical Marijuana In Arizona

Apache Junction, AZ – Access to medical marijuana in Arizona would be eased under a proposed ballot initiative filed on Thursday. The ballot proposal would lower the yearly cost of a medical marijuana patient card from $150 to $10 and expand the conditions that would qualify a patient for a card to include anxiety, depression, […]

CA: Hanford Moves Forward With Medical Pot Idea

Hanford – The Hanford City Council directed staff this week to begin crafting an ordinance that would eventually allow large-scale medical marijuana cultivation/manufacturing facilities to apply for a conditional use permit to locate in the city’s heavy industrial zones. Oakland-based Purple Heart Patient Center has proposed a large medical cannabis facility for the former Pirelli […]

Arkansas Lawmakers Weigh Launch Delay, Taxes For Medical Pot

Little Rock, ARK. – Arkansas lawmakers are considering delaying the launch of the first medical marijuana program in the Bible Belt as well as an effort to impose additional taxes on the drug as they work on legislation implementing a medical pot measure voters approved this month. The ideas are among several lawmakers are discussing […]

Olivia’s Story – Cannabis and Epilepsy

From birth, doctors were sure Olivia’s lack of cerebral cortex and severe underdevelopment in her brain would yield an abbreviated life. After four years of testing and endless doctor’s visits, Olivia was diagnosed with pyruvic dehydrogenase deficiency, a genetic neurodegenerative disease that prevents cells from fully metabolizing glucose, affecting energy production and increasing the buildup […]

Hawaii County Resolution to Decriminalize Cannabis

Hawaii Cannabis Organization

November 2nd, 2016 – Hawaii County Lead by Council member Margaret Willie the Hawaii County Council voted to urge the Hawaii State Legislature to; 1) Establishing possession of marijuana of one ounce or less as a civil violation; 2) Directing that violations be punishable by fines and or community service; and 3) Directing that civil […]

California and Washington Cultivation Compliance – Guide and Law

In California, The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is the lead agency for the promulgation of rules and the issuing of licenses for cultivation according to the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), “a community based, non-profit organization that advocates for science-based protection and restoration of Northwest California’s Forests”. Starting in 2018 the Department of […]

FL: Bradenton Moves Closer To Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Bradenton – Bradenton isn’t feeling the blues over medical marijuana, but city officials did manage to combine the two subjects in separate discussions on Wednesday. Officials donned dark sunglasses for one of the items, but it wasn’t for medical marijuana. The sunglasses went on in support of the Dec. 2-4 Bradenton Blues Festival, but they […]

FL: Medical Marijuana Accommodation Optional For Businesses

Medical marijuana was legalized in Florida after Amendment 2 passed during last week’s election, but there are still questions as to what this means for businesses that have employees who want to use it at work. Since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, the state isn’t required to accommodate its medical use in the […]

BC: Medical Marijuana Clinic Sets Its Sights On A Rupert Office

A medical marijuana company wants to plant seeds in Prince Rupert by opening a clinic by the end of the year. The Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre Inc. (MCRCI) has been in business for six years and has clinics in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna and Winnipeg. A physician-based medical marijuana clinic would be the first of its […]

Some Fear Trump Administration May Crack Down On Medical Marijuana

Honolulu – When Hawaii lawmakers crafted the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries law last year, they used federal policy as a guide. The Cole Memorandum makes states responsible to enforce laws that regulate the cannabis industry. “We have prohibitions against sale to minors,” said Rep. Della Au Belatti, chairwoman of the House Health Committee. “We have […]

FL: Local Leaders To Discuss Future Of Medical Marijuana Regulation

Estero – Voters gave the thumbs up to the use of medical marijuana, which means more dispensaries will begin to pop up across the state. But plans for medical marijuana in our area – might go up in smoke as three local city councils get set to tackle the issue Wednesday morning. In Bonita Springs, […]

IN: Council Lights Up Debate On Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Crown Point – The Lake County Council passed a resolution Tuesday supporting the legalization of medical marijuana. The council voted 4-2 to support Lake County Councilman Jamal Washington, D-Merrillville, who is urging state officials to pass “a prescribed medical marijuana program statute by the state of Indiana.” Washington was joined by Council President Ted Bilski, […]

Marijuana Could Help Treat Drug Addiction, Depression

Toronto, Nov 16 – Using marijuana could help some alcoholics and people addicted to opioids kick the habit and may also help people suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety, says a study. “Research suggests that people may be using cannabis as an exit drug to reduce the use of substances that […]

Government Both Admits And Denies Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Government doublespeak on the health benefits of marijuana knows no bounds. The National Cancer Institute, an agency of the federal government, now lists on its website recent studies showing marijuana kills cancer cells. Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Agency continues to oppose any and all efforts to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances […]

IL: Will County Agency Offers Education On Medical Marijuana Treatment

Joliet – Brad Frankenfield suffers from knee pain from his time in the U.S. Army and is considering another way to find relief – medical marijuana. Frankenfield was one of a dozen or so people who came to the Veterans Assistance Commission of Will County on Tuesday to learn more about the medication from PharmaCannis […]

FL: County Imposes 180-Day Moratorium On Marijuana Dispensing Facilities

Newly re-elected County Commissioner David Moore was sworn in for a second term Tuesday morning, and newly elected commissioners Jeff Gold and Michelle Stone took their first oaths of office. County Judge Jim McCune administered the oath for Moore. County Judge Sarah Ritterhoff Williams presided over the other two. Later in the meeting, the commission […]

SWFL Cities Working On Plans To Regulate Marijuana Rules

Lee County, Fla. – Several places in Southwest Florida are looking ahead at regulating the new medical marijuana amendment in the state. The Village of Estero council will meet Wednesday night to begin preparing for how they want to regulate the use of marijuana within their region. There are two types of cannabis physicians will […]

AR: City Leaders Question Location Of Marijuana Dispensaries

Little Rock, Ark. – With medical marijuana now legal in Arkansas, cities across the state are trying to figure out how to regulate the new businesses that will be coming into the state. That includes where dispensaries and grow centers will be located within communities. Here in Little Rock, city leaders are already asking questions. […]

MA: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Newton

Newton – One week after Massachusetts voters approved the use of recreational marijuana, a new medical marijuana dispensary opened Tuesday in Newton. Garden Remedies on Washington Street is the ninth medical marijuana dispensary to open in Massachusetts. The dispensary is the culmination of a dream by founder Dr. Karen Munkacy, who went through breast cancer […]

MA: Neighbors Have No Major Issues With Medical-Marijuana Facility In Fitchburg

Fitchburg – Neighbors weighed in on a proposal for a medical-marijuana cultivation and processing facility at a Planning Board public hearing Tuesday night. Happy Valley Ventures MA, Inc., hopes to open the facility in an existing 60,000-square-foot building on 25 Newport St., and neighbors had several suggestions but few complaints. “I believe we are happy […]

Connecticut Searching For Medical Marijuana Researchers

The state is seeking proposals for research projects that could help strengthen and expand its medical marijuana program. The Department of Consumer Protection starting accepting applications for projects on Oct. 1, the same day Connecticut’s medical marijuana program extended to minors with certain severe health problems. So far, two proposals have been submitted, said Leslie […]

Many States Legalized Marijuana, So Why Does DEA Sill Say It Has No Therapeutic Use?

More than half the states–28, to be exact–including Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota as of the Nov. 8 election, and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for certain medical conditions. And yet, the Drug Enforcement Administration still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, defined by the 1970 Controlled Substances Act as a drug […]

FL: Estero Considers Temporary Marijuana Dispensary Ban

Lee County, Fla. – A Southwest Florida city may delay medical marijuana distribution within city limits. Wednesday, the village of Estero will consider passing a measure banning marijuana dispensaries for a year, which they say is enough time to create regulations. Commissioners in Charlotte County have also put in place a similar regulation. Meanwhile, the […]

How The UK's Drug Laws Have Created An Underground Medical Marijuana Scene

The UK’s underground medical marijuana scene, where dealers give away tens of thousands of pounds worth of cannabis in order to offer relief to those in physical pain, has been exposed in a new documentary. Millions of people across can gain access to medical marijuana to treat the pain of chronic and fatal diseases. Despite […]

Brain Tumor Vanishes In 'Miracle Baby' After Family Chooses Cannabinoid Oil

There is nothing quite so horrendous and heartbreaking as a baby with a malignant brain tumor, especially for parents and family. But at the same time, there is little as joyous and uplifting as seeing those tumors go away – and without the costly “assistance” of the corporate medical industry. Recently, the father of an […]

MA: Southwick Select Board Does Not Support Medical Marijuana Facility In Town

Southwick – The Select Board opted Monday night not to support location of a medical marijuana distribution facility here. The three member board instead voted to proceed with creation of local zoning regulations that will govern the location of facilities for both medical and recreational marijuana. Health Wise Foundation Inc. proposed location of a medical […]

AL: Honors Town Hall Focuses On Marijuana Legalization

The semester’s third Honors College Town Hall meeting opened budding dialogue on the nation’s most hotly contested plant. The Town Hall featured a panel of three – including two UA students and Patricia Todd, District 54’s House Representative for the state of Alabama – discussing marijuana legalization and how it can affect communities. Olympia Karageorgiou, […]

Medical Marijuana Advocates Push For Change In Texas

Hewitt – Local marijuana reform advocates are urging lawmakers to consider changing Texas’ restrictions on the drug during the upcoming 2017 legislative session. The push comes just days after voters in eight states passed marijuana law changes, bringing the total number of states where medical marijuana is legal to 28. Karen Reeves, who lives in […]

CA: Kern County – Recreational Vs. Medical Marijuana

Bakersfield, Calif. With last week’s passage of Proposition 64, the recreational use of marijuana is now legal in California. Today, Kern County Supervisors will take up the issues that now arise between recreational and medical marijuana law. They will be looking at amending the county ordinance to address land use regulations, as well as looking […]

MI: Marijuana Conference To Be Held In Lansing

Lansing – Recent changes in state medical marijuana laws will be the subject of a conference next month aimed at shedding light on a growing industry. An event called the Capital Conference will be held Dec. 4 at the Radisson Hotel. Speakers are expected to include Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, retired Detroit TV news […]

Move Over Amphetamines – Cannabis Shown To Successfully Treat ADHD

When a parent learns their son or daughter is smoking pot, it can be the end of the world for them, especially if they’re teetotalers. First, there are the tears, followed by anger and disappointment, followed by punitive measures such as taking a cell phone away, putting the kid on lock down, and understandably, making […]

MA: Medical Marijuana Shop Opens In Newtonville

Four years later, Newton’s first medical marijuana dispensary is open for business. Garden Remedies began accepting patients Tuesday in Newtonville – the ninth dispensary to come online in Massachusetts since voters legalized medical marijuana in 2012. “We’ve all been working very hard to make medical marijuana safely and legally available for patients in Newton,” Dr. […]

FL: Medical Marijuana Industry Will Be Worth More Than $1.5B By 2020, Researchers Say

The medical marijuana industry promises to be very lucrative for the state of Florida. Researchers say the state’s medical marijuana industry will be worth more than $1.5 billion by 2020. The projection comes from New Frontier Data in partnership with Arcview Market Research and was reported in Amendment 2 allows medical use of marijuana […]

India: Mumbai Youth Meet To Take Cannabis Debate One Step Further

Barely a week after four more states in the United States voted to legalise the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, a similar trend is being witnessed in India too, with forces coming together to discuss the medical benefits of the plant. On November 19, the Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), along with the Council of […]

MA: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Approved In Springfield

Springfield, MA – A new development agreement offers the possibility for additional medical marijuana sites in Springfield. This decision comes four years after medical marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts and just a week after recreational marijuana was legalized. The Springfield City Council hosted a community agreement on Monday. The agreement will allow the Chicopee-based dispensary, […]

FL: Bonita Springs, Estero Discuss Ban Of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana will soon be legal in Florida, but don’t expect to see dispensaries in some parts of Southwest Florida. Several cities and even a whole county are moving to keep them out. Bonita Springs and Estero leaders will talk next week about banning marijuana dispensaries. With 71 percent of voters in Lee County saying […]

PA: How 2 Lehigh Valley Towns Are Making Way For Medical Marijuana

Supervisors from Williams and Hanover townships aren’t rolling out the red carpet for marijuana dispensaries or greenhouses. But if someone wants to open one, they want to be prepared. Williams Township supervisors on Nov. 9 authorized solicitor Jonathan Reiss to draft an ordinance regulating medical marijuana in the township. If they don’t have any law […]

Colorado Veterans Fight For Access To Medical Marijuana To Treat PTSD

Denver – In a state that leads the way in marijuana policy, Colorado veterans do not have access to medical marijuana to treat PTSD. Iraq war veteran Curt Bean, is hoping to change the perception of cannabis as a treatment for PTSD. Bean served in the Army for five years, he spent half that time […]

Advocates For Medicinal Marijuana Look To Texas Next For Legalization

Austin – After four states voted in favor Tuesday of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use and with only two months remaining until Texas lawmakers return to the capitol for the next legislative session, advocates for the drug tell KXAN they medical marijuana could soon be legalized. “The election results on Tuesday were monumental for this […]

FL: Some Treasure Coast Cities, Counties Regulating Medical Marijuana Facilities

Local governments across the Treasure Coast are considering whether and how to regulate medical marijuana now that voters on Tuesday said they want it legal in Florida. Two counties already have laws and one city is expected to approve requirements, but another county and some cities are letting the state have first say. Indian River […]

MO: DPHHS Reviewing Medical Marijuana Program After I-182 Approval

Helena – Initiative 182, approved by Montana voters earlier this week, will loosen restrictions on medical marijuana providers in the state. But the measure also means new responsibilities for the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services. The initiative creates a licensing process for providers – separate from the marijuana registry card – and […]

IN: Lake Councilman Pushes Medical Marijuana Plan

Indiana legislators may not want to tackle the issue of medical marijuana in the Statehouse, but one Lake County Council member is looking to gain the support of his peers for a resolution supporting the practice. Lake County Councilman Jamal Washington, D-Merrillville, said he would like fellow council members to consider a resolution supporting the […]

OH: Oak Harbor Enacts 12-Month Ban On Medical Marijuana

Oak Harbor – Village officials recently approved a 12-month ban on medical marijuana in Oak Harbor. The ban prohibits the cultivation or sale of the substance in the village. The state passed a law Sept. 8 allowing pre-approved patients to inhale marijuana in non-smoking form, such as vapor, for certain chronic health conditions. It would […]

Dolphins Wideout Kenny Stills Supports Medical Marijuana Research

The state of Florida approved the use of medical marijuana this week, and Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills said coupled with an NFLPA study of the drug’s pain-relief possibilities, it’s a good sign for players. Stills told Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post that he thinks marijuana could ultimately prove to be an effective […]

PA: Cannabis Expansion Meets A Newly Strong GOP

Voters in four more states decided this week they want marijuana legalized for sale to adults ages 21 and older, including the first two east of the Mississippi River: Massachusetts and Maine. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, continues to make progress on the rollout of medical cannabis, and is looking for public input this month from potential patients […]

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Amendment – What Happens Next?

Tallahassee, FL – Floridians eager to be able to use medical marijuana to treat debilitating health conditions won big victory at the polls Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean doctors will start writing prescriptions any time soon. Before the first prescriptions are filled, the state of Florida needs to create the rules for how the program […]

Even After Voters’ Approval, Uncertainty Clouds Medical Marijuana In Florida

Tallahassee – Even though Floridians voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to allow medical marijuana, patients are months away from being able to purchase the drug. Before growers can put plants in the ground or dispensaries can open their doors, state health regulators face a July deadline of writing rules to govern an expanded medical marijuana program. And […]

Marijuana Victory Resurrects SC Cannabis Issue

Greenville, SC – Another major victory in the Nov. 8 election – besides that of Donald Trump – came for the legalization of marijuana in several states. Massachusetts, Nevada and California all legalized recreational pot use, while Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota legalized marijuana for medical use. The victory begs the question: Is South Carolina […]

FL: Medical Marijuana Battle Not Over Yet, Opponents Say

Orlando, Fl. – Amendment Two has passed, but opponents say the battle isn’t over. They’re asking lawmakers to put limitations in place and they have concerns about some people using medical marijuana at work. Dr. Jessica Spencer, with Vote No on 2, said people in certain professions shouldn’t be at work while using the drug. […]

TX: Medical Marijuana Is No Laughing Matter For Those Who Need It

Arlington – When we hear about states legalizing medical marijuana, it’s easy to picture situations like this. But for folks like Eric Espinoza, who suffers from spastic cerebral palsy, the need for daily medication is no laughing matter. “You take 1 to3 a day of various things,” Espinoza told NewsFix. “Muscle relaxers, painkillers, anti-inflammatories.” He’s […]

Ireland: A Louth TD Is Pushing For Cannabis To Be Legalised In Certain Situations

Fine Gael TD for Louth, Fergus O’Dowd, has called for the legalisation of medical cannabis and welcomed Minister Simon Harris’ commitment to examine this issue in January. “The legalisation of cannabis for medical use is something that has already been legislated for in a number of other jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, 25 US States, Croatia […]

CA: Bloom Room Collective Honors Veterans With Free Weed Today

Today we honor the brave military men and women who put their lives at stake for the freedom of our country. At the very least, our veterans could use a free bag of weed. Which is why San Francisco’s Bloom Room Collective is offering all past and present servicemen and women a free 1/8th of […]

NZ: Pike River Widow Lauds Marijuana In Easing Ongoing Cancer Fight

Pike River widow Anna Osborne will continue to self-medicate with marijuana after being told chemotherapy has failed to rid her of cancer. With next Saturday marking six years since the Pike River Mine explosion – the disaster which claimed Osborne’s husband Milton among 29 miners and contractors – Osborne says active tumours remain and she […]

CA: Weed For Warriors Project Aids Vets

U.S. Army veteran Art Gutierrez served in Iraq from 2006 to 2008. Two years later, he described a period in his life of uncertainty. Prior to readjusting to civilian life, Gutierrez knew where he had to be for 6 a.m. physical training, he knew what his job was and where his home was and that […]

NE: Medical Marijuana Could Be In Play Next Session

Bellevue, Neb. – Tuesday’s election changed marijuana laws in many parts of the country. A ballot count on Thursday resulted in Maine becoming the fourth state to approve recreational pot this year Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota voters approved medicinal marijuana. Montanans voted to ease restrictions on cannabis oil. But here in Nebraska one of […]

Ramon Foster Offers Passionate Defense Of Marijuana As Pain-Killing Alternative

Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Steelers guard Ramon Foster says he needs “higher clearance” to discuss the NFL Players Association’s nascent committee on pain management, which will study, among other things, possible uses for marijuana as an alternative to painkillers. But when it comes to possible amendments to the collectively bargained substance abuse policy’s stance on marijuana […]

Many Questions, Few Answers To Growing Pot In N.D.

Grand Forks, N.D. – North Dakota voters’ approval of medical marijuana makes state Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring’s life a little more complicated. “This is a whole new area that makes my chest tighten,” Goehring said when asked if medical marijuana will be grown in North Dakota. Sixty-four percent of state voters on Nov. 8 supported […]

South Florida Cities Push Pause On Expansion Of Medical Marijuana Industry

As polls closed and Florida voters expanded medical marijuana laws, the Boca Raton Council cast its own vote on election night: to delay pot from hitting their area. The city on Tuesday extended a temporary ban on marijuana dispensaries and treatment centers. Boca’s freeze is one of at least a half-dozen across South Florida as […]

WA: Anacortes Considering Medical Marijuana Cooperative Ban

Anacortes – The city is considering an ordinance that would ban all medical marijuana cooperatives within city limits. The city has had a moratorium on cooperative gardens since Dec. 7, 2015, out of concern for public health and public safety, and to allow time to evaluate the city’s options. In a medical marijuana cooperative, up […]

ND: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Development Not Expected For Another Year

Nearly 64 percent of voters approved medical marijuana in North Dakota on Tuesday, but it will likely be some time before a dispensary opens in the state, proponents say. North Dakota Compassionate Care Act Committee Chairman Rilie Ray Morgan said his group has had a couple of inquiries from possible dispensary operators, but he’s not […]

From Seed To Shelf – Medical Marijuana Usage In Missouri

Springfield, MO – Medical marijuana is now being grown and sold in Missouri – legally. Ashley Markum says her son Ayden has tried at least 10 traditional prescription drugs with no success. “One of them actually took away his ability to eat,” Markum said. “It atrophied his muscles so much that he couldn’t swallow, so […]

Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Florida So Now What?

Supporters of medical marijuana on Wednesday celebrated the landslide victory of Amendment 2 as long-needed relief for Florida’s sickest patients. But it will likely be many months before most of the estimated 450,000 people who qualify for the drug will actually have access to it. And the fight over just how the law will actually […]

North Dakota Passing Medical Pot Even A Surprise To Backers

Bismarck, N.D. – They had tearfully but unsuccessfully pleaded to North Dakota lawmakers about how medical marijuana would help their critically ill children or ease their chronic pain. When they took their case to the deeply conservative and religious state’s voters, they found victory – a surprise even to the backers of the measure. The […]

FL: John Morgan Credits Voter Turnout For Medical Marijuana Approval

Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment Tuesday to legalize medical marijuana, broadening access to pot beyond the limited therapeutic uses approved by the legislature two years ago. Currently, the law allows non-smoked, low-THC pot for patients with cancer or ailments that cause chronic seizures or severe spasms. The ballot measure formally legalizes medical marijuana, […]

A New Test Of Pot's Potential To Replace Painkillers

Emily Lindley’s stash of marijuana is going to be very, very secure. Lindley, a neurobiologist, is about to begin the first study ever to directly compare cannabis with an opioid painkiller (in this case, oxycodone) for treating people with chronic pain. She got a grant for this research two years ago, but it has taken […]

TN: Medical Cannabis Another Tool To Stem Narcotic Overdoses

The current issue of Tennessee Medicine published by the Tennessee Medical Association describes progress in the fight against the plague of drug overdose deaths in the state. Unfortunately, we are overlooking an important tool. The cost of Suboxone used to treat addicts and the high price of treatment at private pain management clinics remain an […]

MA: Springfield Proposes New Deal For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Springfield – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno has reached a new agreement with a company planning to open a medical marijuana dispensary in East Springfield, removing a prior clause that would have given the business the exclusive license in the city. In allowing more sites, however, the company, Hampden Care Facility Inc. and the Sarno administration […]

AR: State Agencies Push Ahead With Developing Medical Marijuana Rules

With state voters’ approval of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, state agencies are beginning to develop the infrastructure to regulate the drug. A day after passage of Issue 6, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, Gov. Asa Hutchinson told reporters the state now has “to move very thoughtfully and carefully.” “The people voted this in. And […]

Questions Abound For N.D. Ag Commissioner After Marijuana Vote

Grand Forks, N.D. – North Dakota voters’ approval of medical marijuana makes state Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring’s life a little more complicated. “This is a whole new area that makes my chest tighten,” Goehring said when asked if medical marijuana will be grown in North Dakota. Sixty-four percent of state voters on Nov. 8 supported […]

North Dakota Voters Give Green Light To Medical Marijuana

Fargo – More than half the states in the United States of America have legalized some form of medical marijuana. North Dakota is one of them. Voters decided to pass Initiated Statutory Measure 5, or the North Dakota Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, on Tuesday. The measure needed a simple majority to succeed and it netted […]

Florida Voters Approve Medical Marijuana

Tallahassee, Fla. – Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment Tuesday to legalize medical marijuana, broadening access to pot beyond the limited therapeutic uses approved by the legislature two years ago. Currently, the law allows non-smoked, low-THC pot for patients with cancer or ailments that cause chronic seizures or severe spasms. The ballot measure formally […]

For Colorado Veterans, Marijuana A Controversial Treatment

Longmont, Colo. – Tom couldn’t sleep. After six years in the U.S. Navy, he found himself in the civilian world unable to readjust from his time on a ship, when a commanding officer would often wake up the sailors every few hours. He tried prescription sleep aids, but nothing really worked until he smoked some […]

FL: Brevard Medical Marijuana Dispensary Rules To Be Devised

With Florida voters approving a constitutional amendment to expand the use of medical marijuana, Brevard County commissioners are preparing to formulate rules for where those marijuana dispensaries can be located. Commissioners have directed the county’s Planning and Development Department to prepare a proposed ordinance to restrict the location of such facilities. Among the options would […]

FL: Medical Marijuana Soars To Approval

Stunning even some of the proposal’s most avid supporters, Florida voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana for patients with a broad swath of conditions. Amendment 2, “Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions,” received at least 70 percent of the vote, far greater than the 60 percent required for passage of […]

FL: Miami Beach Passes Four-Month Moratorium On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The morning after 71 percent of Florida voters approved the use of medical marijuana for people with debilitating medical conditions, Miami Beach passed a four-month ban on the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries. Commissioners voted 5-1 to Wednesday to start moratorium, with Commissioner Michael Grieco opposing. Commissioner Rick Arriola, who sponsored the ordinance, said the […]

The Healing Plant – Medical Marijuana, Hemp, And Cannabis Oil

In just a few decades, we’ve been flooded with information about a plant that’s been suppressed for nearly a century but is finally being recognized. It’s surprising we didn’t know all this sooner, but in my opinion, it’s great that we’ve finally reached this point. It makes sense that it took this long since governments […]

NM: Battle To Legalize Recreational Marijuana On

Carlsbad – Ralph Rider of Carlsbad describes the pain in his body as pins and needles. “I can’t hardly walk in the morning until I medicate,” Rider, a permitted medical marijuana user, said. Pain from neuropathy, as well as residual symptoms from a stroke and heart attack in 2013, were enough for his doctor to […]

Medical Marijuana Appears To Pass In Arkansas

Arkansas likely became one of the latest states – and one of the first in the South – to allow medical marijuana after a proposed constitutional amendment received what appeared to be a majority of favorable votes in Tuesday’s election. Supporters and opponents agreed that the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, also known as Issue 6, […]

Ireland: Simon Harris Pledges To Take Action On Medicinal Cannabis

Minister for Health Simon Harris has promised the mother of an ill child that he will take action on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in January. The Minister made the promise to Vera Twomey after she embarked on a walk from Co Cork to Leinster House in order to draw attention to the […]

MO: Marijuana Patients Have Lengthy Wait Until Limit Is Lifted

Helena – Montana voters may have successfully reversed severe restrictions state lawmakers imposed on medical marijuana, but patients will have to wait nearly eight months before they can step into a dispensary again. That’s when the most important portion of a citizen’s initiative passed in Tuesday’s election takes effect, due to an error when the […]

Denmark To Trial Medical Cannabis Programme

Copenhagen – The Danish government on Tuesday announced a four-year trial programme for medical cannabis use starting in 2018, saying it would target “some of the patients who self-medicate with illegal products.” “Patients with a number of selected diseases and symptoms that have previously been treated with relevant, approved drugs, can be prescribed medical cannabis […]