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The state of Florida approved the use of medical marijuana this week, and Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills said coupled with an NFLPA study of the drug’s pain-relief possibilities, it’s a good sign for players.

Stills told Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post that he thinks marijuana could ultimately prove to be an effective replacement for opioids.

“I feel like that NFLPA knows what they’re doing,” Stills said. “I’ve always felt that medical marijuana is a good substitute for the prescription drugs that we’re using. And so if the science and the doctors say the same thing, then I don’t see why it’s an issue. You’re starting to see in more states it’s become legal. And more states where it’s becoming legal for recreational use. So if it can help, I don’t see why not. There is always going to be some negativity or uproar about something. But if the players need it, then I’m all for it. . . .

“I think it would be more of a substitute for the prescription OxyContin, the hard stuff that they are giving you. Or, when you are struggling with a concussion.”

The drug policy which was collectively bargained by the league and the NFLPA still prohibits the use of marijuana, medicinally or otherwise. And while many players may agree, fewer are willing to put their name on that support, for fear of becoming a former player who supports the use of medical marijuana.

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