Ponce – Hundreds of patients arrived Saturday to Ponce’s Medical School, motivated to use medicinal cannabis to sooth pain and lessen conditions that affect their quality of life.

Patients, generally older than 50, and with ailments that cause chronic pain, were evaluated and oriented by certified doctors as part of an initiative from TuMedicina (Your Medicine) and the Free Juana Foundation.

“We guided and helped hundreds of patients with conditions from fibromyalgia to post-operation traumas, who qualify for the use of medicinal cannabis as an alternative to ease their ailments,” said Alberto Burckhart, founder of IMC Corporation and TuMedicina.

Meanwhile, Free Juana President Sharif Repullo said the idea is to “educate people and help those who suffer conditions that affect their quality of life. That is why we created this event, to guide and evaluate free-of-charge.”

Simultaneously, the Foundation delivered a course approved by the Health Department, about obtaining the occupational license, aimed for suppliers, owners and employees that wish to work in Puerto Rico’s medicinal cannabis industry. The course was attended by dozens of people, who were educated about cannabis effects, regulations, and disposal.

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