Ottawa – The Trudeau government is getting closer to having a new policy on medicinal marijuana for our veterans, who take the drug to treat conditions like PTSD.

The veterans affairs department has been reviewing the issue of medical pot after concerns were raised earlier this year that the department is compensating vets for up to ten grams of marijuana a day.

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr says they’ve now wrapped up the information gathering portion of that review.

“We are going through our research and our collaborations with veteran stakeholders to make an informed policy based decision that’s going to lead to outcomes that are positive for our veterans and their families,” says Hehr.

“We’ll be coming out in the near future with a policy framework that guides us in leading to better outcomes.”

He says the previous government had no policy on the issue, but he expects to have one in the next few months.

Some advocates are concerned veterans are getting too much medicinal marijuana. Others argue it is a prescription like any other drug and the government should leave those decisions to doctors.

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