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From birth, doctors were sure Olivia’s lack of cerebral cortex and severe underdevelopment in her brain would yield an abbreviated life. After four years of testing and endless doctor’s visits, Olivia was diagnosed with pyruvic dehydrogenase deficiency, a genetic neurodegenerative disease that prevents cells from fully metabolizing glucose, affecting energy production and increasing the buildup of toxic lactic acid in the blood and brain. The brain damage suffered as a young child created a dynamic string of health issues that Olivia has been affected by to this day, including epilepsy, scoliosis, loss of motor skills and learning disabilities. With every bit of scientific basis behind the notion that Olivia wouldn’t make it, she and her family maintained their persistence toward disproving the painful truths behind her conditions.

Lorena found out about CBD in November 2014, after opting out of her doctor’s recommendation to place Olivia on Lactimal, which is used to treat epilepsy. She continued to seek CBD options that could help benefit her daughter after noticing an immediate change in Olivia’s sleep cycles.

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