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  • California Ketamine Clinics: Implications From Epic Medical Management, LLC v. Paquette July 26, 2021
    The corporate practice of medicine doctrine (“CPOM”) and state anti-kickback prohibitions vary from state to state. While some states have statutory prohibitions, other states rely upon case law for CPOM. These issues are typically not heavily litigated. When there is case law covering these subjects, it is imperative to review and understand these decisions. They […]
    Ethan Minkin
  • What You Need to Know When Buying a Cannabis Business, Part 5: Structuring the Purchase July 25, 2021
    Buying a cannabis business does not occur in a matter of days, and transactions fall apart for a variety of reasons, as we discussed in Part 1 of this blog series focused on the buy-side of a cannabis M&A transaction. In Part 2, we focused on the regulatory environment, discussing concepts that first-time buyers and their attorneys should […]
    Jonathan Bench
  • Why Most Cannabis Businesses Should Ditch Their SOW Models July 24, 2021
    Lately, in my review of certain cannabis transactional agreements like cannabis intellectual property (IP) licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements, and distribution agreements, I’m seeing a really high number of statements of work (SOWs) attached. I’m not opposed to SOWs when they make sense. In cannabis though, nine times out of ten, a SOW model isn’t necessary, […]
    Hilary Bricken
  • Ketamine Clinics: What is a “Referral” Under the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute? July 23, 2021
    In a prior post, we discussed the federal anti-kickback statute (the “AKS”) and the implications for ketamine clinics. In short, the federal AKS prohibits anyone from paying or receiving anything of value for the referral of patients where a federal government healthcare payment program is the payor (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, VA, etc.). 42 U.S.C. § […]
    Ethan Minkin
  • Cannabis Litigation: Attempt to Plead Around the “Illegality” Defense Fails July 22, 2021
    As the country moves toward decriminalizing and even legalizing marijuana, federal courts largely remain closed to commercial disputes involving marijuana by operation of the illegality defense.  We’ve written about the defense on several occasions, see here and here. Briefly, the illegality defense is an affirmative defense pleaded by a defendant who has been sued for […]
    Jesse Mondry
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  • Grizzlers is out of hibernation and ready to roam July 26, 2021
    After years in hibernation, Grizzlers is back in the wild & bringing their legacy experience to the legal market. Find out how you can get your paws on their pre-rolls. The post Grizzlers is out of hibernation and ready to roam appeared first on Leafly.
    Leafly Staff
  • What I learned sitting courtside at the NBA Finals of weed July 26, 2021
    At the Emerald Cup, judges pair cutting-edge lab data with their own exquisitely tuned senses. The post What I learned sitting courtside at the NBA Finals of weed appeared first on Leafly.
    David Bienenstock
  • How hempsmart supports mental wellness beyond CBD July 23, 2021
    The human beings at hempsmart™ know that smart CBD products can help support a holistic healthy lifestyle. Find out how you can build a balanced routine. The post How hempsmart supports mental wellness beyond CBD appeared first on Leafly.
    Leafly Staff
  • Slippery Moisturizer will take your self-care to new heights July 22, 2021
    We all deserve nice things. Slippery Moisturizer from LUXEARI will take you there. Always made from premium, small-batch hemp. The post Slippery Moisturizer will take your self-care to new heights appeared first on Leafly.
    Leafly Staff
  • Canadian hash products to sample this summer (hot knives not included) July 22, 2021
    This isn't your parents hash. The post Canadian hash products to sample this summer (hot knives not included) appeared first on Leafly.
    Caitlin McCormack
  • The Roll-up #200: Celebrating our 200th episode with Justin Bieber July 21, 2021
    The Roll-up crew marks a podcasting milestone with a show featuring Justin Bieber and Chuck Schumer—together at last. The post The Roll-up #200: Celebrating our 200th episode with Justin Bieber appeared first on Leafly.
    Leafly Podcasts
  • Aquaponics: The future of sustainable cannabis is fueled by fish poop July 20, 2021
    This female-driven, sustainably-cultivated, ethically-sourced weed fueled by fish poop just might disrupt the cannabis industry. The post Aquaponics: The future of sustainable cannabis is fueled by fish poop appeared first on Leafly.
    Emma Spears
  • Searching for the fountain of Blue Dream in Santa Cruz, CA July 20, 2021
    No one has claimed this ubiquitous strain. The post Searching for the fountain of Blue Dream in Santa Cruz, CA appeared first on Leafly.
    Ellen Holland
  • What is phytol and is it safe to vape? July 19, 2021
    Experts urge caution after a new study emerges suggesting phytol, a diterpene alcohol used as a diluent in vape cartridges, appears unsafe to inhale. The post What is phytol and is it safe to vape? appeared first on Leafly.
    David Downs
  • How Hawthorne Gardening Company fights for an equitable cannabis industry July 19, 2021
    Hawthorne Gardening Company has committed $2.5 million over the next two years through The Hawthorne Social Justice Fund to fund organizations with cannabis social justice missions. The post How Hawthorne Gardening Company fights for an equitable cannabis industry appeared first on Leafly.
    Leafly Staff
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  • Justice Thomas Leaves Door Open for Possible Future Supreme Court Review of Federal Cannabis Law July 27, 2021
    By Michael C. Tackeff, Mallory Farrar, Justin Starling and Erica Bell Vick The U.S. Supreme Court once again refused to weigh in on the federal laws banning cannabis last month, but Justice Clarence Thomas may have opened the door for future arguments to finally make it to the high court. While skeptics are certainly justified… […]
    Michael Tackeff
  • Why are surety bonds required for obtaining licenses in some states July 26, 2021
    Have you ever wondered why surety bonds are required for obtaining licenses in most states throughout the country?  Individuals as well as business entities are required to post surety bonds.  In most cases, the beneficiary (or obligee) of the bond is the state or consumers that have been harmed by a violation of an established… […]
    Helen Lally
  • 4 Things Successful Dispensary Store Owners Are Doing Differently July 26, 2021
    If you are the owner or manager of a cannabis retail store, you likely oversee a lot of different operations at the same time, from keeping an eye on fluctuating regulations to managing staff and inventory. The good news is that dispensaries can employ a couple of structures and establish systems that can help them… […]
    Tommy Truong
  • Colombia boosts budding cannabis industry by removing ban on dry flower exports July 24, 2021
    BOGOTA, July 23 (Reuters) – Colombia on Friday gave the green light for exports of dried cannabis for medical and other industries, as the Andean country took another step to develop its marijuana industry, where progress has been slow despite high potential. President Ivan Duque signed a decree lifting a prohibition on exporting dried cannabis… […]
  • Medical marijuana licenses approved for six companies in Georgia July 24, 2021
    Up to 30 THC oil dispensaries could open in Georgia ROCK SPRING — Georgia’s medical marijuana board chose six companies Saturday that will be allowed to sell the drug, a decision that will finally give registered patients a legal way to obtain medication first approved six years ago. The announcement is a long-awaited milestone for… […]

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  • Starting a Business July 22, 2021
    Business Resources The organizations below provide guidance on aspects of starting and maintaining a business in Washington. – Small Business Guidance - website Linking entrepreneurs and small businesses to Washington State resources   Department of Revenue - website
  • Land Use and Zoning July 22, 2021
    It is also important when searching for your location to check local land use and zoning laws. The LCB may issue a cannabis license, but it does not guarantee you will be able to open if you are not in compliance with local requirements. MRSC provides summary information on Marijuana Regulation in Washington State including […]
  • Laws and Rules July 22, 2021
    Getting Familiar Understanding state laws and rules is a big part of being a successful license holder.  State laws provide the framework for what is allowed.  Agency rules define details of the law and lay out how an agency will enact the law. Tip:  To see an entire section as one page, click on HTML […]
  • Agency Partners July 22, 2021
    The LCB works with a number of external partners on cannabis programs in Washington State: Department of Agriculture - website Infused edible processor inspections Pesticide and fertilizer standards Chemigation and fertigation Weights and measures standards and inspections   Department of Commerce - website
  • Resources July 22, 2021
    Social Equity Applicants To help future applicants for the Social Equity Program prepare for upcoming applications, the LCB is providing resources to better understand the key points of applying for and maintaining a cannabis license.      
  • Final Inspections July 22, 2021
    Final inspections are done at the end of the application process before LCB issues a license.  During the final inspection a member of our Enforcement and Education team will visit the location.  Enforcement Officers and Compliance Consultants are there to make sure you are in compliance. They are also your points of contact after receiving […]
  • Insurance July 22, 2021
    Insurance Certificate Before a license can be issued, applicants must provide proof of insurance at the end of the application process. Insurance requirements include:
  • Floor Plans / Operating Plans July 22, 2021
    Floor Plans Floor Plans are used to verify that cannabis locations meet security and licensing requirements.  Architectural plans are not required, but your drawings must be to scale and should show the location of the following items:
  • Surveillance / Security July 22, 2021
    Identification Badges
  • 2011 Press Releases January 4, 2011
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Cannabis Education and Events

Medical Cannabis Day Event June 14th
Keynote: Dr. Bonni Goldstein

Dozens of presenters and panelists honoring patients. Patient organizations on each island have organized an epic event. Our County Mayors and Governor Ige have all proclaimed June 14th, Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii. 

Cannabis Farm Tours

Seeking hosts for local educational, fun and legal farm tours. We handle all the details.

Hawaii Patients Union

The Hawaii Patients Union meets on the next first Friday of each month. Join the virtual gathering for fun, insights and virtual seed exchange. Our Annual Board of Director’s meeting is scheduled for Jan. 8th.

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