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Canna Solar

Canna Solar

Canna Solar is a solar company created specifically for the needs of cannabis growers. We offer complete turn key energy saving solutions centered around energy efficiency in growing operations supplemented with solar electricity.

As a grower you know that some of your highest operating costs are due to electricity consumption for lighting, cooling, heating & ventilating your grow.  You also know that loss of power from the utility can be potentially fatal for your crop under certain circumstances.

Canna SolarWe provide solutions for small, medium and large growers to ensure they have control & predictability over energy costs as well as peace of mind you won’t lose power with our battery back up solutions. We operate in AZ, CA, OR, WA, CO, NV, HI,MA. Check out our company website at :  https://www.canna-solar.com


Bradley Benson
Canna Solar
6510 S. Hazelton Lane Tempe AZ

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