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What is the Correct Cannabis Medicine For You?

Avoid a Bad Interaction, Get Tested!

If you’ve never had your DNA tested, you can order your Cannabis DNA test online.


Simple and Complete

It only takes one swab of the cheek for you to unlock the most comprehensive DNA test in the cannabis industry.

Everything You Need
You’ll receive a test kit with instructions and a pre-paid mailer to return to our CLIA certified lab.


Fast and Secure

Most customers receive their results within 2 weeks of placing an order. 


Personalized Service

We will follow up with you to go over your test results.

Already Been Tested?

If you have already been tested you can

This DNA Test Will Tell You Which Strain of Cannabis is Right For You.

  • Thousands of personalized cannabis reports generated for people around the world
  • Optimize the impact cannabis has on their life.
  • Upgrade your cannabis experience with our personalized reports.
  • Everyone’s report looks different and is filled with warnings, cannabinoid and terpene ratios to look for, products that match your needs, and tons of additional information about your cannabis related health.