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Hawai’i’s first medical cannabis dispensary has finally opened its doors one week after the Department of Health granted a license to Steep Hill Hawaii to test consumer products, KHON reports. The approval for Maui Wellness Group’s Maui Grown Therapies Kahului location was granted by the Health Department on Tuesday.

In the report, Teri Freitas Gorman, Maui Grown Therapies director of community relations and patient affairs, said the dispensary would launch a “soft opening” after doing intakes for about 400 patients prior to gaining Health Department approval.

“We want to make sure our patients and our staff and also our neighbors here in the Maui Lani Village Center that everybody has a positive experience with us opening,” she said in the report.

A second dispensary, Aloha Green in Oahu, expects to open its doors today.

Dr. Virginia Pressler, director for the Department of Health, said that while implementing the program was challenging, the official rollout of the program marked “an important day for qualified patients and caregivers on Maui.”

“With legal guidance from Department of the Attorney General, the DOH team paved the way for this new industry in Hawaii and has set a new standard for dispensary programs other states can emulate,” she said in an interview with KHON.

“In this building, we do have a sheriff that stands by the front and helps with the check-in of people coming into the public building and some of the neighbor Island offices,” said Mallory Fujitani, public information officer for the Hawaii Department of Taxation. “The security is a little more lax, so we’re just going to make sure we have more consistent armored cars service on the premise.”

“From the time the program got transferred to the Department of Health to current, the increase has almost been double, so we know there is interest in the community for having the dispensary program,” said Ridley. “If those numbers are any indication then we’re going to expect continued growth.”

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