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Cannabis Consulting Company

Cannabis Consulting Company

Cannabis Consulting CompanyCannabis Consulting Company

The Vision and Proposal for Corporate Structure

  1. Consulting Firm – all aspects, social and commercial, for both Hemp and Medicinal Marijuana.
  2. The CCC Method for the Indoor Cultivation of Medicinal Marijuana.
  3. Product manufacture including standardized Medicinal Preparations and trademarked variety

The purpose of Cannabis Consulting Company is to make information available, in a responsible way, concerning the cultivation, uses, resources and markets for Cannabis Herb.

Cannabis Consulting Company, is pioneering in providing a wide range of services for the positive introduction of Cannabis back into our social and economic environment. They include:

  • IMPORT/EXPORT: Supply and market demand for dry good Hemp products and raw material – including raw fiber, fabric, food seed, paper products, etc.
  • HERBAL PRACTITIONER: Research and information specific to Medicinal Marijuana.
  • CULTIVATION: Entire information bank on the manufacture of the many varieties of Hemp and Medicinal Marijuana.  Creator of the CCC System for the indoor cultivation of Medicinal Marijuana.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: Research for application and prescription standards and the standardization of packaging innovation specific to Medicinal Marijuana.  Market development for Cannabis Hemp raw material and manufactured products.
  • PROPAGATION of specific varieties for specific application for both Hemp and Medicinal Marijuana. Trademarked varieties, nomenclature, etc.
  • CONSULTING individuals, industry, governments and legislators.
  • LEGAL staff for trademark, copyright, product liability, etc.
  • CANNABIS SHAMANISM: Introduction to the history and present day practice relating to Cannabis Herb, the Sacrament.  Individuals and groups.
  • LECTURER AND COUNSELING: Particular emphasis on the responsible use of Medicinal Marijuana. Guidance for minor users and abusers and consultant to parents of minor users.

Cannabis Consulting Company is looking for Partners: Cannabis Professionals, investors and benefactors who will share in the vision and the genesis of the Corporation whose time is now.

Mikel or Brianna
Cannabis Consulting Company
P.O. Box 792 Pahoa HI

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