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OH: Oak Harbor Enacts 12-Month Ban On Medical Marijuana

Oak Harbor – Village officials recently approved a 12-month ban on medical marijuana in Oak Harbor. The ban prohibits the cultivation or sale of the substance in the village. The state passed a law Sept. 8 allowing pre-approved patients to inhale marijuana in non-smoking form, such as vapor, for certain chronic health conditions. It would […]

OH: Huron Township Weeds Out Medical Marijuana

Huron Twp. – Huron Township officials snuffed out the possibility of medical marijuana merchants from legally conducting business in their jurisdiction. During a recent public meeting, all three trustees voted to permanently ban those cultivating, processing, selling and dispensing the substance anywhere within township limits. The local legislation supersedes a state law, going into effect […]

OH: Committee Limits Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Troy – Troy City Council’s Law and Ordinance Committee will file two separate recommendations regarding the city’s zoning amendment related to medical marijuana and where it can be dispensed within the city limits. On Tuesday, committee chairman John Schweser proposed amending the zoning ordinance to limit dispensaries to only three within the B-4 or highway […]

OH: Findlay Council OKs Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Findlay City Council made sure to give its two-year moratorium on medical marijuana a final vote Tuesday, but tabled legislation that would continue funding for the Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County through the city’s hotel/motel bed tax. Council voted 9-1 to enact a ban on dispensing, cultivating or processing medical marijuana within city limits […]

Proposed Rules Could Limit Medical Marijuana Growers To 18 In Ohio

A draft of rules released today by the state would limit the number of medical marijuana growers in Ohio to 18 and slap a $20,000 application fee and $180,000 license fee on the top-tier grower positions. For now, the rules suggest 12 “Level I” licenses at $200,000 and six “Level II” licenses at $20,000. That’s […]

OH: Mentor, Kirtland Address Medical Marijuana

Mentor and Kirtland are among a growing number of municipalities tackling the issue of medical marijuana. Leaders in both cities are taking steps to establish local control over its official use in their communities. Mentor City Council on Oct. 18 passed legislation prohibiting cultivation, processing and/or retail dispensing of medical marijuana. Officials made the move […]

OH: Medical Board Isn't Blocking Doctors From Recommending Marijuana, Officials Say

Columbus, Ohio – The Ohio State Medical Board on Wednesday further complicated its position about whether or not doctors can issue preliminary medical marijuana recommendations to patients. Board member Robert Giacalone said during a committee meeting Ohio’s medical marijuana law is not “crystal clear” and the board is not prohibiting doctors from recommending medical marijuana. […]

OH: Troy Residents Debate Medical Marijuana At City Hearing

Troy, Ohio – Medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio, but a number of local cities are saying not so fast. The city of Troy is the latest to hold a public hearing on the issue. Monday night residents on both sides came out to get their voices heard. One woman claimed marijuana is a […]

OH: Beavercreek City Council Mulls Extending Medical Marijuana Ban

Beavercreek – The Beavercreek City Council on Monday night discussed extending the city’s six-month ban on medical marijuana.Mayor Bob Stone suggested extending the ban until the state finalizes its medical marijuana program. “We have to take action every six months, every nine months,” Stone said during a work session. “Whatever length of term we want […]

Who’s On The Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee?

Columbus, Ohio A pain management doctor, staunch opponents to marijuana legalization and the father of a boy with cerebral palsy were a few of the people selected to advise state regulators setting up Ohio’s medical marijuana program. Ohio’s new medical marijuana law required Gov. John Kasich and legislative leaders from both parties to appoint 14 […]

OH: Group That Fought Medical Marijuana Gets 2 On Advisory Panel

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio’s new medical marijuana advisory committee will include two members of a group that fought legalization, raising concerns among advocates about whether the panel will be stacked against patients. The 14-member panel’s roster was set with final appointments Thursday. Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger has named Marcie Seidel (SY’-del), executive director of […]

OH: City Council Tables Medical Marijuana Ban

In a split vote Tuesday, Findlay City Council tabled legislation which would ban dispensing, cultivating or processing medical marijuana within city limits. Questions about whether to set a time limit on the ban, and zoning law changes needed to enforce it, stalled the new rule. Fourth Ward Councilman Tom Klein continued to push for a […]

OH: City Starting To Look At How It Would Handle Legal Pot Business

Like so many other cities, North Ridgeville is exploring placing a moratorium on any business related to the medical marijuana industry. Many cities are doing the same after Ohio lawmakers legalized the use of medical marijuana in the state but did not set up a “mechanism” to oversee it, said North Ridgeville City Council President […]

OH: Concord Twp. Bans Medical Marijuana

Concord Twp. – Concord Township Trustees approved a resolution to prohibit the location of medical marijuana cultivators, processors and retail distributors for one year in the unincorporated sections of Concord Township on Tuesday. “We are putting this resolution in place for one year,” said chairman Don Pence. “This action will go through Oct. 4, 2017. […]

OH: Law For Medical Marijuana Has Bexley Crafting Ordinance

Though a state law that took effect Sept. 8 allows people with certain medical conditions to purchase and use medical marijuana at the recommendation of a doctor, the city of Bexley is considering a moratorium on businesses that dispense medical marijuana. Ordinance 36-16, if City Council approves it, would place an 18-month moratorium on the […]

OH: What If You Could Legally Take Medical Marijuana Across State Lines?

Columbus, Ohio – Medical marijuana is legal in 25 states, but none currently allow users to bring marijuana across state lines. That could change if a bill introduced last week passes: It would allow those with legal access to medical marijuana in Ohio to bring it into Pennsylvania. Ohio’s medical marijuana law, which took effect […]

OH: Legal Pot Drawing Firms To Sell Tools

Johnstown, Ohio – Now that Ohio has legalized medical marijuana, dozens of businesses are lining up to cash in. Andy Joseph’s Apeks Supercritical is one of them. The Licking County company, which sells fully automated machines that extract oils from plants – including from cannabis – gets a bump each time a state legalizes marijuana. […]

OH: Bexley, New Albany Considering Medical-Marijuana Moratoriums

Bexley and New Albany could soon join more than a dozen Ohio municipalities banning or placing a temporary hold on medical-marijuana operations. Both suburbs recently introduced legislation to adopt moratoriums temporarily restricting the activity – New Albany on Sept. 20 and Bexley on Tuesday. The New Albany City Council could approve its ordinance as early […]

OH: Bill Might Curb Marijuana Reciprocity

Columbus – A newly introduced bill would rule out the possibility of an agreement between Ohio and Michigan through which they would recognize each other’s medical marijuana patient registration cards. House Bill 597, introduced by Rep. Kyle Koehler (R., Springfield), would prohibit the Ohio Pharmacy Board from negotiating reciprocity agreements with states that allow smoking […]

OH: Company Provides Insurance Nationwide To Marijuana Dispensaries, Cultivators

Westlake, Ohio – The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that it is now legal for attorneys in Ohio to counsel medical marijuana patients, physicians, cultivators and business owners. The amended ethics rule comes specialized insurance companies, like Cannasure in Westlake, are profiting. “We cover the plants, all of the furniture fixtures and equipment, just […]

OH: Medical Board – Doctors Should Talk To Lawyers, Employers About Marijuana Law

Columbus, Ohio – The Ohio State Medical Board is advising doctors to talk to their lawyers and employers if they want to recommend medical marijuana to patients before the state’s dispensaries open. The board on Friday issued guidance about the affirmative defense portion of Ohio’s medical marijuana law in response to a request from the […]

OH: Six-Month Moratorium On Medical Marijuana In North Ridgeville

North Ridgeville, Ohio – If you are looking forward to medical marijuana being grown and sold in North Ridgeville, you will have to wait. If you don’t want it in the city, you will likely have six months to lobby city council on your views. On Monday the city council was considering imposing a 180-day […]

OH: Akron City Council Approves 1-Year Freeze On Medical Marijuana

Akron, Ohio – City Council on Monday unanimously approved legislation that puts a one-year freeze restricting the use and sale of medical marijuana. Akron joins a growing list of communities putting moratoriums on medical marijuana, which became legal in Ohio last week. However, it could be one or two years before patients can legally buy […]

Medina City Council Considers Response To Ohio's Medical Marijuana Law

Medina, Ohio – City Council is considering whether to impose a six-month moratorium on the cultivation, processing or retail sale of medical marijuana. Ohio’s new medical marijuana law – which went into effect Thursday but won’t be fully operational until next September – covers new ground in terms of municipal ordinances and land-use zoning for […]

OH: Troy Considering Revisions To Proposed Marijuana Ban

Troy – Members of Troy Planning Commission, a couple who in August questioned a proposed citywide ban on retail dispensaries, cultivators and processors of medical marijuana, will be asked Wednesday to consider a less restrictive proposal. The new recommendation from city staff would allow up to five marijuana retail dispensaries in town but not in […]

OH: No Pot Ban In Yellow Springs

Yellow Springs – The council has decided against a pot ban and instead would like to explore medical marijuana economic development opportunities for the village. Ohio became the 26th state to decriminalize marijuana on Thursday, however several communities in the Dayton region have opted to impose a ban on the substance which the U.S. Drug […]

OH: Council Passes Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Fremont – Fremont City Council has approved a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana, joining other cities across the state in putting the brakes on businesses that wish to dispense the drug in Ohio cities. Council member Kathy Stout said the city is waiting for the state to get its act together and provide specific details […]

OH: Medical Marijuana Law To Go Into Effect Today

Logan – Ohio’s new medical marijuana law will officially go into effect today. Patients with qualifying medical conditions will receive limited legal protections from laws prohibiting marijuana possession, as several state agencies formally begin the process of establishing a regulated system of medical marijuana production and distribution. “This is a major milestone in establishing a […]

OH: City Of Dayton Putting A Hold On Banning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Dayton, Ohio – Medical marijuana will officially be legal in Ohio starting Thursday. The new law taking affect means cities can now ban dispensaries or limit the number of them.In Dayton, they’ve chosen not to put a ban on dispensaries just yet. While it is legal, actually getting medical marijuana in Ohio won’t be possible […]

OH: Brook Park Enacts Medical Marijuana Moratorium Before State Law Takes Effect

Brook Park, Ohio – Brook Park City Council members have instituted a six-month moratorium on cultivating medical marijuana and/or establishing medical marijuana businesses in the city. Ohio’s medical marijuana law is slated to go into effect Sept. 8. The Brook Park legislation was introduced by Council President Jim Astorino during a special caucus meeting Tuesday […]

OH: Fostoria Puts Out Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana may become legal in the state of Ohio on Thursday, but it won’t in Fostoria.At least, not anytime soon. Fostoria City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a one-year freeze on the cultivation, processing and sale of medical marijuana within the city at the request of Mayor Eric Keckler. The temporary, 12-month ban went […]

OH: Towns Put Brakes On Marijuana Sales, Growth

While the state prepares to implement a medical marijuana system in Ohio, some municipalities are asking for a timeout to consider restricting the sale or growth of pot in their communities. Both Swanton and Sandusky recently passed ordinances that call for moratoriums on the cultivation, processing, and the opening of retail dispensaries for marijuana. The […]

OH: Medical Marijuana Law Set To Take Effect

In legalizing medical marijuana earlier this year, State lawmakers performed a great service to thousands of Ohioans suffering from cancer, epilepsy, post traumatic stress disorder and several other ailments. The law, House Bill 523, technically takes effect Thursday, but it could be a few years before medical marijuana dispensaries are set up. Until then, doctors […]

OH: What’s Legal, What’s Not And What’s Ahead

Cincinnati – New laws hit the books in Ohio on Thursday legalizing medical marijuana, raising a host of questions for consumers, business owners and doctors across the region.

So what exactly changes this week?

OH: Legal Medical Marijuana Date Won't Help Most Patients

While many people are looking forward to this long Labor Day weekend, others have their sights set on Sept. 8, the day medical marijuana becomes legal in Ohio. In June, Ohio was the 25th state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program. There’s no licensed legal businesses to grow, process or sell marijuana or marijuana […]

OH: Ross Twp. Puts Temporary Ban On Medical Marijuana Businesses

Ross Twp. – Ross Twp. is the latest Butler County jurisdiction to put a temporary ban on medical marijuana businesses while lawmakers work to establish the rules that will govern the new industry here. Medical marijuana becomes legal in Ohio next week, making it the 26th state to legalize the drug. The township trustees voted […]

OH: Keep Marijuana Discussion In Perspective

Ohioans are gearing up for legalized medical marijuana, with some communities, including Lancaster, already taking steps to control or ban distribution within their borders. It’s a conversation worth having, to be sure, but we encourage people not to get too caught up in it. For perspective, we’re talking about a substance that can only be […]

OH: Legal Medical Marijuana Date Won’t Help Most Patients

While many people are looking forward to this long Labor Day weekend, others have their sights set on Sept. 8, the day medical marijuana becomes legal in Ohio. In June, Ohio was the 25th state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program. There’s no licensed legal businesses to grow, process or sell marijuana or marijuana […]