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Dayton, Ohio – Medical marijuana will officially be legal in Ohio starting Thursday.

The new law taking affect means cities can now ban dispensaries or limit the number of them.In Dayton, they’ve chosen not to put a ban on dispensaries just yet.

While it is legal, actually getting medical marijuana in Ohio won’t be possible anytime soon. The governor still has 30 days from tomorrow to create the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee. The 14-member panel will develop regulations and make recommendations concerning the drug.

City of Dayton Law Director Barbara Doseck says until those recommendations come out, the city won’t be taking a stand one way or another.

“We’ve definitely been having conversations about beginning the process of how we’re going to proceed with our polices and align them with state law,” Doseck said. “Because of all of the parts that need to be figured out and all the rules and procedures that need to be put in place, there aren’t even recommendations available yet from the state level.”

Under the new law, smoking and growing marijuana is still illegal. Only marijuana in vapor form and edible form will be legal, with a doctor’s prescription.

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