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Columbus, Ohio

A pain management doctor, staunch opponents to marijuana legalization and the father of a boy with cerebral palsy were a few of the people selected to advise state regulators setting up Ohio’s medical marijuana program.

Ohio’s new medical marijuana law required Gov. John Kasich and legislative leaders from both parties to appoint 14 members to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee within a month of the law taking effect Sept. 8.

The panel will make recommendations to the three state agencies writing the rules for the program: The Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio State Medical Board and Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

By law, the committee is composed of two pharmacists (one who supports medical marijuana), two physicians (one pro-medical marijuana), a nurse, a researcher and members representing each of the following interests: law enforcement, employers, labor, patients, caregivers, agriculture, mental health and drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Ohio lawmakers legalized medical marijuana. What happens next?

Kasich announced his appointments last month, and the last legislative leaders announced their picks Thursday.

Here’s who is on the panel and who each represents.

Law enforcement: Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart

Caregivers: Martin McCarthy Jr., a Parma parent and nursing assistant

Labor: Jason Kaseman, political director for the United Food and Commercial Workers union

Nurse: Nancy Mosca, a Mahoning County nurse and nurse educator

Patients: James “Ted” Bibart, a legislative analyst who has studied state medical marijuana laws for Benesch Attorneys at Law

Mental health treatment: Marcie Seidel, executive director of Drug-Free Action Alliance, which opposed the medical marijuana law

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment: Tony Coder, assistant director of Drug-Free Action Alliance

Physicians: Dr. Jerry W. Mitchell, Jr. of Powell, an oncologist; and Dr. Amol Soin of Xenia, a pain management doctor and Ohio State Medical Board member

Pharmacists: Curtis L. Passafume, Jr., vice president with OhioHealth in pharmacy services; Stephanie M. Abel, a pharmacist working with Ohio State University’s pain and palliative care program

Researcher: Gary Wenk, an Ohio State University professor who has researched the medical benefits of cannabis

Agriculture: Michael Hirsch, owner-operator of Hirsch Fruit Farm

Employers: Michael Stanek, chief financial officer for Hunt Imaging in Berea and owner of Cleveland Cycle Tours

Passafume will serve as the committee’s chairman. State law requires the committee to hold its first meeting within 30 days.


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