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Big Pharma And The Government Are Suppressing Marijuana’s Medicinal Benefits

The cannabis plant’s medicinal value is virtually unmatched by any modern medicine – even scientific evidence has shown us that. And yet, for some reason, the DEA continues to ignore the mountains of evidence that medical marijuana can, and does, help millions of people across the United States. Take, for example, the 100 million-some-odd people […]

Canada: Lifestyle Screening For Vets On Medical Marijuana Raises Concern On Stigma

Medical marijuana has been shown to possess numerous health benefits and many countries have already legalized its use. In Canada, former NDP MP Peter Stoffer suggests the screening of lifestyle of veterans who are using medical marijuana, turning the spotlight on the stigma surrounding its use. Under the Veterans Affairs Canada Rules, veterans are allowed […]

Ex-Big Pharma Executive Behind OxyContin Sells Medical Marijuana

John Stewart used to run the pharmaceutical company behind the narcotic painkiller OxyContin. Now he is banking on medical marijuana. Mr Stewart does not know which is more controversial these days, OxyContin or pot. He guesses the average person would give “a bigger negative” to the powerful and controversial painkiller that has been linked to […]

Missouri Missed Out On Medical Marijuana In 2016 – Here's Why

Notwithstanding the fascist buffoon elected to the White House, 2016 will be remembered as the year Americans flipped their country green. On November 8, voters in seven states slapped cannabis prohibition into the waste bin of history, pushing the total number of states with some form of legal weed to 28 – more than half […]

UK: Britons Want Cannabis Legalised For Medical Purposes

Britons strongly support the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes, a snap Sky Data poll suggests. The survey found 72% back legalisation for medical use, with just 15% opposed. The remainder did not know or did not express a preference. But nearly half of the 1,001 people surveyed oppose the legalisation of cannabis for recreational […]

NB: Veteran Calls Federal Cut To Medical Marijuana Coverage 'Irresponsible'

A Fredericton veteran says the Trudeau government’s decision to reduce the daily amount of medical marijuana it will cover for veterans could have serious consequences. Noah Starr, who served Afghanistan, says the government’s interference in the issue amounts to a threat to his health and well-being. “I do not consume cannabis for fun,” said Starr, […]

Georgia Medical Cannabis Debate Could Heat Up In January

Election Day was a winning day for marijuana. Voters in eight states approved either the growth of recreational marijuana or, like Florida, the production of medical cannabis. Those votes will increase pressure for change in Georgia. “We were obviously encouraged by all the positive votes,” said Shannon Cloud. She and her husband, Blaine Cloud, are […]

Cayman Islands: Governor Approves Medical Cannabis Oil

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has assented to changes to the Misuse of Drugs Law allowing for the importation of oil derived from the marijuana plant for medical purposes only. That means Cayman pharmacists and doctors can lawfully import and prescribe cannabinoid [cannabis] oil for patients, as long as they can find a source to […]

Medical Study Shatters The Theory That Cannabis Acts As A Gateway Drug

Research reveals that cannabis may, in fact, serve as an effective exit drug for persons suffering from alcoholism or addiction to illicit or prescription drugs. A survey conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) found that addicts may benefit from using cannabis as a substitute to more dangerous and health-destroying substances, especially […]

Canada: Feds Closer To New Policy On Medical Pot For Vets

Ottawa – The Trudeau government is getting closer to having a new policy on medicinal marijuana for our veterans, who take the drug to treat conditions like PTSD. The veterans affairs department has been reviewing the issue of medical pot after concerns were raised earlier this year that the department is compensating vets for up […]

Most Canadians Support Shoppers’ Bid To Sell Medical Marijuana

Fresh on the heels of Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw Companies Ltd. making a formal bid to dispense medical marijuana, most Canadians are giving the move a thumbs up. Last month the drugstore chain confirmed it had applied to Health Canada to become a licensed producer of the drug – but only for the purpose […]

CA: Hanford Moves Forward With Medical Pot Idea

Hanford – The Hanford City Council directed staff this week to begin crafting an ordinance that would eventually allow large-scale medical marijuana cultivation/manufacturing facilities to apply for a conditional use permit to locate in the city’s heavy industrial zones. Oakland-based Purple Heart Patient Center has proposed a large medical cannabis facility for the former Pirelli […]

BC: Medical Marijuana Clinic Sets Its Sights On A Rupert Office

A medical marijuana company wants to plant seeds in Prince Rupert by opening a clinic by the end of the year. The Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre Inc. (MCRCI) has been in business for six years and has clinics in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna and Winnipeg. A physician-based medical marijuana clinic would be the first of its […]

Marijuana Could Help Treat Drug Addiction, Depression

Toronto, Nov 16 – Using marijuana could help some alcoholics and people addicted to opioids kick the habit and may also help people suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety, says a study. “Research suggests that people may be using cannabis as an exit drug to reduce the use of substances that […]

Marijuana Victory Resurrects SC Cannabis Issue

Greenville, SC – Another major victory in the Nov. 8 election – besides that of Donald Trump – came for the legalization of marijuana in several states. Massachusetts, Nevada and California all legalized recreational pot use, while Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota legalized marijuana for medical use. The victory begs the question: Is South Carolina […]

Ireland: A Louth TD Is Pushing For Cannabis To Be Legalised In Certain Situations

Fine Gael TD for Louth, Fergus O’Dowd, has called for the legalisation of medical cannabis and welcomed Minister Simon Harris’ commitment to examine this issue in January. “The legalisation of cannabis for medical use is something that has already been legislated for in a number of other jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, 25 US States, Croatia […]

Ireland: Simon Harris Pledges To Take Action On Medicinal Cannabis

Minister for Health Simon Harris has promised the mother of an ill child that he will take action on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in January. The Minister made the promise to Vera Twomey after she embarked on a walk from Co Cork to Leinster House in order to draw attention to the […]

Canada: Cannabis At Work – Handling Medical Marijuana In The Workplace

The exponential growth in the number of Canadians with a medical marijuana prescription, combined with the pending legalization of pot for recreational use, is giving employers coughing fits. Employers are obliged to accommodate staff with a prescription, a duty that will be particularly challenging in safety-sensitive positions. Alison McMahon, CEO of Edmonton-based human resources consultancy […]

Japan’s War Against Medical Marijuana

Former actress Saya Takagi was arrested in Okinawa on Oct. 25 for possession of marijuana, three months after she unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the Upper House election on a platform to legalize pot for medical purposes. She insists the contraband was not hers. Though Takagi, whose real name is Ikue Masudo, is retired […]

AB: Siksika Wants To Build 25,000-Square-Foot Medical Marijuana Facility

The Siksika Nation could be the first indigenous people in Alberta to produce medical marijuana on-site. An application was filed in July 2016 to Health Canada to grow pharmaceutical-grade marijuana on Siksika land, a decision approved by the Siksika Nation chief and council. Council member Marsha Wolf Collar said after researching and observing trends across […]

Whistler Marijuana Grower Runs Fully Certified Organic Grow House

As a 14-year-old loading soil at a Quebec poinsettia greenhouse, David Bernard-Perron never would have expected he’d grow up to be the lead agronomist for a marijuana company in Whistler. But at 29, that’s exactly what he’s doing, and the company he works for is at the forefront of quickly growing industry. Bernard-Perron says the poinsettia job can […]

Ireland: Review Of Medicinal Cannabis Begins After Mother’s Protest March Yesterday

Health Minister Simon Harris has announced a review of Ireland’s policy on medicinal cannabis, which is currently strictly controlled. The announcement comes a day after mother Vera Twomey began a 150-mile protest from Cork to Dublin to try to persuade the government to legalise cannabis for medical purposes. Vera’s six-year-old daughter Ava has Dravets syndrome, […]

UK: Medicinal Use Of Cannabis To Be Reviewed

The law on medicinal cannabis use is to be reviewed, the health minister has announced. Simon Harris said that the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), which regulates medicines, had been asked to give scientific advice on the benefits of the medicinal use of the drug. “This is not a discussion about decriminalising cannabis in any […]

Medicinal Cannabis, A Major New Industry For Australia

A major new Australian industry could grow up around medicinal cannabis, with possibilities for global export opening up further down the track. The Narcotics Drugs Amendment Act 2016 came into force last week giving the green light to cultivating and manufacturing cannabis for medicinal or scientific purposes in Australia and offering chronically ill patients some […]

Ireland: Minister Seeks Scientific Advice On Medicinal Cannabis

The Health Products Regulatory Authority has been asked to provide expert scientific advice on medicinal cannabis by Minister for Health Simon Harris. Mr Harris said he wanted to review current policy and have the latest evidence on the potential medical benefits of cannabis for some people with certain medical conditions. He insisted this was not […]

Patent Hypocrisy With Cannabis

You may have seen the number 6630507 online – maybe posted in selfies, written on someone’s hand or arm. It’s a US patent number, issued in October 2003 to the Department of Health and Human Services. The patent is titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants,” and it was filed in 1999 by researchers with the […]

ON: Medical Marijuana Industry Budding In Lachute

Medical marijuana is a growing industry in Canada. Doctors are increasingly prescribing marijuana to treat everything from cancer to back pain. There are currently 36 licensed medical marijuana facilities in the country, including 21 in Ontario. Two new facilities are expected to be opening in Lachute, one as early as next spring. Quebec currently has […]

Marijuana Touted By Some As A Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

Will medical marijuana prove to be a miracle treatment for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society says there are uncertainties about how effective marijuana is in relieving MS symptoms. But the organization supports the right of patients to work with healthcare providers to access medical marijuana where legal. Supporters of medicinal […]

Australia To Legalise Medical Cannabis Starting From November

The medical space is on the verge of a major shift as medical cannabis is set to be legalised from the beginning of November. The landmark decision by the Therapeutic Goods Administration will allow those prescribed medical cannabis to consume the plant, however maintain that the natural substance remain strictly controlled. The decision by the […]

Health Canada Data Show Medical Marijuana Shipments To Alberta Are Soaring

Health Canada’s latest market statistics show patient enrollment in the federal medical cannabis program (MMPR) grew 110 per cent between January and August this year. Shipments to registered patients across Canada increased 122 per cent, from 28,127 to 62,385, during the same eight-month period. Ontario, with a population of nearly 14 million, accounted for more […]

Canada: No To Medical Marijuana Store

There is interest in opening a medical marijuana dispensary, otherwise known as a “compassion club” in urbanStirling-Rawdon. People have approached Stirling-Rawdon’s Police Chief Dario Cecchin for his opinion on such a store, many of which already exist in Canada, including on the Tyendinaga Territory. The plan involves leasing space in a commercial building at 400 […]

'Yes' On Florida's Medical Cannabis Amendment

Claim: “Because there’s no local option to allow communities to ban, limit or restrict the location of pot shops. If Amendment 2 passes you can expect the seedy elements of the pot industry to move in right next door to your neighborhood, your church, your business and even your child’s school,” an anti-Amendment 2 pamphlet […]

Medical Marijuana Legal In Ohio, But Patients Still Can’t Get It

Can you legally buy medical marijuana in Ohio? If so, can you get it from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary, family member or friend, drug dealer or grow it yourself? You would think the answers to these questions would be simple and straightforward under the letter of the law. Not so much. Technically, medical marijuana […]

It's High Time The U.S. Cloned Canada's Medical Pot Model

America’s presidential candidates have been conspicuously cagey about the status of federal medical marijuana legalization during this campaign season, suggesting that state officials are in for at least another four years of slapdash lawmaking and enforcing. In Canada, however, getting medical marijuana is a federally regulated, streamlined process akin to getting a library card or […]

Dr. Oz Looks At Medical Marijuana As A Potential Cure For Opioid Addiction

Opioid painkiller addiction is the fastest growing drug addiction in the United States today, and it was recently featured on the popular Dr. Oz TV show. Dr. Oz pointed out the astonishing statistics that 48 million Americans, one out of every 5, have reported that they have abused prescription drugs. 12 states have more opioid […]

It’s High Time The U.S. Cloned Canada’s Medical Pot Model

America’s presidential candidates have been conspicuously cagey about the status of federal medical marijuana legalization during this campaign season, suggesting that state officials are in for at least another four years of slapdash lawmaking and enforcing. In Canada, however, getting medical marijuana is a federally regulated, streamlined process akin to getting a library card or […]

AU: United In Compassion Focus Medical Cannabis Education, Not Cultivation

Instead of growing medical cannabis, Lucy Halsam wants to focus on making United In Compassion the equivalent of the Heart Foundation Tick to the budding industry. Earlier this year, Ms Halsam purchased a property near Tamworth, named DanEden in honour of her son, which was set to become a medical cannabis farm – but those […]

Medical Marijuana May Improve Cognitive Function, Study Says

A new study says medical marijuana, unlike recreational marijuana, may actually improve cognitive functioning in adults, rather than impair it. The study, led by McLean Hospital’s Staci Gruber and published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, found that after three months of medical marijuana treatment, patients performed certain cognitive tasks better than they did before treatment began. […]

Canada: Making Marijuana Dispensaries Safe

As Canada inches closer to legalized marijuana, safety standards for dispensary-sold medical cannabis are being brought under greater scrutiny. In an investigation done by The Globe and Mail in August, one third of medical marijuana samples collected from Toronto area dispensaries showed the presence of chemicals and mould that could cause a variety of illnesses […]

Barbados Examines Medical Use Of Marijuana

Barbados Today – One day after Prime Minister Freundel Stuart told church leaders the “nefarious” illegal drug – as well as firearms – trade was “haunting” the country and threatening the very safety and security of the Barbadian family, it emerged today that Government was examining the possible use of marijuana for medical purposes. Senior […]

BC: Hemp Oil Victory For Kyla

A Summerland family is celebrating a victory that will allow their child to legally get the cannabis oil that calms her seizures. Health Canada has granted an exemption that allows four-year-old Kyla Williams and others like her to access the medicine, as long as they have a letter from the agency stating so. Kyla has […]

Canada: CATSA Gives Online Advice On Flying With Medical Marijuana

Ottawa – The agency that screens air travellers and their luggage is now providing advice on its website about flying with medical marijuana. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority says while no change in policy has been made, it has updated its website to inform passengers they should be prepared to show medical documentation if […]

Smoking Marijuana To Treat Mental Illness Has The Power To Change Lives

Julien is showing us around his family’s idyllic eco campsite, just outside Canterbury in Kent. He points out the fire pits for campers, rain-flushed toilets, and the glamping field that’s brimming with luxury teepees every summer. Then he sits down on one of the picnic benches, pulls out a baggie containing Girl Scout Cookies, a […]

Medicinal Marijuana In Montreal – Just Ask For Boris

The smell is unmistakable. There must be a small mountain of pot lying somewhere in a back room of the storefront office on St-Laurent Blvd. That thick, skunky aroma – strong enough to trigger memories of a misspent youth – is apparent the moment patients are buzzed through the front door of Fondation Marijuana. A […]

Canada: Medical Cannabis Producers Jockey For Top Spot As Legalization Looms

Medical cannabis sellers are in Vancouver this week hoping to catch a glimpse of what their future may hold in light of the looming federal legalization of recreational marijuana. Workshops at the International Cannabis Business Conference that began Thursday and continue Friday include titles like “Safeguarding medical marijuana as legalization unfolds” and “The future of […]

Cayman Islands: Medical Cannabis – Why Don't We Grow Our Own?

With a vote this week, The Legislative Assembly has paved the way for cannabis oil to be legally available in this country for cancer patients and others with a medical need. However, some MLAs have raised concerns surrounding the supply and importation of the drug, which is still illegal in much of the world. One […]

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Marijuana

There is no plant on Earth more condemned than marijuana. We’re talking about a living organism which governments have taken upon themselves to designate as an illegal substance. Despite no existing evidence of anyone ever dying of a marijuana overdose, possession of this plant is still illegal in many parts of the world. Marijuana has […]

Cannabis Treats Heroin Addiction Successfully

Opioids & Heroin According to the Center for Disease Control, opioids, including heroin, were responsible for more than 28,600 deaths in 2014 and 61% of all overdose related deaths. Heroin is a growing problem in the United States and it is popping up everywhere from city streets to once quiet American suburbs. Often heroin addiction […]

QLD: Medical Marijuana Advocate Proposed Action 20 Years Ago

A CQUniversity academic has written a biography about one of Australia’s most notable advocates for legalising medicinal marijuana. Former lawyer, academic, teacher and librarian, Dr Susan Currie is about to launch the biography on social activist Dr Janet Irwin. Dr Irwin rallied for the use of medicinal marijuana at a time when Queensland was far […]

Canada: The Competitive World Of Medicinal Marijuana

Vancouver – Master horticulturalist Francoise Levesque tends to the thousands of marijuana plants at Tilray, one of 35 federally licensed producers of medicinal marijuana that have brought pot growing “from the basement into the light.” “We are pioneering, in a way, how to do things,” says Levesque, who was growing tomatoes before joining the Vancouver […]

Ontario’s Medical Pot Vaping Exemption Came From Consultations With 2 People

Toronto – Ontario’s Liberal government defended allowing medical marijuana users to vaporize anywhere by saying they had consulted “very broadly” – but emails show those consultations involved the input of just two people, The Canadian Press has learned. Ultimately, the associate health minister had to defend the policy for just one day after the government […]

Cannabis Activist Group Opens Upstate NY Chapter

The Cannabis and Hemp Association has opened a chapter upstate. Billing itself as New York City’s leading voice for cannabis and hemp advocacy and industry, the group met last week to discuss the current state of the medical marijuana industry and its future possibilities. The event marked the launch of the CHA Albany chapter. The […]

ON: Getting A Prescription For Marijuana Is About To Become Easier In Guelph

Medical marijuana is becoming an increasingly accepted form of treatment for any number of ailments – from chronic pain to multiple sclerosis, to chemotherapy-induced nausea – and in Guelph, getting a prescription will soon be a little easier. Canadian Cannabis Clinics, which bills itself as “Canada’s largest network of cannabis-specialized medical clinics,” is set to […]

Canada: Navigating Access To Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulations

Vancouver – The announcement on August 24 of the provisions under the newly-minted Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) put the legal right to grow marijuana for medicinal use back in the hands of registered medicinal users. But as Vincent Vega once said: it’s legal, but it ain’t 100% legal. Here’s what you […]

NV: Q And A – Marine Explains Why He’s Advocating For Marijuana Legalization

When Brian Eberhart suffered a gruesome leg injury during a martial arts training exercise in the Marine Corps, it set off a chain of events that led to four surgeries and prescriptions to an array of opioid pain medications. It also left him addicted to the painkillers he said were freely prescribed to him. Eberhart, […]

Breaking Down The Stigma And Myths Surrounding Medical Cannabis

For a year and a half after being diagnosed with herniated discs in her neck and spine that prevented her from walking, Jane Bradford relied on a mix of prescription opiates to reduce her pain. Given their side effects – Bradford was constantly groggy and had concerns about long-term health impacts of opioid use – […]

Justin Bieber Calls Out Prescription Drugmakers Opposing Marijuana

Medical marijuana just got a major new ally in the bruising election battle: pop music icon Justin Bieber.Just in time to help swing pitched election fights for medical marijuana in Florida, and other states, Bieber called out prescription drug companies battling cannabis legalization Sunday, tweeting “This is important. … We all need to pay attention” […]

MT: Approving Medical Marijuana Is Common Sense

As a citizen of a progressive city like Missoula, it pains me to drive down Brooks and see an oversize billboard urging citizens to further prohibit access to medical marijuana in Montana. In fairness, the billboard is a gift from Safe Montana, an anti-medical marijuana movement stationed in Billings, and does not necessarily reflect the […]

Without Early AIDS Patients, The Medical Marijuana Movement Wouldn't Exist

From 1994 to 1998, Dennis Peron ran one of San Francisco’s most successful marijuana businesses, openly flouting federal and state law by providing the drug to anyone who walked through the door of his Cannabis Buyer’s Club (CBC), with one catch: you had to be sick or disabled to get in. Modeled after buyer’s clubs […]

Research Suggests Cannabis Is Better For Back Pain Than Opiates

It’s no secret that cannabis can treat pain, but a recent study suggests it can be particularly effective in the treatment of back pain caused by anything from anxiety to injury. Since it’s also proven to be an effective anxiety treatment, it may even reduce anxiety-related back pain and treat both conditions at once. Natural […]

Progress, Questions As Ohio Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Columbus – Life under Ohio’s fledgling medical marijuana law remains hazy. With every action, a new question seems to arise. The state Medical Board has advised doctors not to recommend marijuana to patients while Ohio’s program is being crafted, which could take up to two years. But an author of the law questions that advice. […]

FL: Herald Recommends Yes Vote On Amendment 2 For Medical Marijuana

Vague language and other flaws doomed the medical marijuana amendment put before voters in 2014, though that proposal only lost by a slim margin, garnering 58 percent of the ballots. Amendment 2 returns on the November ballot much improved. United We Care, the grassroots organization behind the amendment, rewrote the proposal to address the loopholes […]

Canada: How Medicinal Cannabis Helped A Cancer Survivor Live Again

Radiation treatment for Kelly Oliphant’s Stage 4 prostate cancer left him with radiation colitis and cystitis. “I have, from one hip to the other in the front, a six-inch belt that burns constantly,” Oliphant explains. “It’s like having a sunburn on the inside of your skin. One doctor related it to having shingles.” Oliphant endured […]

OH: Bexley, New Albany Considering Medical-Marijuana Moratoriums

Bexley and New Albany could soon join more than a dozen Ohio municipalities banning or placing a temporary hold on medical-marijuana operations. Both suburbs recently introduced legislation to adopt moratoriums temporarily restricting the activity – New Albany on Sept. 20 and Bexley on Tuesday. The New Albany City Council could approve its ordinance as early […]

AB: Medical Pot Clinic Moves Into Conservative MP’s Old Edmonton Digs

A medical marijuana clinic is moving into the former constituency office of one of Canada’s most vocal anti-pot politicians. Canadian Cannabis Clinics will open its first Edmonton location on Oct. 5 at 6801 170 St., the former office of Conservative MP Rona Ambrose. The company’s chief corporate officer, Ronan Levy, said he was initially unaware […]

BC: Medical Marijuana Company Opening Edmonton Wellness Centre

A company that says it provides medical marijuana and services to people dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain is opening a wellness centre in Edmonton. Marijuana for Trauma, a Canadian veteran-owned and operated company, will hold the grand opening of its new Edmonton centre Saturday. The company said it’s not a […]

ON: Windsor Medical Marijuana Lounge Offers U.S. Presidential Debate Toking Game

What’s the best way to watch the U.S. presidential debate on Monday? At downtown Windsor medical marijuana lounge Higher Limits, there’s a simple answer: High as hell. Like many venues across North America, the lounge will be showing the live televised debate on its biggest screen. But unlike anywhere else, Higher Limits will hold a […]

AB: Medical Marijuana Producers Eye Red Deer County

Two prospective medical marijuana producers have their sights on Red Deer County. A development permit has already been issued for one proposal, and the another application is in the approval process for undisclosed sites. Given the recent controversy around a proposed medical marijuana application in a City of Red Deer industrial area, some may be […]

Who Is Eligible To Get Pot Legally In N.J.?

Trenton – There are 9,000 people in New Jersey who are registered to receive medical marijuana, a number that is likely to grow with Gov. Chris Christie’s decision Wednesday to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of qualifying illnesses for the program. Veterans and patient advocacy groups created petitions and offered emotional pleas at […]

Medical Molly

Baroness Molly Meacher is not your stereotypical cannabis legalisation campaigner. Smartly dressed in a tailored turquoise jacket and matching necklace, the 76-year-old life peer explains to me that she’s relatively uninterested in recreational uses of the drug. However, she became convinced of its therapeutic benefits during her previous career as a social worker. “I did […]

Canada: Access To Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulations 101 – Patients

On August 24, 2016, in response to Justice Phelan’s judgment in the case of Allard v Canada, Health Canada implemented the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), replacing the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). In Allard, Justice Phelan found the MMPR to be unconstitutional due to the restrictions it placed on a […]

UK: All-Party Group Calls For Legalisation Of Cannabis For Medicinal Uses

Cannabis should be made legal in Britain for medicinal uses, according to a cross-party group of MPs and peers who led an inquiry into the drug’s potential to help patients. The recommendation from the group chaired by Lady Meacher would put the UK in line with at least 11 other European countries and 24 US […]

BC: Professor Conducting First Clinical Trial About The Effects Of Cannabis On PTSD

A UBC professor is conducting Canada’s first ever clinical trial about the effects of cannabis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Zach Walsh, associate professor of phycology at UBC Kelowna campus, said they’ve received Health Canada approval to test out two different strains of weed. “We’re seeing increasing use of cannabis for treatment of mental […]

ON: Durham Cop OK'd To Own Unlicensed Pot Shop

A Durham police officer for six months co-owned a medical marijuana company that is not licensed and offers consumers pot brownies and other products the government says are illegal to sell. And veteran Const. Phil Edgar, who once received a commendation for numerous marijuana busts, did it with the blessing of his police force. After […]

New Health Canada Marijuana Regulations Haven't Affected City

No changes are expected at the municipal level following changes to federal regulations on homegrown medical marijuana. As of Aug. 24, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) will replace the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The MMPR regulations brought in by the Conservative government in 2013 limited legal marijuana production and […]

BC: Medical Cannabis Clinics Open In Edmonton And Calgary

The Liberals plan on legalizing marijuana and some are already prescribed the substance to treat a wide variety of illnesses and issues. Medical use of marijuana is becoming a more accepted practice and with the acceptance, more clinics are opening to get the medicine out to people in need. Medical Cannabis Clinics from Canheal have […]

Medical Marijuana Can Help Veterans Battle PTSD

Imagine waking up in a cold sweat, ears still ringing from an all-too-familiar nightmare. It’s been years – or perhaps decades – since you’ve seen combat, yet the unsettling memories continue to haunt your dreams nearly every single night. This is what life is like for countless American veterans who are living with post-traumatic stress […]

Patients Using Unauthorized Dispensaries Risk Not Having Their Prescriptions Renewed

Medical marijuana users who buy their pot from illegal dispensaries risk not having their prescriptions renewed. That’s the warning doctors at a London clinic specializing in prescribing pot are giving their patients, said Ronan Levy, director of Canadian Cannabis Clinics. But the operator of London’s newest dispensary – engaged in a showdown with police that […]

Patient Right’s | Canada’s ACMPR

Patient's Rights in Canada ACMPR

Canada Effective Date – Now Awareness Expansions Canadian citizens with a medical card now have access to growing their own cannabis. Per every gram prescribed to be used by a medical card holder each day, they are allowed to grow up to five indoor plants or two outdoor plants. This means if the doctor recommended […]