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The Liberals plan on legalizing marijuana and some are already prescribed the substance to treat a wide variety of illnesses and issues.

Medical use of marijuana is becoming a more accepted practice and with the acceptance, more clinics are opening to get the medicine out to people in need.

Medical Cannabis Clinics from Canheal have recently opened in both Edmonton and Calgary and Karen Eckhart with the company says they already have 500 patients across Alberta. She expects that to increase…

“People who have been looking for medical cannabis are very enthusiastic,” explains Eckhard. “The medical community, we have a number of doctors referring to us, they say this is a real opportunity to receive some symptom management they couldn’t get from pharmacare.”

Eckhart says they are just like a normal clinic but can also prescribe marijuana.

“In addition to doing everything a regular clinic can do, they have physicians that are specially trained to prescribe cannabis if it is deemed to be the appropriate treatment,” explains Eckhart.

Eckhart says the Edmonton clinic is in Allendale and she expects more to open in Edmonton and elsewhere in the province.

She adds the clinic does not have marijuana on site, instead those prescribed the plant will get it through the mail.

Eckhart says the only legal way to fill a marijuana prescription in Canada is through the mail.

The Liberal government has said it plans to legalize recreational use of marijuana next spring.

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