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Before And After Affects As Man Takes Cannabis For Parkinson’s Tremors

A stunning video has been made by a man living with Parkinson’s Disease to demonstrate the relief he gets from using cannabis to self-treat his symptoms. Ian Frizell has posted a short film to show why he supports the drug’s legalisation, calling for MPs to back its legal use for treating medical conditions. He said, […]

PD-related Medical Marijuana Studies – Cannabinoids in Parkinson’s


Below are several PD-related medical marijuana studies that have been conducted to evaluate the use of cannabinoids in Parkinson’s: The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoids for Movement Disorders: clinical observations and trials of cannabinoid-based therapies suggest a possible benefit to tics and probably no benefit for tremor in dyskinesias or PD motor symptoms. Further preclinical and […]

Michael J Fox , Cannabis and Parkinsons

An inside story about Michael J Fox , Cannabis and Parkinsons Do you qualify for the State of Hawaii Medical Marijuana Program. Already a Patient? Need a steady supply of medical marijuana from a licensed caregiver? Are you a Doctor? Interested in helping more patients in need of medical marijuana?