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A stunning video has been made by a man living with Parkinson’s Disease to demonstrate the relief he gets from using cannabis to self-treat his symptoms.

Ian Frizell has posted a short film to show why he supports the drug’s legalisation, calling for MPs to back its legal use for treating medical conditions.

He said, “I have early onset Parkinson’s Disease for which I have had deep brain stimulation surgery, which does a fair job of masking my symptoms.

“But for the purpose of this video I have switched my DBS off, so what you are seeing here is my Parkinson’s tremor with absolutely no medication whatsoever.”

Ian explains he can’t tolerate prescription medication for Parkinson’s Disease, with it making him feel extremely unwell.

Shaking visibly from severe tremors, he tells viewers he is about to self-medicate with marijuana.

Ian returns after 20 minutes after using a vaporiser to take the marijuana.

Looking almost still, he says, “You can see that my tremor has calmed down significantly.

“In fact it’s almost completely under control and the sense of relief is overwhelming.”

He says apart from calming his tremor, the illegal drug also relieves his Dystonia, which causes his right foot to curl.

He also says voice is stronger and it is easier for him to get his words out.

Ian hopes to promote awareness of the benefits of using cannabis and help attempts to have its use legalised for medicinal purposes.


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