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PA: York County Township Explains Denial Of Medical Cannabis Operation

Is it a farm or a factory? That question was at the heart of a decision by supervisors in Windsor Township to deny a request for a facility that would grow and process medical marijuana. Act 16, the state law that authorized medical use of marijuana in Pennsylvania, seems to intend that facilities growing and […]

PA: Medical Marijuana Operations Will Try To Avoid NIMBY Treatment

If a medical marijuana growing operation opened near Lorraine Miller’s home off Route 512, the 82-year-old said she’d have a few questions. Standing in her kitchen Tuesday morning with a pot of coffee gurgling behind her, Miller said she’d worry about security at the site. Would people be lifting the drug to sell elsewhere? Would […]

PA: Erie Company Wants To Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Meadville

The likelihood of a medical marijuana dispensary coming to Meadville is high, according to a statement released by John Knox, the attorney for an Erie company that hopes to open locations in northwestern Pennsylvania. Passport West Eighth LLC issued a press release announcing its plans to apply for a license to open dispensaries in Erie, […]

PA: How 2 Lehigh Valley Towns Are Making Way For Medical Marijuana

Supervisors from Williams and Hanover townships aren’t rolling out the red carpet for marijuana dispensaries or greenhouses. But if someone wants to open one, they want to be prepared. Williams Township supervisors on Nov. 9 authorized solicitor Jonathan Reiss to draft an ordinance regulating medical marijuana in the township. If they don’t have any law […]

PA: Cannabis Expansion Meets A Newly Strong GOP

Voters in four more states decided this week they want marijuana legalized for sale to adults ages 21 and older, including the first two east of the Mississippi River: Massachusetts and Maine. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, continues to make progress on the rollout of medical cannabis, and is looking for public input this month from potential patients […]

Pennsylvania Temporary Rules for Growers & Processors Released

Last week, Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Dr. Karen Murphy announced the formation of temporary regulations for cannabis growers and processors in the state, according to a press release. Those temporary rules were published on Saturday, October 29. Secretary Murphy asked for public comment on developing regulations for dispensaries as well. The PA Department of […]

PA: City Council To Weigh Where Dispensaries Can Open

In preparation for the launch of the state’s medical marijuana program, a member of Philadelphia City Council on Thursday introduced zoning restrictions to limit where growing operations and dispensaries can open. The legislation, introduced by Derek S. Green, would ban dispensaries within 500 feet of residential areas, churches, hotels, convention centers, playgrounds, pools, parks, recreation […]

PA: Temple, Jefferson To Collaborate On Medical Marijuana Research

Two Philadelphia medical schools today announced they are collaborating on research into medical marijuana, and will be co-sponsoring an academic conference on cannabis at the end of this month. Temple University will partner with Thomas Jefferson University’s Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research to “encourage research and education initiatives involving physicians and scientists” across […]

PA: Middletown Supervisors Debate Medical Marijuana Ordinance

The Middletown supervisors might have come up with a plan to address medical marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries. But not before some differences of opinion became obvious. And if they stick with the direction they approved this week, all applicants would have to seek approval from the same divided board. Solicitor Joseph Pizzo told the […]

PA: Medical Marijuana Will Be HR Issue, Experts Warn

Pennsylvania businesses better prepare for medical marijuana because they’re going to have to deal with a whole range of complications once their employees start using it. That was the consensus of the panelists who participated in a forum Thursday morning sponsored by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Under the law, businesses will not […]

PA: Carlisle Considers Zoning For Medical Marijuana

Carlisle, Pa. – Carlisle Borough Council is moving ahead with a plan to restrict where medical marijuana operations could set up shop. On Thursday, council members voted to begin advertising a proposed ordinance that would amend current zoning laws, to address any future medical marijuana growing or processing facilities. Under a new ordinance, pot producers […]

PA: Carlisle Looks At Creating Pot Zone

Carlisle may soon allow the inclusion of production and processing medical marijuana in a designated zone in an effort to be proactive. “Since we don’t have that grower or processor of medical marijuana use in our ordinance, we want to put it in,” said Bruce Koziar, “Anybody can go to the Zoning Hearing Board and […]

PA: Employees Who Use Medical Marijuana Are Now Protected

Employees who use medical marijuana are a new protected class under federal equal employment opportunity laws, according to a panel of experts discussing Pennsylvania’s new medical marijuana law at a Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce symposium this morning. Keya C. Denner, an attorney with Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus in Bridgewater, N.J., said Pennsylvania businesses […]

Pennsylvania’s Legalization Of Marijuana Gives Doctors Pause

As the Pennsylvania Department of Health works to finalize regulations for the state’s now-legal medical marijuana program, one important question looms: Will physicians be willing to participate? The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies marijuana as an illegal Schedule I drug with no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. With physicians’ opioid prescription […]

PA: Pitt Looks To Conduct Research On Medical Marijuana

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is interested in partnering with medical marijuana companies to do research on the benefits, and any possible hazards, of using marijuana to treat serious medical conditions. In a letter sent last week to School of Medicine colleagues, Art Levine, senior vice chancellor for health sciences and medical school […]

PA: Medical Marijuana Stopped Brenden’s Epileptic Seizures

Dingmans Ferry When Brenden Doran of Dingmans Ferry was only three weeks old, he got very sick. When he threw up, the contents of his stomach flew five feet from his bassinet. He was losing weight. Doctors prescribed medicine but it didn’t work. It took weeks before they identified the problem: pyloric stenosis, the narrowing […]

PA: Medical Marijuana Complex Proposed For Site Near Corry

A site near Corry could be the first location in our area where medical marijuana is grown. A team of investors met with Corry community leaders this week to outline their plans to spend $10 million to build a facility on vacant land in Wayne Township, in the Corry Industrial Park. The 100,000 square foot […]

PA: Philly City Council Wraps Its Head Around Medical Marijuana

It could be years before patients can buy medical marijuana in Philadelphia, and even longer before the city sees a dime in economic benefits. Even so, Philadelphia City Council’s Committee on Public Health and Human Services heard testimony Friday around what Pennsylvania’s new medical cannabis law means for the city and how officials can safely […]

PA: Medical Marijuana Could Be Thriving Business In Philly

Medical marijuana is about to grow roots in Philadelphia. City Councilman Derek Green is hosting a hearing today to discuss how Pennsylvania’s new medical cannabis program will operate in the city – and it’s going to get complicated. The spirit of the new state law is to supply a vital therapy to seriously ill residents. […]

PA: Philly Mulls Home Delivery Of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana won’t be available in Philadelphia for more than a year, but when it finally arrives, patients may have it delivered to their doors like a pizza or pick it up at a dispensary tucked inside a large shopping mall. In a council hearing Friday, city planner Paula Brumbelow suggested home delivery as a […]

PA: City Council Asks – What Will Medical Marijuana Mean For Philadelphia?

In April, Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation to make medical marijuana legal in Pennsylvania. By then, possession of small amounts of marijuana had already been legal in Philadelphia for more than a year. And with full implementation of the state’s medical marijuana law expected to take about two years, City Council is asking now just […]

PA: Lycoming Township Takes Proactive Stance On Cannabis

Cogan Station – In a proactive measure to protect residents as marijuana laws change around the nation, the Lycoming Township supervisors unanimously approved the retail sale of cannabis products dependent on a conditional-use hearing at Tuesday’s meeting. Voting was Denny Paulhamus, Jeff Wagner and Larry Deremer. Notice of the public hearing held before the approval […]

NORML’s Legislative Round Up July 8th, 2016

Adult use legalization initiatives in Arizona, California and Massachusetts are moving forward and Illinois has expanded its medical marijuana program. Keep reading to get the latest news and to find out how you can #TakeAction. Federal: On Wednesday, July 13th the US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism is holding a hearing titled, “Researching the […]