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Carlisle may soon allow the inclusion of production and processing medical marijuana in a designated zone in an effort to be proactive.

“Since we don’t have that grower or processor of medical marijuana use in our ordinance, we want to put it in,” said Bruce Koziar, “Anybody can go to the Zoning Hearing Board and ask for a special exception, so we want to be careful we keep it isolated where it should.”

And where it best belongs, borough officials believe, is in Carlisle’s I-1 General Industrial zoning district. According to Koziar, that district is located along the north side of Ritner Highway, past the Pizza Grille and west toward the Sheetz. The second I-1 zone is located directly east of Taco Bell on East High Street and ending at Frog Switch & Manufacturing Co. foundry.

Carlisle Borough Council will decide during Thursday night’s meeting whether to have the borough’s solicitor advertise the ordinance and schedule a public hearing for Nov. 10, at 6:45 p.m., on amending the Code of the Borough of Carlisle to add a section including the production and processing of medical marijuana in the I-1 General Industrial zoning district.

According to Koziar in an email sent Wednesday, “A grower/processor shall meet the same municipal zoning and land use requirements as other manufacturing, processing and production facilities that are located in the I-1 zoning district. The Department of Health will issue 25 combined grower and processor permits in the state. They are required to use seed-to-sale tracking, thorough record keeping and retention, surveillance systems and addition security measures.”

Gov. Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 3 into law on April 17, making Pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana.

Carlisle Borough Council will meet at 7 p.m. inside of Borough Hall, 53 W. South Street.

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