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MT: Governor, Legislators Eyeing Tax Of Marijuana

Billings – Proposals to tax Montana’s 12-year-old medical marijuana program could hit patients dealing with serious medical conditions, but the move is hardly without precedent. A budget proposal released by Gov. Steve Bullock this month includes a 6 percent tax on medical marijuana sales to help boost the revenue picture. Tim Crowe, a spokesman for […]

MT: Complaint Seeks To Immediately Restore Access To Medical Marijuana

Butte – Montana Cannabis Industry Association attorney Jim Goetz filed a request in Broadwater County district court on Tuesday to immediately implement medical marijuana reform Initiative 182 and restore access to thousands of patients otherwise cut off until June 30. Goetz’ complaint contends the implementation date of June 30 is a scrivener’s error, and that […]

MT: Why Is Zabawa Against Responsible Marijuana Initiative?

We Montanans first approved medical marijuana in 2004. Many people with serious conditions found relief. Opiate and alcohol-related deaths fell. The Legislature destroyed the program rather than regulate it. Citizens approved I-182 for the 2016 ballot. I-182 gives us a well-regulated, responsible program. Steve Zabawa, a businessman from Billings, is touring Montana to discredit I-182. […]

MT: I-182 A Sensible Medical Marijuana Solution

OK, Montana. We have gone back and forth and around and around about medical marijuana in this state for more than a decade. It’s time for us to settle on the best course of action and work toward making it as compassionate, realistic, effective and enforceable as possible. Initiative 182 takes Montana in the right […]

MT: Single Donor Supports Campaign Against Medical Marijuana Expansion

Bozeman, Mont. – NBC Montana is following the money in the fight over medical marijuana as Election Day approaches. Initiative 182 would expand existing laws, but it won’t pass if a group called Safe Montana has its way. Medical marijuana is a controversial topic in the Treasure State. Some people oppose it, while others believe […]

MT: Leaders Endorsing New Medical Marijuana Initiative

Montana – Leaders from communities across Montana are coming together in support of Montana’s new medical marijuana initiative, I-182. Montana Citizens for I-182 announced that 116 “Champions for I-182” have endorsed the measure that will appear on the November ballot. “Republicans and Democrats, doctors and patients, veterans, community leaders from across Montana are coming together […]

MT: Advocates Push I-182 To Increase Access To Medical Marijuana

Montanans have been voting on initiatives about the medical use of marijuana since 2004, and this year will be no different. I-182 would reverse recent restrictions that limited medical marijuana providers to just three patients, restrictions that all but eliminating access for more than 12,000 Montanans who have state permission to use the substance. But […]

MT: Approving Medical Marijuana Is Common Sense

As a citizen of a progressive city like Missoula, it pains me to drive down Brooks and see an oversize billboard urging citizens to further prohibit access to medical marijuana in Montana. In fairness, the billboard is a gift from Safe Montana, an anti-medical marijuana movement stationed in Billings, and does not necessarily reflect the […]

US MT: OPED: Don’t Take Away Medicine From Sick and Dying

Author: Kati WetchNote: Wetch lives in Billings. DON’T TAKE AWAY MEDICINE FROM SICK AND DYING PEOPLE The new restrictions on medical marijuana going into effect this week will be devastating for patients.  I know first-hand because I am a medical marijuana patient and have been for the past 10 years.  Medical marijuana allows me to […]