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We Montanans first approved medical marijuana in 2004. Many people with serious conditions found relief. Opiate and alcohol-related deaths fell. The Legislature destroyed the program rather than regulate it. Citizens approved I-182 for the 2016 ballot. I-182 gives us a well-regulated, responsible program.

Steve Zabawa, a businessman from Billings, is touring Montana to discredit I-182. Does he benefit by destroying Montana’s medical cannabis program? Why promote lies and fake statistics? Why buy billboards to “Stop Pot Shops?” What does he have to gain? Big Money.

GW Pharmaceuticals, a British corporation, manufactures Sativex, the first “drug” from cannabis. Sativex is used to treat MS and is awaiting FDA approval in the U.S. Apparently the Zabawas want to destroy our “made in MT” medical program and substitute Sativex! Sativex is not approved, failed a cancer pain trial in 2015, and most patients prefer whole cannabis.

Big corporations “pay to play.” Are Safe Montana, Steve Zabawa and big money trying to influence our election for financial gain?

Medical marijuana patients are our friends and neighbors. Please vote yes on I-182, a responsible, accountable medical marijuana program.

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Full Article: Why Is Zabawa Against Responsible Marijuana Initiative?
Author: Diana Anthony-Aven
Contact: 406-587-4491
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan
Website: Bozeman Daily Chronicle