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IA: Legislator’s ‘Change Of Heart’ May Expand Medical Marijuana Use

Des Moines , Iowa – A new plan is in the works to expand medical marijuana use in Iowa. The proposed expansion comes from one state lawmaker, who has changed his stance after opposing the stance for many years. “The change of heart I had is when I (had) seen what happened to my caucus […]

India: Mumbai Youth Meet To Take Cannabis Debate One Step Further

Barely a week after four more states in the United States voted to legalise the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, a similar trend is being witnessed in India too, with forces coming together to discuss the medical benefits of the plant. On November 19, the Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), along with the Council of […]

IA: Senator Grassley Discusses Blocked Medical Marijuana Bill

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley opens up on a medical marijuana bill being blocked in the U.S. Senate. Many of Iowa’s issues with medical cannabis regulation could be cleared up if the federal government were to reclassify marijuana as something other than a Schedule one drug. The Senate Judiciary Committee – chaired by Grassley – is […]

IA: Capitol Digest – Medical Cannabis

Des Moines – Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday he expects the issue of whether to extend the state’s limited medical cannabis law beyond its July 1 expiration date will be the subject of legislative discussions during the 2017 session. Branstad said he is open to considering some expansion of a 2014 law that parents of […]