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Des Moines , Iowa – A new plan is in the works to expand medical marijuana use in Iowa.

The proposed expansion comes from one state lawmaker, who has changed his stance after opposing the stance for many years.

“The change of heart I had is when I (had) seen what happened to my caucus at the end of last year,” Republican legislator Clel Baudler said. “I don’t want them to run around in seven different directions.”

To prevent more chaos and wasted time, Baudler is proposing new legislation that would allow for private production, transportation and distribution of medical marijuana oil. Baudler said the legislation would task doctors at the University of Iowa with deciding what kinds of disease the marijuana oil would treat.

“If you can show me that it helps, I’ll be 100 percent for it,” Baudler said.

Not everyone is on board with the new legislation. Substance-abuse counselor David Kaptain said expanding marijuana use is a slippery slope to bigger problems, as many states also legalize recreational use of the drug.

“Ask anyone in treatment as an adult if marijuana is a gateway drug,” Kaptain said. “I’ve made a point of asking that many times and people just laugh and they say, ‘Yeah, absolutely it is.’”

Baudler promises that as long as he is in the legislature, recreational pot use will never be legal in Iowa.

“If you want to come to me about smoking it, you might as well hit the highway, because it’s not going to happen with my vote, (in) any way shape or form,” Baudler said.

Governor Terry Branstad said he is willing to look at marijuana expansion.

Marijuana use is still against federal law, and all sides are waiting for President-elect Donald Trump’s administration to announce any enforcement changes in the future.

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