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Coming together over issues affecting patients and caregivers. Creating a larger voice in the legislative process. The Cannabis community in Hawaii helps sufferers of Cannabis-treatable diseases

“In our hearts and minds let’s set an intention for all patients and caregivers to be able to safely and affordably obtain a steady supply of high quality medicines.”

Last night’s event revealed shortcomings in the law but also presented new opportunities. State Senator Russell Ruderman highlighted current and pending legislation that could possibly make the new dispensary law more patient friendly, if signed into law by Governor Ige (HB2707).
Bill Collins shared his knowledge of whole plant medicine and facts about our body’s endocannabiniod system.
Dr. Gregory Pouls shared how nutritional depletion creates an environment for dis-ease and exposed myths about our healthcare system.
Dr. Denal Andreas provided a compassionate plea for patients in need of whole plant medicines and the ability of cannabinoids to deliver specific treatments for specific health conditions.
Michael Johnson shared opportunities for growers to create better medicines and helped us all set an intention for our own health in the germination and cultivation processes.
Brent Norris (that’s me!) shared a story about a seed delivered by a magic stork and it’s not so epic tale of navigating a compliant dispensary operation before reaching it’s intended target. Also added some insights into dispensary IT operations.
Dr. Jim Berg shared 5 patient rights that can be exercised now. Dr. Berg also revealed the need to match data between dispensaries and Doctors and the immediate need to allow patients and caregivers to source seeds and plants for home gardens.
In a room filled with a high-level of Cannabis awareness, Roger Christie further lifted our understanding of the history and future direction of Cannabis in our lives. His letter from Senator Daniel Innoye confirming the need for Cannabis in our community underscored the need of more shifts in consciousness.

Event video is being edited and will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Special thanks to the state and county political candidates for their manao and attendance. Jonathon Wong and Jen Ruggles came to express their support for patient’s rights as did Kristine Kubat for Kealoha Porscetta – all supporters of Cannabis normalization.

Thanks to everyone for coming together and taking another step forward. We will build on the momentum you created. We’re growing the next Cannabis event and hope to see you there June 3rd!