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By Sharda Sekaran

Your Dose of Pop is DPA’s contribution to a balanced media diet. Here’s your latest serving of culture and entertainment news. This week I only have one item (but it’s transcendent and more high-brow than usual). I can’t spend every waking moment of my day hunting every media and entertainment drug moment. Have I mentioned that story ideas are welcome? You can submit them ssekaran [at] drugpolicy [dot] org (subject: Dose%20of%20Pop%20Suggestion) (here).

Dialectical Pattern of Reconcilable Estrangement

After several posts related to boy bands and Kardashians, I opted to use a bunch of big words to help convince you of my smarts.

This multi-syllabic phrase, worthy of an underground backpacker hip hop freestyle rhyme, was delivered by National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games host Jason Silva in a recent Big Think video, as he quoted academic Dan Lenson to describe of the possibilities of people creating sensory enhancing experiences through cannabis use.

Basically, what Silva is getting at (with charming exuberance) is that we might be able to imagine the emergence of sophisticated and elaborate stoned-optimized experiences in a post-prohibition world. There might be any number of forms of exploration into entertainment, dining, arts and maybe even learning crafted specifically for the consumption of marijuana.

For instance, what if there was a full-scale emporium for adults shaped around making the most out of the effects of marijuana? I’m thinking an Apple Store with amazing snacks and pick up games of Cards Against Humanity, but maybe that’s just me.

Silva’s video is full of intriguing concepts, delivered with infectious enthusiasm. Equal parts geeky and weedy.


If you liked the video above, you might also want to check out Silva’s video from his “Shots of Awe” series on the subject of marijuana legalization and cognitive liberty.

Sharda Sekaran is the managing director of communications for the Drug Policy Alliance.

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Author: Sharda Sekaran
Date Published: April 9, 2015
Published by Drug Policy Alliance

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