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At a Glance

Dispensary: World of Weed

Location: 3202 E. Portland Ave., Tacoma

Medical/recreational: Recreational

Owner: Alden Linn

Years in business: 1.5

Number of reviews in 2016: 561

Total products: 194

(Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Given his lifelong interest in plants of all kinds, World of Weed owner Alden Linn could hardly resist the chance to apply his knowledge to the world of legal adult-use cannabis. “I started getting interested about plants at an early age and took a plant care class to satisfy my curiosity,” he says. “A friend gave me some seeds and I had a lot of fun starting them and watching them grow. When the opportunity to get involved [in legal cannabis] arose, I had to do it.”

As is the case for most dispensary owners, it wasn’t all smooth sailing into the burgeoning industry. “It was a longer process than I was expecting but I wanted it to be perfect, so the extra time was worth it,” Linn recalls. He designed his store in the image of a neighborhood coffee shop, with the idea of providing a familiar, comfortable layout to put customers at ease. Since then, Linn and the team at his Tacoma-based dispensary have worked hard to develop a menu that offers something for every consumer that walks through the door.

“We have great cannabis at all price points and work hard to keep it that way,” says Linn, who frequently travels back and forth across Washington to establish relationships with growers and processors. He says it’s exciting to see producers’ growth and success because many end consumers don’t get the same opportunity. “[Growers] don’t get many people through their doors like we do in retail so they are usually very welcoming to show off their latest product,” he explains. “We have created some great relationships.”

“My favorite thing about working here is the vibe that the store has,” says Charity L., a budtender at World of Weed. “We have amazing people that always strive to make the [customer] happier than when they walked in.”

New visitors should remember to check out the wide selection of shatters and oil cartridges as well as a few token Seahawks smoking accessories, and be sure to head across the street to Min Grocery for some munchies on your way out.

Budtender at World of Weed in Tacoma, WA(Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

In Linn’s Words

Top selling product: “Flower…by far..”

What is the surrounding neighborhood like? “We are located a couple blocks off the freeway in a residential area. We’ve gotten to know the neighbors pretty well. We share holiday cards and look out for each other…the community has been a blessing for us.”

What inspires you to come to work? “The opportunity to serve our employees and customers in the best way possible…we take this very seriously but want to have fun doing it.”

Favorite strain?Animal Cookies…it has a really well-balanced high and the flavor is fantastic.”

World of Weed in Tacoma, WA - One of the best dispensaries from Leafly List 2016(Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

What Leafly Reviewers Say

World of Weed offers unbeatable daily specials with the “best deals” and “best selection in Puget Sound.” It’s an “excellent” stop where the budtenders are “helpful and informative” and the “vibe” is “amazing!” As soon as you step into this dispensary you’ll be surrounded by “kind-hearted” people and “great bud.”

Runner-Up: Cannabis and Glass (Spokane, WA)