There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the legalization of marijuana, and we all know people incorporate cannabis into their lives for a variety of reasons. As many residents across the U.S. prepare to cast their votes come November, we figured we’d take to Instagram to ask our followers, “What’s your reason” behind legalizing cannabis.


What’s your reason? 🍁#cannabis #legalizeit

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Your answers were varied but passionate — here are some of the highlights.


For Holistic Purposes

“The healing herb of light love and ascension!!! The mother!!!! Ma!!! – ogyogini

“Tranquility, Insight and Happiness ☺” – damiansantiagosalazar

“Life was meant to be enjoyed, let the herb be enjoyed.” – eternalhippie_

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For Medical Reasons

“PTSD and depression. It’s a bitch to live with.” – jackdaniels012

“Seizure free since 2013 due to cannabis. That’s nuff said for legalization right there.” – darricksully710

“#legalizeflorida I need medical marijuana for my lupus. Please join the fight to put a plant back onto this earth, that was here before we were. It’s your choice whether to use cannabis or not, don’t criticize others for their decisions in life, some of us need it.” – samhfl

“Only medication I have been prescribed that combats all my symptoms without negative side effects.” – sdc00

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To Improve Appetites

“Tacos mostly followed by various other snacks” – legendaryboro

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For Multiple Reasons

“Because this is more than just being able to smoke it. Hemp will change the world. We can clothe ourselves, build homes, paper, plastic, medicine, food, oils, everything. Hemp will be the new industrial revolution that will heal this world!” – loueexiii

“My reason is simply because we enjoy this non harmful plant and no one should stop that” — dankbanku

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Time for you to weigh in: what’s your reason?