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By Rebecca Kelley

Being held up at gunpoint is a traumatizing experience, which is presumably why a robber in South Carolina tried to soften the blow by offering his victim a little consolation prize. A delivery driver in Spartanburg, South Carolina was returning to her car after dropping off a pizza order when she was robbed. The perpetrator pointed a gun at her head and demanded she fork over the cash she had on her, and when she complied, he took the money and started to walk away.

Curiously, the man didn’t get very far before he turned around and re-approached the driver. It appeared as if in addition to struggling with a sense of right and wrong, the robber was also battling the munchies, as he asked the woman if she had any extra pizza orders in her car. She did, so she gave him some food. The man then wanted to know whether or not the delivery driver smoked, and when she confirmed that she did, he handed her a bag of cannabis before leaving for good.

Now, we all know that cannabis can help with symptoms such as anxiety and PTSD, which this poor woman could very well be experiencing after such a harrowing ordeal, but I’ve never heard of a criminal try to simultaneously offer up a solution to the problem he created. It’s a nice gesture on paper, but I’m guessing the driver would have preferred to not be robbed at gunpoint over some free cannabis.

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