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By Rebecca Kelley

Losing your wallet is always a stressful ordeal, but occasionally a good Samaritan can find it and return it to you, restoring a little bit of faith in humanity. Unfortunately, a Brooklyn-area man who lost his wallet at a concert had it returned by someone more like a mediocre Samaritan who kind of wanted to do the right thing, but not without treating himself first.

Reilly Flaherty lost his wallet at a Wilco concert on February 5th, and two weeks later he received a suspicious envelope in the mail. It contained his ID and the credit cards that were in his wallet, but not the wallet itself. His cash and metro card were also missing.

Flaherty shared the amusingly honest note that accompanied the items on Instagram:

thanks.. I think?

A photo posted by reilly flaherty (@reillyflaherty) on Feb 15, 2016 at 5:45pm PST

I have to award points to the stoner Samaritan for being brutally forthright, but if the “pot-smoking, modern-day version of Robin Hood” is going to go through the trouble of sending the wallet back to its owner, he probably should have fully committed and sent everything intact instead of pocketing the most appealing items. The good deed ultimately proved futile, anyway, as Flaherty had already canceled his credit cards and replaced his driver’s license by the time he received the mystery envelope. Oh well, at least he got a good laugh out of it…and I suppose the other guy was able to (immorally) re-up on some of his favorite strains.

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