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The Two Lawyers Show. Host: Attorney Michael Komorn. Special Guest: Attorney Joh Targowski, partner with Kalamazoo-Based Law firm Targowski & Grow…http://www.targowskigrow.com… Regular Guests: Chad of Birmingham Compassion Club, Peanut Butter, Neil Yashinsky-Oakland County NORML, Robin, Joe Carr-MMMA. Regular Musical Guest Andy Johnson. We discuss recent Michigan Senate Bill SB17; Potential Impact of Michigan Emergency Financial Managers Bills which recently passed-a martial law for municipalities. Michael & Attorney John Targowski from Kalamazoo lawfirm Targowski & Grow answer audience questions and discuss how to protect yourself from Federal prosecution, gun charges, Arrest versus Affirmative defenses, tagging curing plants with ready dates. Concerns about Attorney General Schuette agenda against Medical Marijuana given his efforts opposing the Ballot Initiative. Does it make sense to continue to work with MDCH or should the community develop their own independent card system?