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The “Snow Day” Show. Live music by Andy Johnson on guitar. Neil from NORML discusses some recent developments. Update on Baby Girl’s progress with Simpson Oil to shrink her brain tumor and have a normal childhood. Chad discusses the process that goes into making Simpson Oil, requiring over one pound of usable product to make one ounce. Michael talks about the importance of the Michigan Statute Section 8 Affirmative Defenses, and the strategies for successfully employing them. Frequent guest Silverblue sings accapella as a celebration of Baby Girl’s recovery, talks about her journey to stay healthy, with Michael, Chad, & DrTheo about vegetarianism and the passing last week of pioneering vegetarian and health advocate Jack LaLanne at 96. Update on Joseph’s trial, a resolution is expected by next week. Michael talks about employment issues where the employer feels that they don’t have to give any special consideration to cannabis patients. Michael & Chad discuss some of the local zoning fights going on and what might be the eventual outcome. We hear a new patient testimonial from Skittles about how medical cannabis has helped when so many other drugs have failed.