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Host: Attorney Michael Komorn
Co-Host: Chad from Birmingham Compassion Club, PeanutButter
Guests: Neil from Oakland County NORML, Jerry Rupinski from Genesee County Compassion Club, Patient-X, Andy Johnson live with his guitar, Silverblue
Michael talks about why after 18 years he is still proud to be a criminal defense attorney, and zealously defend people’s rights. These are medical issues, not law enforcement or political issues; the purpose of the law is to protect patients. Discussion and review of the requirements to register a minor child as a patient. Update on Baby Girl’s positive brain tumor prognosis. Federal Law versus Michigan State Law conflict issues discussion. Discussion about municipal challenges to running compassion club, dispensaries, Waterford and Mt. Pleasant case. Silverblue talks about the challenging issues surrounding dispensaries. How does the law apply to tribal lands discussion. Review of Michigan Medical Marijuana Expo and the evolution of Compassion Clubs by Chad. Joseph’s Mom talks about his 18 surgeries for bone conditions and how only cannabis has helped him. Michael reviews the details surrounding Joseph’s and other legal cases about having medicine in a car, inappropriate use of sobriety tests, and poor blood testing procedures from the Michigan State Police Labs. Review of proposed legislation by State Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) against Compassion Clubs, Marijuanas Bars or Dispensaries, under the guise of the red herring issue of “impaired driving”.