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Celebrating the Wisdom of Judge Neithercut Show
Host: Attorney Michael Komorn
Special Guests: Bill Chason, Bob Redden, Live Music from Pedalshop
Regular guests: Chad of Birmingham Compassion Club, Peanut Butter,
Neil Yashinsky-Oakland County NORML, Silverblue, Sarah & Skip Mizerman

Opens with discussion about the difficulties of getting law enforcement and judges to recognize and uphold the medical marijuana law. The Oakland County Prosecutor tried to submit bags full of stems, stalks, and seeds as “usable material” in the recent Chason case in Judge Neithercut’s court in Genesee County and the judge made a very good decision. Genesee County has been historically supportive of the MM law. The incredible tale of the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team coming into Genesee County to seize property, and remove it back to Oakland County. Discussion about the community benefit of all the people using the MMMA web forum, please renew your $20 membership as soon as possible. Thanks to Joe Cain-Blueberry, and Tech-Maven Garfield. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org
Chad and Peanut Butter talk about the challenges and procedures used in making medibles, tinctures, and oils. Big discussion on the successful treatment of “Baby Girl” for brain tumors with simpson oil. Special legal requirements for caregivers of minors. How much is sufficient usable product when you are rendering cannabis into simpson oil when it takes a pound or more to make one ounce of oil?
Discussion about landlord-tenant and housing issues with medical cannabis. Preview of the alleged “impaired driving” case with Joseph Claxon and all the law enforcement posturing once Joseph produced his MM card to the officer. Questions raised about whether MDCH is overcharging for cards, and concerns over the privacy of patients when Michigan Attorney General may turn over the entire list of registered patients to the Federal Government in response to a DEA subpoena.