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Evan Goding had waited his entire life for this moment. The young man, who had just been called up from the audience to join the other contestants on The Price is Right, was prompted by the irreplaceable Bob Barker for his bid on a “lovely arbor.” What came next led to Price is Right gold, as Goding let his inner cannabis enthusiast out on national television.

“I have waited all my life to say this Bob… 420.”

And with that, it was almost as if Goding let out a call of support to all the stoners around the world, as several audience members behind him started visibly laughing.

Unfortunately for Goding, his bid was not the closest to the actual retail item of the arbor, but he remained steadfast in his commitment to the joke. Up next for bidding was a sweet electric guitar that would have surely brought the cannabis enthusiast many great jam sessions with his crew. This time, Goding bid $1,420 instead of his usual $420, and if he would have stuck with his original plan, he would have won the guitar and gotten some one-on-one time with Bob Barker. Alas, he was outbid once again.


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The final bidding item up for grabs was a karaoke set up. After losing in the previous round by not sticking with his “420 always and forever” plan, Goding returned to his beloved bid in the hopes that cannabis’s golden number could land him a sweet karaoke set.

Misfortune would once again rear its ugly head for the young hopeful, as the person who went after him bid $421, which left Goding with a broken heart as Bob Barker noticed the distress he felt after realizing he would not get up to the front.

Though he didn’t win any prizes on The Price is Right, he certainly won the hearts of everyone who can enjoy watching his stoner shenanigans on a terrible-quality YouTube video.