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By Rebecca Kelley

Red-coiffed late night talk show host Conan O’Brien recently “helped” one of his staffers practice for her driver’s license test, with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart joining in on the shenanigans. Their sage words of wisdom to new drivers include the following gems:

With these essential driving basics out of the way, Conan purchases a piñata that is, appropriately, shaped like a car. His student, Diana Chang, spots a nearby dispensary so they pop in to check out what’s in stock. Kevin Hart instructs Conan to get some cannabis-infused Sour Patch Kids (Conan demands “two kilos,” which I’m pretty sure would erode the inside of his mouth), and Conan demands the budtender fill his piñata with jars of cannabis (including Green Crack). The group then absconds with a duct-taped piñata full of bud and a medical marijuana tapestry that they drape across the front of their car.

After Diana appears to hot box the car from the back seat (although I suspect that’s actually a prop, ‘cuz illegal), the group gets chided by a bicycle cop for blocking the intersection before finishing the segment at a Popeye’s parking lot while they chow down on fried chicken. Basically, Conan looks to be the best worst driver’s education instructor ever.

The entire segment is 11:38 long and well worth the laughs, but the dispensary portion starts at about the 9:00 mark. Click on the screenshot to head over to Team Coco for the video (sorry folks, their embed seems wonked):

Header image source (background retouched): Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons

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