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SEATTLE — Washington state’s Department of Agriculture says it has found traces of undisclosed pesticides in many of the marijuana-growing fertilizers and other products it tested recently.

Inspectors tested 39 products. Spokesman Hector Castro said Thursday that of the 27 tests for which it has results so far, 15 had residues of pesticides that weren’t on the product’s label. That means growers could be using certain pesticides without knowing it.

Some of the ingredients aren’t allowed in Washington’s legal marijuana system.

Officials ordered a statewide halt to sales of the 15 products, which include pesticides such as Safergro Mildew Cure for Powdery Mildew Control as well as fertilizers sold under the labels Humboldt Roots, Olivia’s Cloning Gel and Optic Foliar Overgrow.

The Agriculture Department ordered licensed growers to advise customers about the products.